How to Install and Watch IPTV on Xbox One?

We use IPTV for streaming our Television program on your Smart TV using any streaming devices. Today we came up with the topic related to this content. Today’s topic is How to Install and Watch IPTV on Xbox One?

We assist you through the streaming IPTV on your Xbox One gaming console. Install the compatible and supported Internet Protocol Television on your Xbox One video gaming device. From this article, we are going to guide to through that. Read this entire article to learn about this content. The two main content in this article is:

How to Install and Watch IPTV on Xbox One

  • What is IPTV and Xbox One?
  • How to Install and Watch IPTV on Xbox One?

Dive into the article and get the details about both streaming platforms and how it works on Xbox One device.

What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television is a complete form of the IPTV word. The nature of IPTV is to supply Television network services through the internet. Using this service, you can watch your favorite TV Channels, Movies, Shows, Reality Programs, Live News, Sports, and more TV content and entertaining videos on your streaming device. It has a massive network among the people.

It has different kinds of IPTV services with various names. Let us see about this in the below space in detail.

Know about Xbox One:

The Xbox One is a successor to Xbox 360. Xbox One is a home video gaming console. You can use this to play your favourite video game connected with your Smart TV streaming device. Also, you may watch your beloved video game video and other content on the big screen. All kind of video game is available on this Xbox One Platform. Microsoft Company produced it.

What is IPTV on Xbox One?

The Xbox One gaming console allows you to play games, which is commonly known. But also, this video gaming device permits us to stream Television content on its platform. You can stream your TV content on your Smart TV using Xbox One device while playing the game in another tab.

But we have to analyze the compatibility of the selected IPTV service with the Xbox One device. This article shows you the two IPTV services supported and compatible with the Xbox One gaming console.

What are the Features of IPTV?

Just read out the below list of features and benefits of the IPTV service on your available streaming device. The benefits and highlights are:

  • No set-top boxes or streaming provider has needed for this service.
  • Unlimited DVR facility is available on the IPTV service. You can store the content for a week without extra charge.
  • Watch Live Broadcasting and Previous Content on the IPTV Platform.
  • You can stream 24 hours of previous videos or any other shows on this site.
  • This software also includes the guidelines for streaming TV content on your device.
  • You may be allowed to watch the most popular television channels on the IPTV platform.
  • Also, it gives us the screencasting option from smartphones to Smart TV big screens with high definition HD quality.
  • It provides the video content for free at attracting HD picture quality resolution.
  • You can use this service on your Desktop PC, Laptops, and Gaming Consoles.
  • Also, it was available on the Smartphone devices like Android, iOS devices, and Tablets.

We mentioned the features, highlights, and benefits of the IPTV we know in this topic for you. You have experienced more features of IPTV, then install and stream it on your streaming device and learn additional information practically.

How much does IPTV cost?

Individually the Internet Protocol Television service did not ask for money to stream the content on its platform. The fact is there is no service only with the Name IPTV. It has vast supported mobile apps with different names.

The IPTV network charged no extra amount. So, based on the IPTV you selected from the App Store to watch your favourite content on your device, you have to pay for your IPTV service chosen. We suggest the two IPTV streaming services in the following topic, supported by the Xbox One gaming console.

How to Install and Watch IPTV on Xbox One?

Here are the two IPTV services; now, we will install and watch the entertainment videos on Xbox One console. First, we see the name of the IPTV service which we selected to get it on your Xbox video gaming device. The services are:

  1. Using “My IPTV Player” to stream IPTV on Xbox One.
  2. Stream IPTV on Xbox One by using “Kodi Media Player.”

In the following space, we included the installation guidelines and streaming procedures to watch the content on your Xbox device.

Using My IPTV Player to Watch IPTV on Xbox One👇

First, we have to install this service on your gaming console device. It was available on the Xbox One conventional App Store. So, you can get the My IPTV Player service directly from the in-built Play Store.

Install My IPTV Player on Xbox One:

👉Step 1: Insert Xbox One with Smart TV.

First and foremost, you have to insert your Xbox device into your Smart TV HDMI portal.

👉Step 2: Internet.

Mingle your both streaming devices with a single high-speed Wi-Fi internet connection.

👉Step 3: Home Screen and Apps.

Go directly to the home screen and tap on the Apps category on your Xbox device home page.

👉Step 4: Search.

Click on the search icon on the top right side of the Xbox App Store Page and type as My IPTV Player in the given search space.

