How to Fix Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Not Working?

Have you got no home, no control, and no escape? Does it sound like a familiar situation you are dealing with currently? Not with your life but with your laptop keyboard. In case your ‘O’key on the keyboard stops working, you must understand that you are O-Pressing the keyboard really hard. A malfunction in the keyboard can be due to innumerable causes. We have provided you with a guide that contains the causes and troubleshooting ways How to Fix Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Not Working.

How to Fix Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Not Working?

Reasons behind Laptop Keyboard Not Working on Lenovo:

Most of the users the issue where they are unable to use their keyboards on the Lenovo laptops. Some of the keyboard keys do not respond at all, which irritates the users. At the same time, you will be wondering what has caused your keys to stop working, be it mechanical or software issues. While there are so many causes, there are also so many methods to fix them. Usually, there can be any reason behind the malfunctioning of the keyboards; some of the known causes are

  • The keyboard is getting locked.
  • Defect in keyboard wires.
  • Corrupted or outdated keyboard drivers.
  • Intrusion from external keyboards.
  • Dusty and Grubby keys.
  • Flawed hardware.
  • Issues in the operating systems.

Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Laptop Keys Not Working on Lenovo:

It might be really frustrating when the keys don’t work. Sometimes, you will wish to bang it on the walls. But hold on, we have a list of solutions that can help you deal with this. So let’s get started.

Clean the Keyboard :

By any chance, if you have just spilled some maple syrup on your keyboard, then that’s what the keys are upset about.No they don’t want more of it. But want it to get cleaned. 

And in case your cat just sat on the keyboard to play with the mouse? Bah dum tsssh, It would have played slamming your keys.

There may be any physical condition that would have affected the keyboard from working; We can illustrate to you two ways to solve them.

1)Certain keys don’t work:

  1. Try Pressing the left corner of the keys.
  2. Keep hold for a few seconds.
  3. Check if it worked.

2)The entire keyboard doesn’t work:

Understandably, you feel hungry while you work hard. Still, it’s your mouth that needs to be fed, not your keyboard, my cuties, so if you have spilled any stuff like maple, Nutella, or Even watermelon to say (Oh my gosh, my mouth waters) Yeah, if you have eventually spilled the waters either from your eyes or mouth, that has to be cleaned.

The spills are the main reason that makes the keys sticky and causes non-functioning of the same.

  1. Turn off your laptop, and turn it upside down.
  2. You can also use a brush or piece of clean cloth to knock down the dust.
  3. While using alcohol sprays, never forget to air dry them.

Restart the Laptop:

The first thing that you can do is if your laptop keys don’t work. Try to restart your Lenovo laptop. Meanwhile, when you restart your device, it clears out the bugs causing the improper functioning of the laptop. It is as simple as restarting the computer.

  1. Turn off your laptop.
  2. Unplug the power cord of the laptop.
  3. Remove the battery of the laptop.
  4. Hold and press the power button to drain out any remaining excess power in the laptop.
  5. After figuring out that there is no power left in the laptop, Insert back the battery.
  6. Plug in back the power cord.

Use the Keyboard Troubleshooter :

In case restarting doesn’t help you fix the keyboard. Then you should probably move on with try using a keyboard troubleshooter. These troubleshooters are built-in utility tools that help in addressing any sort of minor issues by taking a check on the whole device. It checks the system in search of hardware and software-related problems that would have caused the malfunction in the Keys not working.

Follow the steps given to use the keyboard troubleshooter on your Lenovo laptop.

  1. On your laptop, Right click on the windows icon.
  2. Click on the Settings option.
  3. Lenovo laptop keyboard not workingSelect Update & security.

  4. Choose the troubleshooting option.
  5. Press on the Keyboard, and the troubleshooter will do its work.Lenovo laptop keyboard not working

If the problem with the Keys not working is not yet resolved, then move to the next step to solve the issue.

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Uninstall and Update the Keyboard Drivers:

Ever heard of keyboard drivers? Drivers, in basic terms, are someone who has to have a connection between the steering and the car in order to run smoothly on their way. Likewise, these keyboard drivers are tools that set up the interface between the keyboard and your laptop in order to perform well.

