How to Watch Hulu on Xbox 360? (Update 2022)

If you are a game lover, you have the Xbox 360 own, and you like this article. Scroll down to study How to Watch Hulu on Xbox 360 from this article.

How to Watch Hulu on Xbox 360?

Commonly we use streaming services to watch TV content. But you can also stream the TV content on your Xbox device by using the Hulu app. Do you want to know more about it? Then why are you waiting! Read this article entirely, and you can also do the multitasking activity.

Overview of the article here:

  • What is Hulu?
  • Know about Xbox 360
  • What is Hulu on Xbox 360?
  • What are the features of Hulu on Xbox?
  • How much does it cost for the Hulu Subscription on Xbox 360?
  • How to Watch Hulu on Xbox 360?
  • What is the Process to Install Hulu on Xbox 360?
  • How to Sign in to Hulu on Xbox?
  • The Final Note

Scroll down to study this installation process in detail.

What is Hulu?

Hulu is a video streaming service that provides standard media content from TV programs to motion pictures films. You can stream the content without advertisement. Hulu had telecast the older TV programs that would be very rare to find on other platforms. Also, you can watch the on-demand channels on the Hulu platform. Also, read Hulu on Sony Smart TV.

Know about Xbox 360:

The Xbox 360 is a home video gaming console founded by Microsoft. It was the second console of the Xbox series. Xbox360 allows you to watch and download all kinds of media, play, rip, and network. You can also stream high-definition films, types of music, gaming content, and digital pictures. Also, refer to Watch Super Bowl on Xbox?

What is Hulu on Xbox 360?

You can find the gallery of the Hulu programs moreover on your PC at Hulu official website or over the Hulu Plus Application on the Xbox 360 control panel. The Hulu app can also use your Xbox 360 device to watch thousands of TV programs and films.

In the starting portion of the article, we mentioned multitasking which means you can stream the TV content while in the gaming activity.

What are the features of Hulu on Xbox 360?

By combining these two, we got the most attractive features to use. Let us see how many parts are in this, and it is worth downloading.

  • Stream up to thousands of TV shows and movies on Xbox 360 through Hulu.
  • You can use the 30 days Free Trial on the Hulu app.

30 days Free Trial on the Hulu app

  • Watch the TV content while you are playing the game on Xbox 360.
  • Fast video loading.
  • High-quality videos.
  • You can also add the movies, TV programs, and episodes to your Xbox 360 queue playlist.
  • Cancel the free trial whenever before it ends. No charge is applicable for it.
  • You can stream up to two devices simultaneously in a different location.

How much does it cost for the Hulu Subscription on Xbox 360?

Hulu Subscription


To enjoy watching the TV content without the disturbance of ads, pick a subscription plan to enjoy uninterrupted service. We mentioned the cost of the subscription in the image format below. You have to renew your monthly pack for every routine month. Also, read  Jailbreak Xbox 360


How to Watch Hulu on Xbox 360?

Here we get you the two methods to stream Hulu.

One is the installation process, and another one is sign-in procedures. I will assist you one by one.

What is the Process to Install Hulu on Xbox 360?

All you need to do is pay the keen observation on the steps below to download it.

  • First, plug-in and power your Xbox 360 device and connect it with the standard Wi-Fi connection.

plug-in Xbox 360 controller device

  • To the login process, use your Microsoft Account.
  • Take your Xbox 360 controller to go to the Home Screen. Click the Home Button.
  • Select the Store on the top screen.
  • And search for the Hulu app.
  • Move to the Menu section on the right side of the screen or click the Y button on the Xbox controller.

Y button on the Xbox controller

  • Click the search icon and browse for Hulu App.
  • Pick the app from the search result and hit the Download or Install key to get the app on your Xbox 360.
  • Or tap on the Get button and click the A button on your Xbox 360 controller.
  • Please wait for a while till it completes its download.
  • Unfold the app from the home screen of your Xbox 360 device.

Hulu App on xbox 360

No, we installed Hulu app on Xbox 360. Let us move to the sign-in procedure. For your reference, Get Hulu on Hisense Smart TV.

How to Sign in to Hulu on Xbox 360?

To know the Sign-in process clearly, follow the given instructions.

  • Take your Android mobile and open the web browser on it.

web browser on andriod mobile

  • Browse for required space.
  • Select your choice to initiate the Free Trial.
  • Choose the friendly-budget plan and tap on the Select button on the given screen.
  • Here you have to enter all your details such as Name, Email address, Password, Gender, and Date of Birth.

hulu account on web browser

  • Now click the Continue key to move on.
  • Select your billing type and Submit.
  • Go back to your Xbox 360 device and open the Hulu app.
  • To get it, log in with your credentials.

Now you have completed your installation and sign-in process successfully. Hulu app does not charge any payment until the Free Trial get finished. If you want to cancel the subscription, make it before the last date of your free trial period.

Now you can stream the TV content on Hulu also if you are interested in playing the game on Xbox 360 at the same time as streaming.

The Final Note:

Yeah, I agree it is a little hard to pay the higher amount for the subscription. But Hulu is worth it. In the United States of America, Hulu has a large fan circle of over 40.7 Million subscribers if you are a new user of Hulu and read this article. Then why are you waiting? Grab the best subscription package and stream Hulu with uninterrupted service.

Indeed, you like the combination of Hulu and Xbox 360. Because, we people commonly spend our free time watching movies, TV shows, News, and much more content in TV. Or we are else playing games on the PlayStation or using a gaming console in our Smart TV. Here Hulu is the combination of TV content and fun. Install it and enjoy streaming.

I hope the keen details about How to Watch Hulu on Xbox 360? in this article are beneficial.

If there are any doubts/queries about this content or any particular part of this article,

kindly mention them all in the respective comment box below. For your reference, Get HBO Max on Xbox 360

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