👉Step 5: Install.

Please select the required My IPTV Player from the search list and head towards the Install key to get the app.

Setup MY IPTV Player on Xbox One:

👉Step 6: Open.

Get back to the App and Games portion and unfold the installed My IPTV Player on your device.

👉Step 7: Add New Playlist and EPG Source.

Move towards the My IPTV Settings category and tap on the Add New Playlist and EPG Source option in the down list.

My IPTV settings

👉Step 8: Remote Channels.

Head towards the Remote Channel option and click on the Text Box to enter the needed information in the given space.

👉Step 9: Enter the M3U URL.

Enter the searching playlist name in the required space in the selected field.

Enter M3U in the given field

👉Step 10: Add Remote List.

After filling the Playlist name as your streaming provider has provided, hit the Add Remote List option down to the URL box.

👉Step 11: Username and Source URL.

You have to enter your EPG Username in the first box in the following packages. You need to fill up the EPG Source URL in the given space in the second box.

Add EPG Source on My IPTV Player

👉Step 12 Select Playlist.

To arrange the Playlist and EPG Source URL, you must move back to the My IPTV Player settings. Now, find and select the Select Playlist in the drop-down menu.

Select Channel Playlist on My IPTV Player

👉Step 13: Select EPG Source.

You have to head towards the Select EPG Source option down by the Select Playlist option to select the source. Then click on the Refresh button.

Set the My IPTV Player to Stream IPTV on your device.

👉Step 14: Channel and EPG Settings.

Scroll down and select the Channel and EPG Settings category and enable both options given down to the Channel and EPG Settings.

  1. Refresh remote channel list on app launch
  2. Download EPG when no data is available on the current date

Set Channel and EPG Settings

👉Step 15: My IPTV Player Home Screen.

Move backwards to the home screen of My IPTV service and select the Channels option to watch the IPTV Channels on its platform.

So, this is the procedure to get the IPTV service on your Xbox One gaming console. Now, we have to move to the following method.

Stream IPTV on Xbox One using the Kodi Media Player👇

We finished our first method successfully and came to the second method to get the IPTV service on your Xbox One device. Follow the instructions we have given below:

👉Step 1: Install Kodi on Xbox One.

Please turn on your device and connect it with the standard network connection. And move to the Xbox App Store, select the search icon, and search for Kodi” Media Player in the field.

Pick the Kodi from the search list and tap on the Install key to get it on your Xbox device.

Install Kodi on Xbox One

👉Step 2: Open.

You open the installed Kodi media player directly from the installation page and unfold it from your Xbox gaming device’s Apps and Games section.

👉Step 3: TV.

Move straight to the settings in the Kodi media player service. And select the TV option from the drop-down menu list.

TV option on Kodi Media Player

👉Step 4: OK.

Now, you have received the pop-up window on your device display. Click on the OK button to proceed with the changes.

PVR added in Kodi app

👉Step 5: PVR IPTV Simple Guide.

Scroll down on the appeared screen and select the PVR IPTV Simple Guide option by tapping the button on the remote controller.

TV option settings in Kodi app

👉Step 6: Install.

You have to touch the Install key on the next following screen on the page.

Install on Kodi

Set Up Kodi Media Player to stream IPTV service on Xbox One.

👉Step 7: Configure.

On the next page, we have to go to the settings section. So, please select the Configure option at the bottom of the screen.

Configure on TV

👉Step 8: Select M3U Playlist URL.

Move towards the General option and click on the M3U playlist URL box to enter the playlist.

👉Step 9: Select Playlist and EPG Source.

In the My IPTV Player serving, we also have to fill the URL box as the IPTV provider given.

Also, you have to finish the EPG Source URL settings.

👉Step 10: Restart.

After entering the details in the Playlist URL and EPG Source URL, you must click on the Restart option Loading Channels on the required space.

PVR settings in IPTV service

👉Step 11: Select Channel.

After completing the procedure, you want to choose the IPTV Channel to stream on your Xbox One device.

Our Final Note:

So, we came to the last section of this article. This article mentioned and described the installation and streaming process of [IPTV] Internet Protocol Television on your Xbox One video gaming console. It was most popular in the United Kingdom.

For more information and details, please visit the topics above we were given to you. If you have any suggestions for this content, please share us by dropping your message in the comment box. Also, you can lower your feedback in the same space. We will respond to you and clarify your questions and doubts as soon as possible.

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