How to Download Hulu on Samsung Smart TV?

Are you a movie lover? YES! here comes the trending app. Through which you can stream your favourite TV shows and movies anytime and anywhere. Any guesses? It is none other than Hulu on Samsung Smart TV. To watch Hulu, we mentioned some main four steps on your Samsung Smart TV. Even with the help of a premium VPN, you can access it in your country. Hulu is not available. In this article, we have also added some quick steps for the users in Geo-restricted countries on how to download Hulu on Samsung Smart Television.

How to download Hulu on Samsung Smart TV?

On Samsung Smart TV, here is how you can watch, so follow these steps.

1. Home button– On your Samsung Smart TV remote, click the “Home button.”

2. Find the Hulu app– Using the search bar located at the top-right corner, find the Hulu app by going to the “Apps” section

3. Install- After finding the Hulu on Samsung Smart Television, install the app

4.Log in– Once the installation is done completely launch the app. Now the page moves to the log in section. Enter the page using your email address and password.

5. Hulu account credentials– To log in enter the needed details on credentials and get inside the Hulu app. Then the Hulu app welcomes you to their screens.

6. Select profile– In the Hulu app select your profile from the list of all and start streaming

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How to watch Hulu on Samsung Smart TV (Geo-restricted countries)

To watch Hulu on Samsung Smart Television in Geo-restricted countries, follow these easy steps given below

1. Subscribe– Like ExpressVPN to a premium VPN, make a subscription

2. Settings– By heading over the settings page of EpressVPN  DNS. And sign in by entering your credentials

3. IP address– By clicking “Register my IP address”, you can see the page of IP address registration

4. Note down the address– By visiting the setup page of ExpressVPN, you can find the MediaStreamer DNS server IP address. Could you make a note of it?

5. Menu– On your Samsung Smart TV, press the menu button

6. Network status– Now navigate to the Network and select the network status. Wait for a few minutes for the process to get the finish, then select the IP address

7. Enter manually– here, select enter manually by navigating to the DNS settings. And enter the MediaStreaner IP address, which was noted previously, and press enter

8. Hulu app– Open the Smart Hub and search for the Hulu app and download it

9. Log in– To open the Hulu app you need to enter your credentials option to log in. By doing this Hulu takes you to their welcome page

Log in Now and start watching Hulu on Samsung Smart Television by entering the credentials

How to watch Hulu live on Samsung Smart TV?

To get the Hulu live on Samsung Smart TV, follow these steps;

1. Sign up– By clicking the link on the official site, sign up for Hulu Live TV

2. Home screen– On your Samsung Smart TV, visit the home screen once you have finished the sign-in process

3. Hulu live TV– Now search for Hulu live TV by getting to your app store

4. Add to home– Here, click add to home and start downloading the live TV app

5. Sign in- Once the live YTV app is downloaded, by using your Hulu live TV credentials, sign in to the app

6. Start watching– Now, finally start watching Hulu on Samsung Smart Television by selecting your Favourite TV shows and movies

How to download Hulu on Samsung Smart TV(older version)

Do you want to watch Hulu on the older version of Samsung TV? No issues; by using these easy steps, you can watch Hulu on older versions quickly

1. On your Samsung TV remote, press the internet @TV button

2. Select content and internet– Now select the content view and internet tv

3. Hulu app– To find the Hulu app use the search option

4. Download and install– Now, on your Samsung TV, download and install the app

5. Login with credentials-By entering the credentials you can now allow yourself to watch Hulu on Samsung TV’s older version

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How to update Hulu on Samsung Smart TV?

1. Smart Hub– To get to the Smart Hub, Press the Home button on your Samsung Smart TV remote

2. Select apps– search for the Hulu app by selecting the Apps

3. Update– To update the Hulu app follow the on-screen instructions

4. Launch– Finally, watch your favourite content by launching the updated app.

How to activate the Hulu on Samsung Smart TV?

On your Samsung smart TV, activating the Hulu app is like a little piece of cake. So to activate the app follow the upcoming steps

1. Turn on– On your Samsung TV, turn on the power supply

2. Launch– On your Samsung Smart TV, launch the Hulu app and select login

3. Activate– Select activate and visit the activation page on a computer. And to get the code, log in to the app. Once you get the activation code, enter it on your smart tv. Hence the Hulu app is now activated.

How to switch Hulu profile on Samsung TV

Here switching Hulu profiles on Samsung TV is a straightforward process that can be done quickly

1.Hulu app– On your Samsung Smart TV, open the Hulu app

2. Account icon– In the Hulu app, proceed to the account icon and tap it

3. Select profiles– Finally choose your profile from the list of other profiles. You can select this in the menu section

Hulu not working on Samsung Smart TV

When the Hulu app has trouble working, then follow these steps to fix the problem

1. Reset- On your Smart TV, reset the Hulu app

2. Uninstall and reinstall– Then uninstall the Hulu app and install it again

3. Clear cache– Now, on the Hulu app, clear the cache. And to fix the Hulu app Power Cycle Samsung TV.

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4. Update – Update both the Hulu app and Samsung TV framework

5. Factory reset– On your Samsung Smart TV, do the factory reset

  • Settings- By pressing the Home button on your Samsung Smart TV, select the settings option
  • Reset option- By scrolling down, select General option>reset
  • Install Hulu app- To reset, enter the pin and all the process is done now, install Hulu on your Samsung Smart TV. Once it is done, you can now use your Hulu app.

6. Server Problem- Due to the server outage while streaming on Hulu on your smart tv, you can face some issues

7. Internet connection– You cant able play the Hule app when your internet is slow

8. Expired Hulu app– When the Hulu on Samsung Smart Television has an outdated application can cause some problems while streaming

9. Smart Hub– When your Smart Hub is corrupted or misconfigured on your Samsung Smart TV, Hulu may stop working

 Remove Hulu from other devices

On too many devices, if you are using the Hulu app, you may face some issues with your Samsung Smart TV. By using the following method, disconnect other apps on your Hulu account

  • Log in– Log in on your account page. On your device, look for the Hulu under your account and choose manage device.
  •  Remove unnecessary devices– Now, the device linked to the Hulu account is shown on the pop-up screen. Check the date and remove the unnecessary device.
  • Restart- Finally, restart your Hulu app on your Samsung Smart TV and look at whether all the issues are fixed or not

You can also call customer care near you for help if none of the above steps helps.


Hence, this article instructed how to download the Hulu app on Samsung Smart TV and some quick fixes. I suggest you follow all these steps for the complete result. Wish this article helps you. Thank you



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