How to Install MRZ IPTV on FireStick

In this guide, you are going to see a step-by-step guide on How to Download and Install MRZ IPTV on Firestick. If you want to Firestick, here’s a Short Intro. Firestick is an Online Streaming Device that offers your favourite dramas and TV on a bigger screen without relying on cable connections. It’s the best IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) used for streaming Live TV.

What is MRZ IPTV?

In today’s scenario, smartphone usage is growing at a fast pace. It is possible to watch any channel free of cost. But the feeling of watching your favourite shows and movies on the Big Screen is something different, that’s where MRZ IPTV comes to your rescue.

MRZ IPTV is an APK that offers lots of On-Demand TV Shows and Live TV. MRZ IPTV offers you 10000 channels from all over the world in 1080p high resolution and buffer-free. It is a collection of many free IPTV Links that are from the web.

mrz Iptv-min

MRZ IPTV is a free Online Streaming Device that is preferred mostly on smartphones but it can be streamed in Firestick, Android OS, Windows, Kodi, and so on. The best thing about this app is that you need not add or upload M3U (M3U or M3U8 or MP3 URL is a computer file format is a single entry playlist for streaming on the internet).

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Now let’s begin the process…

Features of MRZ IPTV

The most important features are

1. Links for multiple Channels.

2. Absolutely Free of cost with no hidden charge.

3. Supports External Players.

4. Supports Subtitles from the web.

Why VPN Is Needed for MRZ IPTV?

You should be cautious to mask your online identity and IP address to protect you from online attacks while Streaming MRZ IPTV using a VPN. Although there are many Live TV APK available that offers TV shows and Live TV many of them are not available in the Amazon App Store. MRZ IPTV  is also not available in the App Store. In this tutorial, we are going to see how to Sideload the “MRZ IPTV” app.

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Prerequisite to Install MRZ IPTV:

1. Go to “Settings” Of your FireStick.

settings on firestick

2. Next to the preferences, now click on “My Fire TV”.

my fire tv firestick

3. Now, click on “Developer Options” above Legal&Complaince.

developer optionss firestick

4. Make sure that you have turned on “ADB Debugging” next to Apps from Unknown Sources.

ADB Debugging firestick

5. Select “Apps from Unknown Sources”.

apps from unknown sources firestick

6. Give “Turn on”.

apps from unknown sources firestick

Installation of Downloader App:

1. Type “Downloader” on the screen.

downloader search2 firestick

2. Click “open” when you see the Downloader App.

downloader open

3. Give permission to the downloader app to “access media and files” on your device.


4. A pop up will appear as “Quick Start Guide”. Click ok.

Downloader installed

Installation of MRZ IPTV through Downloader:

1. Choose the “home” on the left side of the app to download the MRZ IPTV App.

downloader without

2. Type the source URL of MRZ IPTV and the onscreen keypad, by right-clicking the URL field.

type url spectrum app on firestick

3. There are different versions of MRZ IPTV APK available on different websites. Input the “MRZ IPTV” URL to download and click ok.

live tv firestick downloader

4. The MRZ IPTV APK will start downloading in a while.

Pop tv download for firestick

5. When the APK is downloaded, Firestick will start Installing the “MRZ IPTV” app in a go.

TITANIUM TV installing

6. Once the installation is complete, you will see a pop-up showing the MRZ IPTV app is installed.

titanium tv installed

7. The MRZ IPTV APK is no longer needed, and you can now delete the “MRZ IPTV” APK. Click “Delete”.

delete apk

That’s it, It’s ready to work. If it is not playing the videos then Update the app and try installing it. It’s best to always use the latest and stable version of Downloader and MRZ IPTV on Firestick.

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Install MRZ IPTV using the ES File Explorer?

1. On the top, you can see the “ES Explorer” app icon. Click on it to Install MRZ IPTV.


2. Expand the “Tools” option on the left and click on the downloader Manager for MRZ IPTV App.

ES tools

3. Now, click on the “NEW” tab to install the MRZ IPTV App.

es new

4. You can download the MRZ IPTV app by entering the URL and Name in the “Path” and “Name” tabs.

es explorer url path and name

5. However, you can see that the MRZ IPTV App will start downloading.

6. Click “Open File” for Installing the MRZ IPTV.

es titanium open

7. Install MRZ IPTV by clicking on the “Install” icon.

8. Wait for the MRZ IPTV installation to complete which will take a minute or two.TITANIUM TV installing

9. In conclusion, click on the “Open” button to launch the MRZ IPTV App.titanium tv installed

Now the installation is complete.  If this method gives you a systematic error or bugs try Updating the app and installing it. It will work fine.


 “As the app is free and does not have parental control it’s Quite unsafe for children. Other than that it offers a lot of educational content for kids.”


You have now successfully installed the “MRZ IPTV” on your Firestick. The above-mentioned MRZ IPTV installation methods are the simplest ones and the most reliable methods. With MRZ IPTV, you can now enjoy unlimited on-demand streaming services on any device hassle-free without any subscription fee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1)How do I install MRZ IPTV on MY Amazon Firestick?

You can install MRZ IPTV on FireStick using the Downloader app Or ES File Explorer.

2) What is the best IPTV player for FireStick?

There are many IPTV apps available. Few of them are

  • Sapphire TV
  • Redbox TV
  • Titanium TV
  • Direct TV and so on.

3) Can you watch IPTV on FireStick?

You can watch a Bundle of IPTV on the firestick. Firestick is a 4K Streaming device that allows you to see Live TV,  Movies, Shows, and many more.

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