List of Good TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

Netflix is the best and most popular streaming platform, and it has a worldwide streaming service to watch new movies, TV shows, and originals. You can get more TV shows to watch during your boring time because Netflix has released more interesting and exciting TV shows to watch on your compatible device. There are plenty of good TV shows to watch on your Netflix on your smartphone, smart TVs, streaming devices and many more. Here we will enlist some good TV shows to watch on Netflix

Good TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

About Netflix:

Netflix is an excellent streaming service among all services, and you can watch many popular TV series and movies. This platform is an OTT service, and you can get all new movies to stream on your compatible devices. Most of all, every smart TV has a Netflix app as a pre-installed app. So you can get it instantly on your smart TV app store to stream on the big screen with great features.

What are the Good TV Shows available to stream on Netflix?

This guide will let you know the best TV shows available to stream on the Netflix service on your own devices. Some top TV shows watched on Netflix if enlisted here.

Baby-Sitters Club

Everyone has a tween girl drama from ourselves who want to be a charming show of young adolescents who are trying to start a babysitting job. This series is about a genuinely safe place in the world to calm down, which you want. In addition, season 2 has more people from the club. At least the care to flesh out the characters is still here.

Stranger Things

It is a big show that airs on the Netflix platform and is currently airing on your TV. So you can head to your local Hot Topic or ask your local tween for its lyrics like Runnin’ Up That Hill. Now season 4 is out, and you can watch all the episodes, divided into two lengthy parts.

Also, it sets streaming records and adds a new villain, new locations as well as new characters if you are looking to hang out with your old friends such as Steve.


This series is a United States supernatural drama, and it was created by Jeff Rake. It is about when the plane mysteriously lands after a year when it takes off. The people are all returning to a new world which has been moved without knowing them. There they have to experience many strange realities.

Certainly, this drama has three seasons, and the first season was released in 2018. After the exciting episodes, they now released their third season in 2021 with more excitement and shocking experience they have been facing.

Money heist: Korea (Joint Economic Area)

This series is a big hit worldwide, and it is official streamed on the Netflix platform. However, it explains the most complex character and has been remade in Korean as a mega-hit Spanish series. This series starts are Squid games, Park Hae Soo, as a Berlin.

Moreover, this shows a nominal viewpoint character plays on Tokyo. The area kept the unique Korean spin with the Money Heist premise. This show brings an alternative reality to North and South Korea’s open economic relations. This series explains about evitable makes the rich peoples get richer whereas the poor goes into poverty. So the crack team is led by a mastermind criminal and also a professor who took over the heist using the political agenda.

All of us are dead

It is a popular Korean zombie show about Korean high school TV shows. This show reveals the outbreak of the zombie virus in high school students. However, this series makes a great hit in South Korea and worldwide. It is a thriller series and this series about high school students who become flesh-eating monsters and fight against themselves.

The Umbrella Academy

This series has released 3 seasons moreover, and it is about The Umbrella Academy that left off the main cliffhanger. The gang who time travelled in their 60s with an alternate version of 2019. Hargreeves has trained seven various superpower babies who changed into a sparrow Academy.

Moreover, The story is about the Umbrella that deals with an apocalyptic event which has potentially suffered in the timeline jumping.

Peaky Blinders

This is also one of the best hit series on the Netflix platform and the first season came out when the House of Cards was released in the same time period. Now they released the sixth and last season from the Netflix app or BBC  collaboration which is streaming at this time.

In interwar Birmingham is the rise of the top criminal underworld. In this drama, they explained of stylish crime drama which is starring an antihero like Tommy Shelby. His relative is a titular gang leader for the consistent. The cool thing about it is the glamorous, supporting performance and anachronistic PJ Harvey-heavy soundtrack. The entertaining big stars such as Tom Hardy as well as Anya Taylor Joyfor the supporting role.


If you like The West Wing, then you will also like the Danish political thriller drama. The prime minister of Denmark follows the centrist political Birgitte Nyborg Christensen. This drama will be most considered one of the international shows from the best drama on Peak TV.

They had updated their fourth season on Netflix Original when the third season was released nine years before. It mainly priors to geopolitical issues in Greenland and is the best entertainment to watch.

Squid Game

This series is about childhood games that have ever played in the past for good entertainment. Yes, this drama is similar to that childhood Korean drama about games. A group of people with bad requirements for money is taken to a secret organization. They play games such as Greenlight and Red light to get the money. There you will lose and die if they watch you. This game is similar to Saw, which is the given characters with the humanity of peoples who cares only about some of the people and die.

First Kill

It is a great teen web series to watch together with your friends. However, this TV series is about old Romeo and Juliet. But we can here say Calliope and Juliet because this series has monster hunters and vampires. This explains that vampires are still present, and it has more twists as well as a more thrilling experience.

All f them are destined to meet to be enemies and end up falling in love. This will worsen the situation, and the chemistry between the two people makes an excellent performance, giving the home sexual love story to the viewers.

Love is Blind

In this drama, they explained the reality of the dating experience, which was the biggest and most popular show in the United States when the pandemic began. The premise now is the same as in the past, and it is about a bunch of people who are isolated in a house. There they meet their romantic partners and will get to know each other when they speak for over an hour.

But they can’t be able to see each other, and some of them are engaged and made to work from the outside of pods. This is a fascinating social experiment series full of surprises and wild characters. Also, it prepares for its big day and leaves a batch of episodes for specific weeks. Every episode is a different part of its process.

Emily in Paris

This series is about who haunts the dreams of Parisians. It is the street of pairs such as colourfully dressed cryptids from the streets. Now Season 1 is over and airing new episodes with the title of American in Paris, who is herself into a love triangle when she sleeps with Gabriel.

Wrapping Up:

Netflix is a popular OTT platform in the United States, and you can find the best and most good entertainment TV shows and series on this platform. It is primarily available on all the devices like smart TVs, Android and iOS devices, streaming devices like Firestick, Apple TV and more. You will get an original to watch when you have subscribed. In this platform, we have explained some good series and dramas which is best for entertainment.

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