How to Watch MeTV on DirecTV in 2022? [Alternatives]

MeTV is an American Composition of Notable Entertainment Television streaming service. I was available on many Television channels providing sites. Today I have to go to teach you How to Watch MeTV on DirecTV? Please read the entire article to learn the methods and the instructions I have given in this article.

The DirecTV television channel provider was a subscription-based platform. You have to obtain the Subscription plans given on this streaming platform. First, you have to check the availability of the MeTV channel on the DirecTV streaming platform. Check it out in the following topic.

Is MeTV available on DirecTV?


MeTV was a popular entertainment streaming service, and it was available on many streaming platforms. Also, it was available and included in the DirecTV subscription package.

Unfortunately, the MeTV television channel was not available in all locations. It was available selectively at your location. Definitely, it was available at the Chicago location and some more locations. So, I will be given the channel number for the following topic.

Check out the following topics to get the MeTV television channel on your DirecTV streaming site. Also, I have given you an alternative method to watch the MeTV on your streaming device.

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How to Watch MeTV on DirecTV?

As I was told in the above section, the MeTV streaming television channel was currently unavailable in many locations. I have told some locations, which have been officially announced by the MeTV television channel corporation.

It is easy to watch the MeTV channel on the DirecTV provider at the Chicago location. Buy the DirecTV television channel provider at your home, and you have to subscribe to the package along with the MeTV television channel.

[ Note: If you need a MeTV on DirecTV, you have to contact your Television Channel provider community and ask for the availability and the subscription to watch on your streaming device.]

What Channel is MeTV on DirecTV?

I have given the Channel Numbers that the MeTV television channel was available in the locations. You can check out the table column I have given on this topic.

Channel Name Channel Number Provider
MeTV 23 DirecTV
MeTV 23/ 136/ 1136 AT&T TV
MeTV 190 Spectrum
MeTV 616 RCN
MeTV 23 Dish
MeTV 198 Wow
MeTV 110 Mediacom

Check the list and choose your television provider name in this list and know the channel number of the MeTV on DirecTV television channel provider.

How much Does DirecTV Cost?

I have already surrendered that the DirecTV television provider was a paid service. You have to pay for the subscription plans given on the DirecTV network.

You can check the cost of the subscription packages on the DirecTV streaming site in the following space. I have provided it in an image format.


The image will explain to you the complete details of the DirecTV subscription. These four are the ultimate subscription packages of the DirecTV television channel provider. Also, I have given the alternative method to watch the MeTV on DirecTV. 

Alternative to Watch MeTV on DirecTV:

If you can not have permission to get the MeTV most entertainment television channel on your DirecTV provider, you have to think of an alternative method to stream it on your Streaming device. You can also watch MeTV on:

  • Hulu Plus Live Television service
  • AT&T TV
  • Spectrum
  • RCN
  • Dish
  • Wow
  • Mediacom
  • Frndly TV
  • Local BTV App
  • Android Smartphone
  • iOS Smartphone
  • Android TVs
  • Apple TV external streaming device

Not only the listed streaming platforms, but also you can watch the MeTV television channel on your streaming device using alternatives. You can see the alternatives in the Streaming services and on the Television channel provider.

What Special on DirecTV?

Most of the people will choose the DirecTV streaming site, and it is most famous in worldwide. The reason for its good position gets given below. Please read the list I have given below and know what is unique on the DirecTV platform. They are:

  • Video Quality > You can watch all the channels and the content on the DirecTV streams in high definitional quality.
  • On-Demand > It will allow you to watch the On-Demand content in the DirecTV streaming network on the channels.
  • DVR > It gives us extensive storage and the unlimited DVR facility to watch the content on your streaming device.
  • Live TV > The DirecTV streaming site will allow you to watch the Live Television content on your streaming device.
  • Premium Channels > The Premium Channels like OTT television services and more, which stream the on-demand and popular videos, and content on their channel.
  • TV Channels > It has a wide variety of the television channels on its subscription package. You can choose your favourite channels.
  • Favourites > You can separate the Television Channels which you most liked and add them to the favourite list on your DirecTV subscription package. 

These are all the features and the highlights given on the DirecTV streaming site I have listed on this topic.

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Our Final Notes:

You can watch the MeTV on DirecTV streaming platform. If the MeTV television channel is unavailable in your location, you can choose alternatives. I have given some alternative methods to watch the MeTV streaming service on your streaming device. You can see the external streaming services name, television provider name, and the Dish Antennas name in the above topics.

And each streaming platform which contains the MeTV, as I have listed in the above topic, will contain the subscription package. You have to subscribe with the packages and the premium on the respective streaming services or any other platforms. You can ask about the way to watch or any other doubts about the MeTV on DirecTV streaming platform in the comment section. Tap the box and type what you want to ask with me in the comment section. I will answer you as quickly as possible.

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