How to Install Kodi Bae Repository: Step by Step Guide

How would you like it if you were allowed to download all Add-Ons and even Builds in a single place? With numerous Repositories available for Kodi, Wouldn’t you love it? With the existence of the Kodi Bae, it is very much possible, and you would love it. In this article, you are going to see an easy step-by-step solution for Kodi Bae Repository installation.

Kodi Bae Repository

What is Kodi Bae Repository?

Let’s know what is Kodi Repository first. Repo is a Package where you find several Add-Ons of Kodi all in one place. Hence of installing separate Kodi Add-Ons, you could just install a Repo which contains your Preferred Add-Ons. Kodi Bae Repository is one of the incredible Repositories available within the Kodi app. It has a humungous collection of Video Add-Ons like Seren, Exodus, cCloud TV, SportsDevil, Release Hub, etc.

This repository houses some popular Kodi Add-ons up to date and lets you stream Movies, Shows, and Sports with these available Add-Ons. Kodi Bae Repo works just fine with Firestick, Windows, Android TV Box, Mac, etc. This repo is maintained by Lazy Kodi, which gives regular updates. It is a Third-Party repository.

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Prerequisite to Install Kodi Bae Repository:

To begin with, “Turn On” is the unknown source to allow third-party applications.

1. Open Kodi on your device and go to the Home Screen of Kodi.

kodi homescreen Diggz Xenon Build on Kodi

2. On the top left corner of the screen, Go to the cog-like “Settings” tab and toggle Unknown sources.

kodi settings Diggz Xenon Build on Kodi

3. Next to the Profiles option, Click “System” and choose “Add Ons.” Now  Turn on the “Unknown Sources” below the Show Notification tab.

kodi system Diggz Xenon Build on Kodi

4. Hover back to the Previous screen of your Kodi; you will find “Add ons” below the Power Savings option.

kodi add ons Diggz Xenon Build on Kodi

5. You will get a pop-up warning window on your screen to access personal data. Click Yes.

kodi warning Diggz Xenon Build on Kodi

How to Download & Install Kodi Bae Repository?

So, the pre-requisition process for the Kodi Bae Repository has been completed. And now, we have to initiate the Download process of the Kodi the Bae Repository. The download process and the step-by-step guide is given in the following portion on this topic.

1. Scroll over to “Settings” on your Kodi Home Screen.

kodi settings Diggz Xenon Build on Kodi

2. Hover over the “Systems” and click “File Manager” next to the event log.

kodi file manager Diggz Xenon Build on Kodi

2. Then click the “Add FileSources” tab, and in that, click none.

kodi add file source Diggz Xenon Build on Kodi

3. Type the address in the Address bar and Name in the Name bar as “Bae” and Click ok.


4. On the Home Screen of your device, Click on the “Package icon” in the top left corner of your screen.

kodi package Diggz Xenon Build on Kodi

5. In the next menu, click “Install from zip file” under the Add-Ons menu.

install from zip file kodi Diggz Xenon Build on Kodi

6. From the pop-up, choose your File “Bae,” the name given.

bae zip

7. From the next pop-up screen options, choose “” Make sure you choose the latest version of the Seren Add-On.

kodibae zip

8. Your “Kodi Bae Repository” add-on will start installing. Wait for some time.

bae installed

9. Again, go to the “Add On” menu and select “Install from Repository” below the Recently Updated tab.

kodi install from repository

10. From the already added repository, choose the required app below all Kodi Add-On Repositories.

kodi bae repo

11. You will see the “Video Add-Ons” option below the Services tab. Select it.

kodi video add ons

12. Now, Go to Video Add-Ons and install your desired Kodi Add-Ons.


That’s it, and you have now successfully installed the chosen third-party streaming service. This installation should work fine. If it does not work properly, Try updating the Build, Add-On, and Kodi.


“Kodi Bae Repository has stopped working, you could try installing other alternatives of this repo on Kodi.”

Is VPN Needed?

It masks your IP Address, and also, VPN on Kodi Bae protects you from a Phishing attack. The purpose of using a VPN in Kodi Bae Repo is to hinder attacks like DOS. Hence using a VPN is a great choice.

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How to Install Add-ons from Kodi Bae Repository?

As mentioned earlier, Kodi Bae Repository is one of the best Repositories due to its solid package of Add-Ons available like Seren, cCloud TV, etc.

Here let us see how to install the cCloud TV Add-On from Kodi Bae Repository.

Let’s get started…

  • Launch Kodi on your device.

kodi homescreen

  • Hover to “Install from Repository” next to Recently updated on the Kodi screen.

kodi install from repository

  • Choose “Kodi Bae Repository” between All repositories and the Kodi Add-On repository.

kodi bae repo

  • On the next screen, click “Video Add-Ons” below the subtitles option.

supremacy repo on kodi video add-ons

  • Click the “cCloud TV” Video Add-On from the list of available Add-ons from the Kodi Bae.

cloud Kodi Bae Repository

  • Give the “Install” option to install the cCloud TV Add-On; the installation will take a minute or two.

cloud install Kodi Bae Repository

  • That’s it; you have successfully installed the cCloud TV Kodi Add-On.

cloud installed Kodi Bae Repository

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Wrapping Up:

Enjoy streaming your favorite shows in High Definition quality, and You have now successfully installed Kodi Bae Repository and Add-Ons from Kodi Bae Repo. Stream your shows with this amazing chosen Repo for a variety of Kodi Add-Ons.

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