How to Stream iTV Hub PS5? Best Alternatives

Play Station is a gaming console that Sony Entertainment launches. You can play any virtual game with your friends and stream various content from streaming services. After the success of PS3, they further launched PS4 and PS5 with advanced features. Unlike playing games, you can stream your desired on-demand and live TV content on your console. Likewise, today our topic is similar to How to stream iTV Hub on PS5? We will inform you about it elaborately from this article keep reading this guide till the end to get a lot of information.

How to Stream iTV Hub PS5?

ITV Hub is an online video-on-demand VOD platform to access via its main ITV site. It lets you stream various on-demand titles as well as ITV channels. This is the largest commercial station in London. They host many TV shows and series, and it is a free streaming app so you can stream wherever you can watch all ITV channels. The registration for this service is free to create an account through its official site from any browser on any device such as Smartphones, smart TVs, Tablets, and streaming devices.

Can I get the ITV Hub app on PS5?

Unfortunately, Play Station 5 is not compatible with ITV Hub. So you cant directly get the ITV Hub app on your device. However, you can screen mirror your device to stream ITV Hub content on your compatible devices.

How to Stream ITV Hub on PS5?

To cast ITV Hub content on your Play Station 5, you should follow the given simple procedures. You can stream ITV Hub content on your PS5 console by casting from your Smartphone ( Android/ iOS device) and desktop.

  • Cast ITV Hub on PS5 from Andorid using PS Remote Play
  • Screen mirror ITV Hub from iOS on PS5

From Android using PS Play Remote:

If you want to screen mirror from your smartphone to PS5, then you should download the PS Remote Play app on your Android device.

#STEP 1 >>First, you should set up an active internet network for your Smartphone and PS5 gaming consoles.

#STEP 2 >> Navigate to the Android Home screen and visit the Google Play Store.

#STEP 3 >> Search for the PS Remote Play app in the play store using the search bar.

#STEP 4 >> On the other side, connect your PS console and hover to the Settings section.

#STEP 5 >>Then scroll down to the Systems under the settings section.

#STEP 6 >> Tap on the Enable Remote Play to ON.

#STEP 7 >> Now open the PS Remote Play app on your smartphone and log in using your account credentials.

#STEP 8 >> At last, you can screen mirror ITV Hub content on your PS5 console from your Android device.

You can enjoy streaming ITV Hub content casting from Android to the PS5 console using the PS Remote Play app.

From iOS device:

You can screen mirror your iOS device from your Play Station 5 gaming console. PS5 allows you to cast from your iOS device by following the instructions.

#STEP 1 >> First, you should unfold the Game Base on your Play Station5.

#STEP 2 >> Further, choose a friend and send a quick message.

#STEP 3 >> Afterthat, send an URL to your friend.

#STEP 4 >> Now, choose the message and go to the site.

#STEP 5 >> Next open the Screen mirroring app from your iOS device.

#STEP 6 >> Suppose you don’t have an app on your App Store, then scan the QR code visible on your Screen.

#STEP 7 >> Click Start Broadcast to cast your iOS to PS5.

#STEP 8 >> At last, it will screen mirrored your iOS device screen on your PS5 device to stream iTV Hub channels.

Wrapping Up:

You can screen mirror the PS5 device using Android and iOS devices from the above steps because your PS5 console doesn’t have an ITV Hub app in their Play Station store. So you may try the above methods to stream your favourite content on your PS5 console. If you still have doubts about streaming iTV Hub on your PS5 console, let me know in the comment section.

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