How to Stream Kayo Sports on Xbox? Best Alternative

Are you curious to know How to Stream Kayo Sports on XboxThen this guide will help you to get the best way to watch Kayo Sports on your Xbox console. So read this article till the end to get more additional information about it.

How to Stream Kayo Sports on Xbox? 

What is Kayo Sports?

Kayo Sports is an OTT Australian sports streaming service that offers both on-demand and live sports without commercials. Here you will get all popular live sports to streams, such as ESPN and FOX sports.  Kayo also offers thirteen live sports channels to air. This app is undoubtedly available in the play store and app store as well.

However, this streaming service started in 2018 and is a one-stop destination for all live sports in Australia. Also, Kayo is generally the Netflix of sports. It is a paid streaming platform in Australia. It gives access to more than 50 sports content from the library, on-demand, comments, documentaries, and interviews. It also offers a 14-day free trial for new users, so you can start your free trial to stream live matches on your compatible device. In this service, you can able to stream HD and SD quality of streaming.


  • Kayo One- This plan starts from $25 per month, and it offers only one device to stream at once.
  • Basic– This package begins with $27.50 per month, and you can watch up to two devices simultaneously.
  • Premium- It starts from $35 per month, and you can stream up to three devices at a time.

Is Kayo Sports available on Xbox?

Unfortunately, the Kayo sports app is still not available on the Xbox console to get. They are also looking to develop apps for many more devices. However, until now, iOS device only supports the Kayo app. Also, refer to this article Facebook on Xbox One.

How to watch Kayo Sports on Xbox?

Unluckily Kayo sports are not available on your Xbox, so you should choose alternative ways. Here are some other ways to stream Kayo Sports on your Xbox gaming console. So you can follow the given underlying procedures to watch it on your Xbox console.

There are two other ways possible to stream Kayo sports on Xbox console that are using the Microsoft Edge browser, and the other method is screencasting from your smartphone. Read this together Sky Sports on Xbox

#1. Steps to stream Kayo on Xbox using Microsoft Edge Browser:

We will let you know to stream using these below methods to stream Kayo sports app content on your Xbox gaming console through the Microsoft Edge browser.

#STEP 1 ⋙⋙

First, you should need to connect your Xbox to a standard internet connection.

#STEP 2 ⋙⋙

Navigate to the Home screen of your Xbox and then go to the Microsoft store.

#STEP 3 ⋙⋙

Next, hover over the Microsoft store menu and then tap on the search tile.

#STEP 4 ⋙⋙

Now search for the Kayo sports app in the Microsoft Edge Browser.

#STEP 5 ⋙⋙

Now choose the Kayo sports app in the search result and log in with your account credentials.

#STEP 6 ⋙⋙

Now you can able to stream Kayo Sports app content on your Xbox console-connected TV.

#2. Stream Kayo sports on Xbox using cast from a smartphone:

You can easily cast it from your smartphone (Android/ iOS devices) to watch your Kayo sports content on your Xbox gaming console. Here we will let you know the steps to cast Kayo sports on Xbox via smartphone from the given below instructions. Check out this related post-Paramount Plus on Xbox

#STEP 1 ⋙⋙

First of all, you should need to connect your internet to both Xbox and smartphone.

#STEP 2 ⋙⋙

Further, download the wireless display app on your Xbox console and then launch it.

#STEP 3 ⋙⋙

In case you have Xbox 360, then you can use the Xbox app via your smartphone to cast.

#STEP 4 ⋙⋙

Then confirm that you have installed the Xbox app, and then sign in using the Xbox 360 using your Xbox app.

#STEP 5 ⋙⋙

Further, connect it and then install the Kayo sports app from your smartphone, and then cast it to your Xbox console.

#STEP 6 ⋙⋙

Now complete the sign-in process on your Kayo sports, and then cast it on your console to enjoy its content on the big screen.

Wrapping Up:

You can’t be able to install the Kayo sports app on your Xbox gaming console because it doesn’t make available on your Microsoft store until now. So you can alternatively you can stream Kayo content using cast from your smartphone and also use a Microsoft Edge Browser to watch its content on your Xbox. If you have any problems while casting or using the Microsoft Edge browser to stream Kayo sports content on your Xbox gaming console, then mention them using the below comment box.


1. Is the Kayo sports app available on the Microsoft store?

Certainly not still, it is available in the Microsoft store, but at this moment, it is only available on operating Systems only.

2. How to screencast the Kayo app to TV?

Yes, you can cast the Kayo sports app on Android TV and Android-supported TV devices as well. 

3. What are the apps that are compatible with Xbox?

There are some popular streaming services apps available on your Xbox console are Netflix, HBO Max, Spotify, Youtube, Vudu Movies and TV, Hulu, and Dolby Access. 

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