How to Restart LG TV? [2 Simple Ways to Restart]

Your LG TV was not working correctly? And you need an excellent Restarting guide? Here you can get the idea and the methods for How to Restart LG TV? You can Restart your LG Smart TV using Two methods. Please read the full content to know what are the methods and how to do it on your device.

How to Restart LG TV [2 Simple Ways to Restart]

From this article, you can learn the methods and the guidelines to Restart your LG Smart Television set. You have many reasons to Restart your LG brooking device. Also, I have given a list of reasons to Restart your device. You can check the lineup which is you have facing right now.

How to Restart LG TV?

In the above topic, I have told you that you have many reasons to Restart your LG Smart Android Television device. I have mentioned that I have two methods to Restart your LG Streaming gadget. They get given in this topic.

◾→ Restart LG TV with Remote

      ◾→ Restart LG TV without Remote

These two are the easy and the possible way to Restart your LG Smart television device. You have to follow the instructions I have provided in the upcoming sub-topics. Before that, check out the needed things for this process.


  • LG Smart TV
  • Home Wi-Fi Internet Source
  • LG Smart TV Remote Controller
  • Two New Batteries
  • One New Remote Controller

These five are the required things to Reset your LG Television set. Some things are optional. It was needed in an emergency situation.

1). How to Restart LG TV – [ With Remote ]

First, you will be going to experience Restarting your LG Smart Television device by using the remote controller of your device. Without any late, let us start the procedure one by one, following to the procedure given below. They are:


Come up with Plugin your LG TV brooking device power wire into the power socket on the wall. Then switch on the button and Tap the Power On button on your device controller.


If your device’s Remote controller is not working, you have to change the batteries on your device controller. Then click on the Home button to view the home screen of your LG TV.


Move to the menu toolbar on your LG TV Home page and determine the settings option or the icon. Then tap on it to get into the LG TV system settings.


And here is the list of your LG TV System settings page. Scroll forward and tap the General Settings option, and move forward to the source page.

Restart LG TV using Remote Controller:


Here is our primary move, and the required option was given under the General Settings option. Click on the Restart button to set your LG TV device.


After tapping the Restart option, your LG Smart Television ask you to enter the security pin if you have enabled the security option. 0000 is the default security pin of your device.

If the Security has not appeared on the TV, you can move forward to the next step.


After the process ends, your LG TV program has to make a double confirmation to Restart your device. Click on the OK button to give a confirmation for Restarting your LG TV.


After a few seconds, your LG TV was restarted, and it will automatically get turned On the back. Now, run the content on your device screen and inspect the issue you have faced before.

Note: There is no data have erased from your device by this Restarting method, so don’t panic. You may have a chance to lose the data while you are Resetting the device ]

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#1> Alternative Method to Restart LG TV using Remote:

Also, you have another method to Restart your LG brooking device using the Remote controller device. Check out the given points below:

  • Turn On your LG Smart Television
  • Take Off your LG TV remote controller
  • Click on the Menu button.
  • At the same time, you have to tap the Volume Down button.
  • You must hold both buttons for 15 to 25 seconds until your device powers off.

This is another alternative method to Restart your LG Television set using the Remote controller device. Let us move to the Second method: Restart your LG Television without using the remote controller device.

2). How to Restart LG TV – [ Without Remote ]

Here is the second possible way to Restart your LG device without using the Remote Controller device. Let us get into the procedures and then do the same process on your TV device to Restart it correctly.


If you have lost your LG TV Remote controller, you can use the function keys have given on the TV device’s back side or under the TV display. Check out and click the power icon button to Turn On.


Then, nearby the channel changing button or power button, you can see the menu button. It will get printed as a menu upon the button. Click the menu button.


Then use the channel changing button to move up and down on the page. Click the down arrow button to move to the settings option on the home screen. Tap the OK button to get into the page.


And click on the same down arrow button to navigate to the General option on your device settings page. There it would help if you tapped the OK button to select the General Settings option.


Now, you have to click on the Restart option using the same method by clicking the required functional keys.


After selecting the Restart button, your LG TV wants to confirm the process on your device. So, tap the OK button to confirm the Restart process on your device.

If your LG TV has asked you to enter the security pin on the given field, enter 0000 in the box. That’s all now, and you have successfully restarted the LG TV device without using the remote controller device.

#2> Alternative Method to Restart LG TV without Remote:

In the above topic, you have Restarted your LG Smart Television using one method; here, you can learn the alternative way to Restart your TV without using the remote controller with the help of functional keys. The steps are:

  • Power On your LG Television.
  • Go behind to your television and click on the Power Button.
  • You have to click and hold on the Power Key on your Television device.
  • Hold the keys for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • You have to hold the keys until your television powers off.
  • Your LG Television will automatically be restarted.
  • It will automatically be turned On.
  • If it is not turned On, you have to Click the Power button on your LG TV device.

So, you have successfully restarted your LG Smart TV device. These are all the two methods and alternatives to Restart your LG Television brooking device.



Most of the people have facing the problem in screen lagging, streaming the content, black screen, turning off automatically, and more problems like these. By Restarting their LG streaming device, they poeple got the positive result. This method will resolve the streaming issue and other software or hardware issue on your LG Smart Streaming device.


How to Restart LG TV?

You can restart your LG TV from the settings option and simply use the power buttons and the function buttons on your LG TV and remote controller. You can Restart your device with a Remote controller and without a remote controller.

Why do I have to Restart my LG TV?

You need to Restart your LG TV due to the inconvenient streaming, Keeps Turning Off, Black Screen, Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting, the User account logged off, Not able to log in, and more reasons like these. To perform your LG Smart Television faster, you have to Restart or Reboot your Television set.

Our Final Notes:

You can get the answer for How to Restart LG TV in this article. Use the instructions and the methods I have given to Restart LG TV. I have mentioned two methods to Restart your LG TV device. One is Restarting using the Device controller. And the other one is without using the Remote controller.

You have done this procedure in very smart fully, like using the Remote controller keys and restarting it from your LG TV System settings. And you have also used the function keys on your LG Television device. If you need an additional Restarting procedure, you can ask me in the comment box. I will reply to you as speedily as possible.

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