How to Unlock Facebook Account? [ 3 Easy Methods ]

If you are trying to log in to Facebook on another device and forget the Facebook password and try consistently, your Facebook account will be blocked. Here I am going to teach you How to Unlock Facebook Account.

How to Unlock Facebook Account [ 3 Easy Methods ]

Follow the same steps and methods I have given in this article. You can retrieve your Facebook account very quickly. I have given three methods to unlock and get back your Facebook user account using your streaming device. Here is your answer:

Why is the Facebook Account Locked?

I have some primary reasons the Facebook account was locked. And the reasons are listed in the following space in this article. They are:

  • Your Illegal Activity report by someone.
  • Receiving a Warning from Facebook because of the illegal activity.
  • Blocked due to the Suspicious Activity
  • You are adding your many friends at the same time.
  • Using the Bots and Automatic Software.
  • Sending too much of friend requests and Messages at the same time.
  • Post a Spam Advertisement
  • You are using the Fake Facebook Account with a fake name.
  • Within a few sec, you are joining a lot of Facebook groups.

These are all the fundamental reasons that your Facebook account was locked. Now it’s time to retrieve and Unlock Facebook Account on your streaming device. Please read the following topic to get the idea of unblocking it.

How to Unlock Facebook Account?

We have three kinds of various methods to Unlock your Facebook user account using your Smartphone or any other streaming device help. Read the entire topic and learn the three methods. They are:

#1 > Send a Plead to Facebook

#2 > Ask for Help from Friends

#3 > Raise a Login Issue

These three methods are I going to explain to you and used to retrieve or Unlock your Facebook user account on your streaming device.

Send a Plead to Facebook:

Our first move is to send the Plead to the Facebook community. I have given the steps and the instrcutions to send the Plead to the Facebook community. Check the given guidelines and apply the same on your Facebook page using the streaming device. They are:


Turn On your mobile data or connect it with the Wi-Fi connection. Then open the web browser on your streaming device.


Tap the search URL box on the top screen of the Web Browser app.


Type as ” ” in the given search space on the URL bar on the web browser page.


Then, you have to enter your Login details in the given login section. After entering the details in the required field, you have to click on the Login button to get into the page.


Enter your full name in the required box has given on the Facebook page.


After entering your full name in the box on the Facebook page, you need to click on the Choose File button and attach your ID proof to the Facebook page. Then, tap the submit button to conform the pleading to Facebook. These are all the simple steps and the guidelines for learning How to Unlock Facebook Account. Next, you have to move to the next step.

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Ask for Help from Friends:

In the second process, you can ask for the help from your Facebook friends on the official Facebook app or website. Better you will use the official website of Facebook on your streaming device to Unlock Facebook Account.


Open the Internet browser on your Streaming device, and do not forget to turn on your Mobile data or connect it with the standard network source at your home.


On the home page of the web browser, you can see the URL bar given at the top screen of the Web Browser.


In the search space on the web browser app on your device, you have to find for ” ” in the respective search space.


Enter your Facebook account credential and sign in with the Facebook account. Then tap the login button.


Then, you need to move towards the Security Page in the Facebook official app on your streaming device screen.

Unlock Facebook Account by asking for help with friends:


Here, you have to choose and click on the ” Get Help From Friends ” option on the Security Page on the Facebook app.


After hitting the option on the security page, you will get the list of your friends on the Facebook page on your device screen. From the given list, you have to select your Trusted Friends and contact at the moment. 


After selecting your friend’s name from the list, you have to click on the Continue button given on the page.


Now the code has been sent to your friend who you have selected from the list in the previous step.


Contact the friend you have selected on the Facebook page and ask for the code they receive at the moment. And enter the code in the required space on the page.

If you entered the correct code in the box, your Facebook account has to get unlocked. Now you can use your Facebook and post the content legally and chat with your friends. And do not forget to thank your friend.

Raise a Login Issue:

If your Facebook Account is Still not unlocked, you can try this method, and it will work on your Facebook account. Let us see the procedure below:


Take off your streaming device in your hand and unfold the installed web browser like google chrome, safari, firefox, and more like this on your streaming device. 


Focus on the top middle page of the web browser screen and click on the search URL section.


There you have to search for the ” ” in the respective search space on the respective internet browser app page.


You have to enter your Facebook account login credentials in the given space on the Facebook page.


Now, you have to go to the Security page of the Facebook app and move to the next step.


On the security page, you have to find and click the option ” Report a Login Issue ” on the Facebook page.


After clicking the Report a Login Issue option on the page, you have received the form from the Facebook community.

Enter the details asked on the page, and I have given them in the image, and you can check it as a reference.

Report Login Issue

If you have taken the screenshot of your Facebook account blocked, you have to click on the Choose File option and upload the file in the respective form and tap the submit button to submit your request to Unlock Facebook Account. From these three methods your Facebook Account will be unblocked.

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Our Final Notes:

Here I have given and provided the methods to learn How to Unlock Facebook Account using the simple guidelines I have given in the above topics in this article. If you skip reading the methods and the steps provided in this article, then scroll up on this page and read the three methods that we used to Unlock Facebook Account with the help of yoru streaming device.

If you have any doubts, you can ask me in the comment section at the end portion of this article or page. Scroll down and tap on the box. Then type the doubts that you have to ask with me about this content and click the send button to send it to me. I will replay your message after I read it as quickly as possible.

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