How to Install and Watch Hulu on Xbox one? 2022

Xbox one is one of the most popular streaming services to enjoy your lovable games. When you install any apps and then stream with the live programs and on-demand programs. Talking about Hulu, it was another popular one to stream the 75 and more channels without the help of a cable. Some of the users are asking if that is possible to use Hulu on Xbox one. Yes, Hulu is compatible with the Xbox one. In this article, we are going to talk about how to stream Hulu on Xbox one.

hulu on xbox one

Short Notes on Hulu

Hulu is considered a popular streaming platform and is only available in the USA. This streaming site had a more comprehensive range of original content, and then viewers could easily enjoy the watching services. For many years, it was only present on the subscription-based platform, but now it is available on all types of devices. The users had access to a streaming platform with Xbox one.

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Can I Watch Hulu on Xbox One?

The Xbox One is the built-in app for Hulu. And then Hulu is not present outside of the US. But you could access Hulu on Xbox with geo-restricted countries. It also involves the help of a SmartDNS. Follow the coming lines then you get some of the possibilities to get Hulu on Xbox one.

In general, Hulu supports a broader range of devices, and it also includes multiple Hulu models for all types of gamers. When you had own support for the Xbox model, then you easily download the Hulu app with your device apps or other store section. But you could watch only outside of the US.

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How to Download Hulu on Xbox Series?

  1. First of all, you require to navigate the store section,
  2. Then press the Search icon and enter Hulu.
  3. Click the Hulu app with search results.

Follow some other on-screen instructions then you efficiently complete the further installation process.

How to Get Hulu on Xbox One?

Now we are going to discuss the three methods to connect Hulu to Xbox one. These methods give better-desired results to you.

  • Use the preconfigured Router.
  • Share the Windows VPN connection.
  • Make the configuration process with VPN and Wi-Fi Router

How to use the Pre-Configured Router?

This method is said to be one of the simple and more straightforward ways to make the enabling process with the VPN functions with your Xbox one and then 360. But you require to buy the pre-configured router first.

You find the more huge list of DD-WRT and then Tomato VPN routers; it comes from the Flash Routers experts. Select the proper best suits, and it also needs other requirements. When you give the proper access to your VPN client in the router, then it uses the connecting process with the US server. Get the accessing features with Hulu content of your Xbox series, and it also involves internet-enabled devices.

Share the Windows VPN Connection 

We know that the VPN is one of the widely used tools to get the accessing with geo-restricted streaming services. The gaming consoles do not support some other VPN apps. Follow the coming instructions then you easily play the Hulu content on Xbox one.

  • First of all, you need to subscribe to one of the best Hulu-compatible VPNs.
  • Download and then install this VPN with your Windows
  • Do the proper sign-in process with your VPN app, and it presents valid credentials.
  • Connect the Xbox One with the PC with the help of an ethernet cable.
  • Do the right-click with the Windows start button on your taskbar.
  • Press the Settings and then open the Network and Internet.
  • Now, you might open the Change adapter settings in your status tab.
  • Then you find the VPN icon on your right click.
  • Still, press the properties icon and then open the Sharing tab.
  • Now, check the Allow options with other network users to make the connection.
  • Click the select private network connection with dropdown.
  • Then choose the Xbox one with the proper ethernet connection.
  • Press the Xbox button of the gaming console, and Tap the RB button thrice times to select Settings.
  • Still, Open the network tab and network settings. Select Test network connection and VPN connection.
  • Furthermore, Connect the US server with the VPN app of the PC. Finally, launch the Hulu app on Xbox then you easily connect with the Hulu library.

How to Configure VPN with Wi-Fi Router?

Firstly, you require to verify the wifi routers with your compatible and other VPN connections. Then do the logging process with your router dashboard and type  “” in your browser. Enter the proper login details, and you find out and check the router’s model credentials. When you have the proper access to the dashboard, then look for another way to set the VPN connection here.

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Top 3 VPNs to Enjoy Hulu on Xbox One

Now we gonna discuss the best Hulu VPN for your Xbox one consoles. And these tests mainly recommend some basic unblocking capabilities. The significant factors are router support, network infrastructure, speed and then essential factors.


NordVPN is said as the popular choice, and anyone quickly wants to protect any router. This site mainly contains some other detailed installations that had 29 different types of routers, and it also includes any favourite Xbox consoles. The connection option presents, and then you include DDoS protection. You also order a dedicated IP address when you want to use any game server.

It allows a total of six types of simultaneous connections with other services and then routers. Furthermore, the company mainly operates multiple servers in 5400 locations in 60 countries. This list of servers is present on the app, and you ping the checker to make a quick connection.


  • It based in Panama
  • Multiple best-performing servers are present around the globe.
  • Threat protection and then the fastest VPN here.
  • Live chat is available in that process.
  • It had dedicated IP addresses, and it runs its own games server
  • 5400 and more servers for 59+ countries.


Not suit for beginners

Express VPN

This VPN is based on the British island, and it is also said to the one of the best and fastest VPN Hulu on the Xbox gaming console. It presents with other providers, and it also offers the router application. Then, you could install any of the compatible devices with the existing router. If you felt this router was not compatible, then you had the pre-configured routers. Furthermore, Xbox users had better access rights to 3,000 and more servers in many countries. It mainly used the Trustedserver technology.


  • Supports iOS, Apple TV, Linux, Windows, Smart TV
  • Also compatible with Firestick, Roku
  • It had the Unlimited Streaming
  • Unblocking with famous VoD services.
  • 160 and more VPN locations


Expensive one


If you are looking for a cheap VPN, then the surf shark is the suitable one for you. It also presents over 3,000 servers in 60 countries. But it had a low latency connection. Furthermore, some of the other VPNs on the market, and then Surfshark, have not had any limitations for the connection. Furthermore, there is no official Xbox application, so you need to install the router to get the automatic connection. And it protects with other devices or other configurations Xbox.

These services mainly help to keep you safer when you use the kill switch; it was the 256-bit AES encryption. It also had the ad-blocker and malware scanner, and then it mainly had the tunnelling functionalities.


  • Able to connect with multiple devices
  • It was the Award winning service
  • Budget-friendly one
  • Had a fantastic unblocking ability


The server varies in speed

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you watch Hulu on Xbox one in the UK?

You need to watch Hulu on Xbox one, and you also buy one of the best services, such as ExpressVPN. When you subscribe and install, then you quickly launch the VPN application and then make the connection with the server in the US. It mainly makes it appear if you reside in the US region, and it also allows you to unblock the Hulu content.

2. Is Hulu free on the Xbox consoles?

It was a popular video streaming service, and it had the partnering with Microsoft then; it offered more subscribers. Furthermore, it mainly gives three months of free access with an Xbox PC game pass. Hulu also announced the proper deal. It also had the US subscribers still is said as the new Xbox game pass experience.

3. Why does Hulu keeps buffering on Xbox one?

You need to check the password, and then the Hulu issues mainly involve password protection. And it may not log in the easier way, but in some cases, you need to reset the password.

Final Verdict!

Coming to an end, Hulu is not directly accessible with Xbox one. Read the article till the end then you get the idea of how to connect Hulu with Xbox one with a few possibilities. Here, we discussed the three methods to make the connection. And we also look at the popular three VPNs to make a proper connection with these devices.

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