How to Get ITV Hub Live on Xbox? [ITVX on Xbox]

If you are using the ITV subscription and looking forward to streaming it on your Xbox gaming console, then read this article. Because today we came up with the topic of How to Watch ITV Hub Live on Xbox?

From this article, we assist you in getting the ITV Hub on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 video gaming device. Focus on the installation and streaming instructions in the following topics.

The two crucial topics that we are going to learn are:

  • What are ITV Hub and Xbox?
  • How to Install and Watch ITV Hub Live on Xbox?

Read these given topics to get the information about this in detail.

What is ITV Hub?

ITV Hub is an on-demand streaming service. And it was accessible through the leading service of ITV. 

You can watch various programs and TV Shows on the ITV Hub service. Then you can watch the other collection of ITV Hub streaming services, ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, ITVBe, and CITV, on the official site of ITV.

UPDATE: There has been an updated from ITV Hub that they will launch their new streaming app ITVX this year-end. Probably in the Month of November 2022. If you can’t access ITVX on Xbox, you need to wait for the app to get available on the Xbox app store.

Know about Xbox:

Xbox was a Video Gaming Console device. It had two types of models they are Xbox One and Xbox 360. Xbox community allows you to play all kinds of video games and stream gaming content on its platform. Also, it g permits us to Install streaming apps on its device. You can install Television content streaming services on the Xbox console and stream it on the other screen.

Can I Watch ITV Hub Live on Xbox?

Luckily, the ITV Hub Live streaming is available on the Xbox console. You can download and launch it directly on the Xbox from the App Store on the Xbox device.

Also, the ITV or ITV Hub was compatible with a massive number of streaming devices. Get this service on your Xbox device and start watching your favorite content on your device.

How to Get ITV Hub?

We installed the ITV service on your Xbox device, so we are here to learn about the Sign-In procedure of ITV Hub. Let us get into the steps.

👉Step 1: Web Browser.

Take your handy streaming devices like Smartphones, laptops, or tablets to start this procedure. And Connect it with a high-speed network connection.

Now open the Web Browser in-built into y our streaming device.

👉Step 2: Search.

Click on the URL Box and type ITV Hub Official Site in the find bar.

👉Step 3: Open.

Tap on the official website from the search suggestion list.

👉Step 4: Sign In.

Navigate to the top right side of the ITV Home Page and click on the Sign In option.

Sign In key on ITV

👉Step 5: Enter Details.

Fill in the boxes given on the page. And tap on the Sign In option at the bottom of the screen.

ITV Sign In page

Now we successfully Logged into the ITV streaming service. You can stream your beloved content on the appeared screen.

How to Register for ITV Hub on the Official Website?

👉Step 1: Sign Up.

Do not come back from the Official Site of ITV on your streaming device. So, go to the main Sign In page of ITV.

On the right side of the screen, you want to tap on the Sign Up option given on the ITV Web Page.

ITV Sign Up page

👉Step 2: Fill in the Boxes.

Read out the list of boxes and answer each question. After filling in all required details in the respective space, tap on the Sign Up option given in the below area.

So we created the account on the ITV service. If you do not yet have an account on the ITV Hub service, you can use this method to log in to the ITV service. Now you can use these credentials to watch ITV Hub Live on Xbox.

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What are the features of ITV Hub?

To stream the live channels, you have to get into the official site of the ITV community. Then you can watch your favorites. Let us get into the features in the following space without wasting your time. They are:

  • ITV was a vast network, and it had a Hub with more channels.
  • Instead of streaming movies, you can watch all kinds of Series, Episodes, Documentaries, and more content on its platform.
  • You can watch the Most Popular content on the ITV Hub.
  • ITV includes Live streaming benefits for its users.
  • Comedy content is also included on the ITV site.
  • ITV Hub has a separate portion for the Full Series streaming.
  • Also, you can go with the Children’s category to make happy for your children.

The above list of the ITV Hub features we have given you as we know. Install it immediately on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 gaming console and experience additional benefits and highlights of the ITV Hub practically.

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How much does ITV Hub cost?

Fortunately, the ITV Hub was providing the content free of cost. You have not wanted to pay money for streaming video content in the Virgin TV Go service.

You can watch all types of series, episodes, and videos for free. But the ITV Hub Plus has a subscription package to stream their input content.

How to Watch Love Island with ITV Hub Live on Xbox?

As discussed in the above section, the ITV Hub Live was compatible with the Xbox One and Xbox 360 video gaming consoles. So, follow the below step-by-step instructions to get the installation methods and get it on your device.

👉Step 1: Insert Xbox on Smart TV.

First and foremost, you have to associate your Xbox device with your Smart TV HDMI portal.

👉Step 2: Internet Connection.

Then connect your devices with the standard Wi-Fi network connection.

👉Step 3: Dashboard. 

Take off your Xbox device’s remote controller and navigate your device’s Dashboard.

Xbox Home Screen

👉Step 4: Store.

Find the Store option in the top right corner of the Xbox Dashboard.

👉Step 5: Apps.

Following the Store option, you can search for the required content to go to the Apps section.

Apps on Xbox

👉Step 6: Search.

Tap on the Search icon in the Xbox dashboard. And type “ITV Hub” in the respective search box.

👉Step 7: Install.

Pick up the required ITV Hub service from the drop-down search result and head towards the Install button to launch the ITV Hub on your device.

👉Step 8: Open.

Now, get back to the Home Page and navigate to the Apps and Games section to unfold the installed ITV Hub on your device.

We have to log in to the ITV Hub service and start watching the Live programs on this platform using the Xbox device.

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Our Last Note:

This is a straightforward method to use your Xbox gaming device in your home. You can also use on-screen typing to type the ITV Hub in the search space. So, I hope the content about ITV Hub Live on Xbox is helpful to you and easy to understand the methods and information given in the above sections.

There are many ways to watch the ITV Hub Live on your streaming devices. You can also screencast on the Xbox device by using your Smartphone. Because the ITV community supports all streaming devices, if you need more information or clarification for any particular content, then drop them all in the comment box given below.

Also, you may give feedback on our article, and we will respond to your messages and clarify your questions as soon as possible.

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