How to Reset your Sky Box? | HD/Sky Q | 2022 Guide

Think like now you are playing Cards, and you will lose the game. No one knows that you are going to lose. How do you react at that time? I don’t have any idea about your reaction, but I Scrap the entire game and give a silly reason. Then, I start the new game. So, the thing is, if the performance is bad, then start it from scratch. I have done this same to my Sky Box. Because its performance is not well, So, I Reset it and am here to guide you on How to Reset your Sky Box.

How to Reset your Sky Box HDSky Q

Have your Sky Box is not working correctly and you cannot be able to stream the channels smoothly, then this article has a good solution for your problem. Read all topics and follow the steps based on your Sky TV Box model.

How to Reset your Sky Box? 

The sky is an extensive television network. Not only the TV Boxes, but also it has many services such as Broadband, Television Box, Streaming service, and more. The satellite television provider is the most speakable product in the Sky company. Coming to the Sky TV Box has many models, and each has different interfaces and settings.

Today I chose three devices to share with you How to Reset your Sky Box. And they are presented below:

  1. Sky Box,
  2. Sky+ HD Box,
  3. And Sky Q Box.

In this article, I explained the methods to Reset your Sky Box for these three models. Let us enter into the process. You go to the topic of your Sky Box model.

1). How to Reset your Sky Box?

So, first, we reset the Sky Box basic model. Boot up your device and connect it with the proper Internet connection. And then initiate reading the guidelines mentioned below.

Sky TV Box

  • Move in front of your Sky TV Box.
  • And click on the “Power Button, which gets presented in front of the box.
  • Hold the power button for a maximum time until the Red Light Turns Green.
  • All the blinking lights are stop flashes, and your Sky Box went through the Reboot process.
  • Your Sky TV Box takes at least 30 seconds to reboot its functions.
  • Then, the device gets automatically turned on, and it will display the channel which you streamed last.

[ If the above method gets not work, then try this given below ]

  • Unplug Sky Box from the Socket.
  • And disconnect all the devices which get connected to the Sky Box.
  • After removing the power cable, the lights go fade.
  • Now, you have to wait for 1 to 3 minutes.
  • Cross-Check once, and all the cables are unplugged.
  • After three minutes, Plugin Back the Sky Box into the power socket.
  • Switch On the box. And it takes a few minutes to power on back.

That’s all, buddy. Now, your Sky Box device performs well. If you are using and searching for How to Reset your Sky Box, then this topic is the answer for you. If the Disney Plus Error Code 83 on FireStick, Fix it right now. You can also use the same methods on your other devices also. But the steps will differ.

2). Reset Sky+ HD Box / Sky HDi:

Now, we are going to take a look at the resetting process for the Sky+HD TV Box. If you are using this Television box in the Sky Brand, then read and follow the steps I have given in the following.

Sky Box device Sky+ HD Box

  • On the front side of your Sky+ HD Box, you can see the Red button.
  • Press the Red Reset Button on your Television box.
  • Hold the Red Button until all the lights are blinked, then Turn it off automatically.
  • After the Box is powered off, leave it for a while.
  • It will initiate the Reboot process.
  • Within 1 to 80 seconds, your Sky+ HD Box will be turned On the back.
  • And the channel which is watched before initiating the reset process will be streaming on the screen.

[ If the above steps do not help you for your required result, then refer to these steps ]

  • Click on the Service Button on Sk+ HD Box Remote.
  • Now, type as 0,0,1 and then click on the Select Button.
  • The select button gets you through the Engineers portion.
  • Navigate to the left arrow button on your Sky TV remote.
  • And click on the button until you see the System Reset option.
  • Then, press the Select Button to proceed with the Reset process.
  • After that, look at your TV Screen, if it shows the Reset option.
  • Click on the Reset or Ok tab.

As usual, time will take to reboot your Sky+HD Box. I hope this topic is useful to you to learn How to Reset your Sky Box. Or if you have a Sky Q box, then your answer is below.

3). How to Reset your Sky Box | Sky Q 

Sky Q is the most advanced and Smart Television Box in the Sky company. It has an excellent interface, and also the device looks so rich. Ok, now let us proceed to the Resetting steps of the Sky Q box.

Sky Q box

  • Take a Sky Q box remote controller.
  • And click on the Home source button.
  • Then, Prompt to the Settings option on the screen.
  • On your Sky Q box settings page, press the 0,0,1 on the Sky remote.
  • Now, the Reset option screen will display on your TV screen.
  • Click on the Standby button on your device remotely.
  • It will help your device to Reset its functions.

I hope you know the following process. It will automatically shut down and power on. After the Sky Q box is turned On, you can stream it as usual. If you would like to stream the Bally Sports Detroit Without Cable, then click on this link and know-how.

Our Final Notes:

How to Reset your Sky Box? Using the Settings and using the source keys. And you can Reset your Sky HD/Sky Q/ or Sky HDi TV boxes. By resetting your Sky television box, 99.9% of issues you are facing on your device are completely solved. Sometimes the Television boxes are not working properly, and the signal is broken down often. In that situation, this method is helpful to you to fix the issue.

If you would like to know the same process for your other devices, then click on the How to tag given at the bottom of this article.

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