How to Fix Hulu Not Working on Sony Smart TV?

Are you having trouble streaming Hulu content on your Sony smart TV? When the Hulu app is not working on your Sony smart TV. Then we will let you know the reasons causing the issue and various fixing issues in your Sony smart TV? Keep reading this article without hesitating. We will provide you with a lot of information about this article.

How to Fix Hulu Not Working on Sony Smart TV?

Hulu is the best streaming service in the United States. It has both on-demand and live TV titles like the latest movies, news, TV shows, series, and many more. You can also choose to stream on your local cable TV channels for cord-cutting. It is the most popular OTT streaming platform. It was launched recently during the Covid-19 pandemic to entertain users with all kinds of content without cable TV.

However, the Hulu app has recently been freezing or crashing on Sony smart TVs. So here we let you know the reasons and how to resolve the issues using various methods in detail from the article below.

What are the Reasons for Hulu not working on your Sony smart TV?

  • A network issue was caused due to unstable internet.
  • Unwanted cache and data from your device.
  • Server down on Hulu service.
  • Ou dated the Hulu app.

These are some causes on your Hulu service while streaming on your Sony smart TV. So lets we discuss the below session to fix that problem in detail. Similar Guide How to Fix 7Plus Not Working on Smart TV?

How to Fix the Hulu app not working on Sony smart TV?

Here are some resolutions to fix your problem when the Hulu app is not working on your Sony smart TV by following the instructions.

#Tip 1: Check your Internet Speed

If your internet is too slow to stream your Hulu app, it may cause issues while streaming your content on your Sony smart TV. However, you should need a minimum of 3MBPS. If you want to 4K stream, you need a minimum of 16 Mbps speed of the internet; for live streaming, you should have a minimum of 8 Mbps.

Suppose your internet speed is too slow for streaming at least a minimum requirement, then it will buffer or not load on your Sony smart TV. You should do the next step if you have enough speed internet.

#Tip 2: Clear cache in the Hulu app

Initially, you should clear all the cache and data from your Hulu app. Here we are letting you know how to fix the issue by using the simple and safe steps by following below.

#STEP 1 >> Go to the smart TV and then navigate to the Settings sections.

#STEP 2 >> Next, hover over the apps section and then choose the Hulu app.

#STEP 3 >> Visit the storage section from your Hulu app and tap on the Clear cache.

#STEP 4 >> Go back to the Home screen and open the Hulu app from your Sony smart TV.

#STEP 5 >> At last, check whether the Hulu app works.

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#Tip 3: Make sure to clear Data from the Hulu app

#STEP 1 >> First, hit the home key using your Sony TV remote control.

#STEP 2 >> Navigate to the Settings option and go to the drop-down of the apps.

#STEP 3 >> Tap on the Apps section and choose the Hulu app from the list of apps.

#STEP 4 >> Further, press Clear data and then press the OK button.

#STEP 5 >> At last, your Hulu app problem will be fixed on your Sony smart TV. Then you can stream your desired content.

#Tip 4: Power Reset your Sony TV

#STEP 1 >> First, you need to plug out your TV’s power socket.

#STEP 2 >> Then, you should wait for a few seconds and connect it back to the power source.

#STEP 3 >> Afterthat, it will start to restart your Sony TV, so you need to wait for it until it completes.

#STEP 4 >> When completing the process, you should go to the home page.

#STEP 5 >> Then open your Hulu app and try to play. If it works, then start streaming without any issue.

#Tip 5: Delete and Re install Hulu App

You can delete your Hulu app from your Sony smart TV and then install it again to resolve the issues caused by your Hulu app on the Sony smart TV. In this way, you can fix the issue by following the given hints.

#STEP 1 >> Navigate to the My Apps from your Sony smart TV Home screen.

#STEP 2 >> Further, find the Hulu app from your Sony smart TV, which has already been installed.

#STEP 3 >> Now, choose the Uninstall the app and then hit the OK button.

#STEP 4 >> Afterthat, wait for the Hulu app to install on your TV.

#STEP 5 >> Then navigate to the Home screen of your Sont TV.

#STEP 6 >> Now go back to the apps section on your TV and then find the Hulu app.

#STEP 7 >> Afterthat, tap to install using the search field and wait for it to download the app.

#STEP 8 >> When the app gets installed, then launch it.

#STEP 9 >> Open the app to stream if you have no issues while streaming the content.

#STEP 10 >> Then, you can stream without any issue.

#Tip 6: Update the Hulu app

If your Hulu app is outdated, it will cause issues while streaming on your TV. So you should need to update every time when the update is available. First, you need to check if the latest version of your Hulu app is available. If it is available, you need to update it instantly to fix the issue on your Hulu app.

It would help if you went to the Sony TV apps section and found an update for the Hulu app, and the update is whenever the update is available.

#Tip 7: Examine Hulu Error Code

It would help if you wanted to find the exact solution for your issue causing on your Hulu app, then try to find the Hulu Error code solution by following the given Guide. Here we explain some standard error codes that cause an issue while playing Hulu content on your Sony smart TV.

Hulu Error code 5003 indicates the playback problem on your Hulu app. So you should set an exact date and time for your Sony smart TV.

Error Code P-Dev 320 indicates the connectivity problem on your Hulu or from your internet source. So you need to restart your router or contact your Hulu customer care support to get rid of the error caused on your Hulu app.

Error code RUNUNK13 specifies that you have playback and buffering issues due to the unwanted data from your Hulu app. So you could clear cache or restart your Hulu app from your Sony TV.

Hulu Error Code 16- You have an unsupported region problem that indicates the VPN error. So you need to turn off the proxy and then replace it with a premium Hulu VPN to stream without any issues.

#Tip 8: Verify that Hulu Server is down

Sometimes the server may be down, and it is not available for the users. So it would help if you waited for it to resolve the issue from the Hulu service. Suppose you want to know whether the Hulu server is down or not, then contact with your customer support to verify. In that case, you should wait for the Hulu server becomes stable. If not, you should visit the social media and visit the Hulu latest post. If they mentioned any of them regarding the issue, then you may need to wait for it until it fixes the issue.

#Tip 9: Contact your Internet service

If all the solutions don’t seem to work, then you should contact your internet provider service to check if the issue is on their network due to the internet speed. If that case, they will find you a way to get the fastest internet speed or change your internet service provider to high-speed internet to stream without any issue.

To Conclude:

From above the Guide, we gave all the solutions for your Hulu app not working with your Sony smart TV due to technical issues or many more reasons to freeze or crash on your TV. But it has many more fixing solutions for your issues to fix on your Sony Smart TV. If you have further enquiry, mention them using your comment box.

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