How to Reset Password on Xbox?

Everyone loves to play video games on their streaming devices using the gaming consoles or casting the screen with Smart TV. Today we get you the topic of How to Reset Password on Xbox?

How to Reset Password on Xbox

The two topics that we want to read are:

  • What are Xbox and Password?
  • How to Reset Password on Xbox?

Follow our guidelines to change it using your handheld devices. 

Get dive into this article to get the instructions to change the password on Xbox.

What is Xbox?

There are two kinds of models for Xbox.

They are Xbox One and Xbox 360. Xbox was a home Video Gaming Console. Xbox service allows you to play various video games and watch gaming video content on its site. Also, it will enable us to Install Television Content streaming services on its console device. You can get Television streaming apps on the Xbox and stream them on the other screen.

Know about Password:

Password is the protection for our input data and chats. We use Passwords to save our discussions and data from hackers’ unauthorised persons. One most strong password is to protect your information from other persons.

If anybody tries to read the messages on your messenger on their device without a password, they can not unwrap your ID without the needed password. If you forget your password and cannot open the user account, follow the below steps.

What are the Features of Xbox?

Without spending more time on this topic, we have to move forward with the article.

  • Games > The Xbox community allows you to play video games on your streaming device.
  • Connectability > You can connect this device with your Smart TV HDMI portal.
  • Quality > The video games included in the Xbox consoles are in high-resolution quality 4K HD video quality.
  • Accessibility > Xbox console gives the accessibility to the other streaming services to run on its software.
  • Multi Streaming > You can watch the TV content on your Xbox console while playing video games in the other tab.
  • Install > It permits you to install the top-rated streaming services and newly introduced services on its platform, which is compatible with its server.

We provided the information at the level we know about the Xbox video gaming console. To learn more, get it on your home, connect it with your Smart TV, and obtain all highlights and benefits on the Xbox One or Xbox 360.

How to Reset Password on Xbox?

We will use two methods to change the Xbox console password on your device. They are:

Use the Xbox Gaming Console to reset your Xbox password

Using the Smartphones to change the password on Xbox

These two methods are we going to apply to your Xbox device. Start the procedure.

Use Xbox Gaming Console to Reset Password on Xbox:

Follow the given instructions for you in the following space. Pay attention, and do not take off your eyesight from the given instructions about resetting the password on the console device. Here are the step-by-step guidelines to reset the password on your gaming console.

👉Step 1: ( Insert Xbox )

First, insert your Xbox device into your Smart TV USB portal.

👉Step 2: ( Internet )

Set a network source to your both streaming devices.

👉Step 3: ( Sign In )

Click on the Sign In option on the Xbox device.

Xbox Signin Page

👉Step 4: ( Enter mobile number )

Enter your active mobile number or email address in the given box.

(Note: Use the on-screen keyboard on your Smart TV and enter the required details till the end)

👉Step 5: ( Click on the Forget Password )

Tap the Forget Password key to change the Xbox account password.

Forget Password

👉Step 6: ( Captcha )

Here, you have to copy the same CAPTCHA word given in the white box. You got a different captcha on your device; don’t copy the captcha shown in the image.

Enter the Character on Xbox

👉Step 7: ( Next )

Check the mail address given in the required field and tap the Next button to move on.

Change Password on your Xbox console:

👉Step 8: ( Check email )

The Xbox community will send you the link to your registered mail address. Open your mailbox and open the received mail.

(Note: If you give your mobile number in the previous step, you will get a security code for your registered mobile number)

Check email on Xbox

👉Step 9: ( Security Code )

You have got the security number code in your mail. Please copy the code and enter it into the given box.

👉Step 10: ( Pick New Password )

Enter the new password in the appeared screen on the respective field.

Pick a New Password to Reset Password on Xbox

👉Step 11: ( Sign In again )

After entering the new password to your Xbox device, get back to the Sign In page and log in with your new password and start playing games on your device.

Using the Smartphones to change the password on Xbox:

Do not take off your site from reading the instructions to reset your password on Xbox. Here they are:

👉Step 1: ( Set Network Source )

Fix your Android phone or iPhone with a high-speed internet connection location.

👉Step 2: ( Web Browser )

unfold the browser app on your Android phone and tap on the search icon.

👉Step 3: ( Browse the link )

In the given search field, you have to find the link

👉Step 4: ( Enter email ) or ( Mobile Number )

Enter your registered mail address or mobile number in the given field in the appeared window.

Recover yout Account

👉Step 5: ( Security Code ) (Get Code )

Like we did in the Xbox Console, you got the security code for your mobile number or email address you registered in the previous steps.

Tap the Get Code option to get the Security Code.

Verify Accountb

👉Step 6: ( Enter Security Code )

Now, please copy the security code you have received and paste it on the page in the browser at the required box.

Enter Security Code to reset password on Xbox

👉Step 7: ( Reset password )

Here is the vital process, create a new password and enter it in the given Microsoft window.

Reset Password on Xbox

After resetting your Xbox password, you can sign in with the Xbox console using the new password. And start using the Xbox device by playing your favourite video games on your Smart TV.

The End Note:

So, the title How to Reset Password on Xbox? is over now. We mentioned the possible ways to change your Xbox device’s password using the Xbox gaming console and your Smartphones to reset the password on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 user account. Get the steps and instructions given in the above topics.

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