How do I know If It’s a Smart TV? Everything You Need to Know

In this article, let us see how to know if it’s a Smart TV.

Smart TVs are like a craze for today’s younger generation as it supports all forms of entertainment, from Playing Videos to Browsing YouTube Videos. Everyone Prefers Smart TVs as it advanced in technology and Sleek as a Cardboard. Sometimes may not be aware of their TV features and specifications as it may be technically new to them, So some might want to know if it is a Smart TV. If so, what are the specifications of their TV and Other Technical Details?

What is Smart TV?

Still stuck with Traditional TV sets, it may come as a surprise that Smart TVs are the term used now. A Smart TV lets you stream movies and Shows with smart home Integration and is controlled by Voice Commands. It is a TV with smart Home Functions, Internet connectivity, and Smart Apps. A new range of television models comes with a built-in Chrome cast and Voice recognition tools like Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.

Technological development of Traditional TV sets by integrating it with Android OS. Since Android supports it, you can install almost all apps with just a click. Many Smart TVs are even compatible with smart home gears like Smart lights, smart locks, and other devices with sensors.

You can browse, listen to music, and watch movies and news, and you don’t need a Set TOP Box or complicated set Ups. Just a Stable internet connection will work fine. To be precise, it is a Connected Television or internet-enabled TV. In short, a TV along with the internet (Wi-Fi Connectivity) and smart apps are all you need.

If it's a Smart TV

How do I Know If it’s a Smart TV?

Firstly, the strong indicator is the availability of a network port on the back of your TV set. A Smart TV is simply a TV with Wi-Fi connectivity, so if your TV has a LAN, then it is for sure. It is also called “LAN, ” a Local Area Network for Internet Connectivity.

Another option is much simple, and there is no need for a complicated cable setup, which is WLAN (Wireless LAN) or Wi-Fi Connection on your TV. You could connect a LAN cable from this port to your Router’s identical Port. The following short way would be to check your Menu portion in your Television where you will know the specifications to differentiate it from a Dumb TV.

You can also check if you have an official play store to download and install apps; if so, you are the owner of Smart Television. A very easy way would be to check your Remote controller of TV and look for Buttons of smart apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hotstar.

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How to Recognize your TV as Smart TV?

A smart TV comes with an Android system of its own. So as soon as you launch or Turn on your TV, you will find the logo along with the Powered by Android caption as in the case of the Smartphone. It has a unique graphical processor for crisp and Vivid HD images with a bright colour that helps you recognize them. Another important way to recognize it is to check for a USB port on the back.

If you have a USB port, it is a Smart TV to stream Videos, Images that are already downloaded for offline mode of view.

If you are so excited to know, what are the apps supported? It has almost all the available apps in the official app store. It is not only that you can also sideload apps of any brand using Downloader, ES File Explorer App, and Sideload Launcher. Each brand supports a different App according to its build. Some of the apps installed by default are Prime, Netflix, etc.

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Wrapping Up

This is a simple article that guides you in a number of ways on how to find if yours is a smart TV or not. It is a TV with stable Wi-Fi and smart home functions with Apps. Make sure you have tried all the possible ways listed above and start streaming without further delay.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Smart TV?

In a precise way, Smart TV is nothing but a TV set with Stable Internet Connectivity and smart home function with Apps.

2) What are the apps compatible with it?

Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5, Hulu, etc. As almost all brands prefer these apps to stream with it.

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