If there is some problem with the keyboard drivers, then your key may stop working. To resolve this, try uninstalling and updating the keyboard drivers.

Uninstall the Keyboard Drivers:

  1. Go to the device manager on the laptop.
  2. Click on the Keyboards.
  3. Search for the driver of the built-in keyboard of your laptop.
  4. Right-click on it and Choose Uninstall device.
  5. Now, reboot the laptop. Let windows reinstall the keyboard driver

If uninstalling doesn’t help, you may need to update the keyboard driver on your laptop, To do the updating.

  1. Navigate to the Lenovo support website through the browser.
  2. Go to PC.
  3. Select the Detect product.
  4. Click on the Drivers &Software option.
  5. Press on Start Scan.
  6. Your laptop will now update the keyboard drivers if they are outdated.

Still, if it doesn’t work, Go to the next step.

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Try to Close and Run Programs:

Too many programs on the system? You may need to close them. As several programs are likely to be causing the malfunctioning of the keyboard. Give it a try on close and run some programs.

Steps to close a program:

  1. On the task manager.
  2. Click on the Processes tab.
  3. Search for CTF loader.
  4. Select and click on the End process.
  5. Now, look for Cortana.
  6. Choose and press End process.
  • Disabling the CTF loader on your laptop will remove any kind of interference with the keyboard and helps in ruling out the Keys not working problem on the Lenovo laptop.
  • Turning off the Cortana on the laptop will also vanish the interference affecting the functionality of the system.

Steps to run the programs:

  1. Open the Task Schedulers on the laptop.
  2. To expand the Task scheduler library menu, click on the arrow next to it.
  3. Now, click on Microsoft>Windows.
  4. Search for Textserviceframework and choose it.
  5. Press the Run button on the right side of the window.

Restore the System:

When nothing works to solve the problem, you can lay your hands on restoring the system. If you have not saved your last points, then you might lose anything that hasn’t been backed up.

To restore your system.

  1. Go to the System Properties.
  2. Click on System protection >System Restores.
  3. Select a date on the restore point (the last date your keyboard was working ).
  4. Press on the Next button and click Finish to confirm.
  5. Now Reboot the laptop.

Other Ways to Solve Lenovo Laptop Keyboard Not Working:

Try using On-screen Keyboard ;

Lenovo laptop keyboard not working

  • On the Login screen, Click on the Ease of access icon (Or)
  •  Go to Settings> Ease of Access>Keyboard.
  • Turn on the toggle of Use on-screen keyboard.

Use a Wireless Keyboard ;

When you think you cannot technically solve the keys not working issue, you should find an alternative to use the keyboard. Using an external keyboard that supports your Lenovo laptop can be preferred. Note that Lenovo supports external keyboards that are Bluetooth or USB wired.

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Update the Windows Os:

Whether you are a current windows user or an older one, if your windows are not up to date, it might bring glitches in the working of the keyboard. Look for the update on your laptop and install it.

  •  Navigate to Start >settings >Update &security >windows update .
  • Check for updates and click install if there is any update.

Disable the Gaming Mode :

As surveyed, it is found that the enabled gaming mode is one of the reasons making the keyboard stop working. Disabling the gaming mode can solve the issue.

  • On the search bar, type gaming mode settings.
  • Choose to open a new game mode window.
  • Turn off the toggle to disable it.

Reset the Laptop:

At last, when nothing seems to work, resetting the laptop must be a final choice.

  • On your system settings, go to Reset this PC.
  • Click on get started>keep my files.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset.

Final words:

If typing using the keyboard is your type of music, then you might be really worried when your Lenovo laptop keyboard stops working. Fixing the issues of your keyboard not working because it is tired (yeah, tired, it has 2shifts, bro. it may have not gotten enough sleep). I know, Bad joke. Whatever the reason must be, this troubleshooting guide will definitely help you to get through any issues, and You can access the astronaut’s favorite place -Space.

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