How to Turn Off Subtitles on ESPN Plus? 2022

Are you surfing for how to turn off subtitles on ESPN+? Here is the complete guide forhow to turn off your subtitles so read continuously.

Turn Off Subtitles on ESPN plus

To watch movies and shows there may have more streaming services among the countries. But ESPN+ also offers to stream many various shows with budget-friendly. So choosing ESPN+ is a wise decision for users.

Moreover, every streaming service has the feature of subtitles for every language. This is for users to understand the language and emotions. In case you don’t want that feature in your streaming device you can get rid off the subtitles feature.

There are so many streaming services such as Apple TV, Roku, Netflix, and Amazon Firestick.

What is ESPN+?


ESPN+ is a subscription streaming service with great existing ESPN content. You can add on this app with on-demand videos, live games, and also access to ESPN Insider. ESPN insider is available for the users which are absolutely written articles only for $5 per month.

ESPN took a decision to add video and created with the same price on ESPN+. They provide access to stories, on-demand videos, and live streaming.

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How to Turn off subtitles on ESPN+?

Users can turn off the subtitles on your ESPN+ by following some procedures.

  1. Visit your system on your ESPN+.
  2. Choose the Settings and tap to Ease of Access.

ESPN+ Setting

3. Select Closed captioning and then switch off it

CAPTION OFF 4. At last, put a Custome Style, and you are done.

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How to Get rid of the subtitles on ESPN+ on Smart TV?

Here are a few more steps to follow:

  1. Visit the General Tab.
  2. Then Choose the Accessibility.
  3. Find the caption setting.
  4. Tap to choose caption to enable captions.
  5. Click again the caption to switch off it.

How to Turn off subtitles on ESPN+ on Samsung TV?

  1. Find the Samsung smart TV Home screen and then choose Settings.
  2. Select to General and find the Accessibility Menu

Turn off setting

3. Tap to Caption settings and press the Caption to switch off it.

To Get rid of subtitles on ESPN+ on Roku

By following some procedures, you can turn off your ESPN+ on Roku.

  1. Turn on your Roku device.
  2. In your device visit the settings and tap to open the Accessibility.

subtitles on ESPN+ on Roku

3. Choose to Captions Mode.

Roku caption page      4. At last, switch off the caption to get rid of the subtitle.

To Get rid of closed caption ESPN+ on Apple TV

To turn off the subtitles, you should follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the Settings and tap to General button from your Apple TV.
  2. Tap to Accessibility from the General option.

3. Select Subtitles and captioning. 

4. Tap to Closed captions and SDH to click subtitles off.

subtitles from your Apple smart TV

5. It will be turned off the subtitles from your Apple smart TV.

Which is not included with ESPN+?

ESPN+ is different from ESPNews, ESPN, and ESPN2 cable Networks. It is not included in the ESPN+ subscription and it will not give you access to live games on broadcast channels During Monday night football live games are can’t stream on ESPN+. But some MLB games are available in the ESPN+ streaming.

ESPN+ account doesn’t need cable to login and access on ESPN+ networks but ESPN needs a cable or live Tv streaming service to stream your channels. Might you like How to Get ESPN on Apple TV

ESPN+ Subscription Cost:

espn+ subscription plans

  • ESPN+ costs $7 per month or $70 per annum
  • Annual ESPN+ gift costs $70 and this offer only can access for new members.

Final Verdict:

ESPN+ is a streaming service with a wide variety of shows and movies and also it is a low-cost package to subscribe to. Now we discussed how to get rid of your subtitles on ESPN+ on various devices.  Having any trouble removing your subtitles let me know in the comment section.

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