How to Install and Watch NBA TV on Xbox?

We are all playing basketball in the required stadium. Basketball ball is a team game, and it is more energetic to play and watch. To stream it, we used streaming services. We get you the streaming service NBA TV on Xbox.

How to Install and Watch NBA TV on Xbox

This article will explain How to Install and Watch NBA TV on Roku? The essential topics in this article are:

  • What is NBA TV on Xbox?
  • How to Watch NBA TV on Xbox?

We mentioned the streaming instructions in the following space in this article.

What is NBA TV?

National Basketball Association founded and took care of the NBA TV service. It was a Basketball match telecasted TV channel. You can watch live games on the NBA TV site. You have to use NBA League Pass to watch NBA TV live and on-demand videos on NBA.


NBA League pass has many varieties of subscriptions and obtaining the matches lives and credits on NBA. Get more details about NBA below topics.

What is NBA TV on Xbox?

Luckily, the NBA League Pass and NBA TV were natively available on Xbox. You can get this NBA TV service from the Xbox Microsoft App Store. We have given the steps and streaming instructions about NBA TV on Xbox in the following topics.

How to Install and Watch NBA TV on Xbox?

Let us start installing the NBA TV on your Xbox gaming console. We have a direct method to install it on our Xbox device. The steps are:

👉Step 1: ( Xbox Console )

First, insert your Xbox gaming console with your Smart TV HDMI port.

👉Step 2: ( Internet connection )

Please turn on your Wi-Fi router and connect it with your Xbox and Smart TV.

👉Step 3: ( Store )

Click the “X” button on your Xbox controller and move forward to the App Store section.

Xbox Store

👉Step 4: ( Search )

Type as NBA” in the given search field on your Xbox App Store page.

👉Step 5: ( Install )

Pick the required NBA app from the search result and tap the Install key.

So, wait until the NBA app gets installed on your Xbox device. After installing it on your Xbox device, you have to log in with the NBA user account.

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How to Sign Up with NBA TV?

To log in, you have to Sign Up with the NBA service. Refer to the below topic to get the Sign-Up procedure. Here are the steps we have given below to create a user account on NBA TV.

👉Step 1: ( Streaming device )

You need a handheld streaming service or a Desktop PC with an internet connection to sign up with the NBA TV service.

👉Step 2: ( Web Browser )

Open the Web Browser on your streaming device to go for the NBA service.

👉Step 3: ( Search )

Type and search for NBA Official Site on your device in the URL field.

👉Step 4: ( Open )

Select the official site from the search lineup.

👉Step 5: ( Sign In )

After revealing the NBA service, you want to click the Sign In option.

Sign In option on NBA

👉Step 6: ( Sign in to NBA Account )

Now, tap the first option from the list.

Sign into NBA Account

👉Step 7: ( Click the Sign-Up option )

Choose the Sign Up option on the top side of the window.

Sign Up key on NBA

👉Step 8: ( Enter details )

Fill the listed boxes with your details like email address, name, and Date of Birth.

Sign Up into NBA

👉Step 9: ( Create Account and Continue )

After entering your details in the respective box, tap the blue button to create a new account on NBA. Before that, you have to enable the two conditions we were mentioned in the image.

Sign In with NBA TV:

👉Step 1: ( Open NBA app )

After creating an account on the NBA service, open the installed application.

👉Step 2: ( Enter credentials )

Enter your registered mail address and password in the respective box.

👉Step 3: ( Sign In)

Click on the SIgn IN key to enter the NBA service and start watching the Basketball matches live.

If you are using your handheld streaming device to watch the Basketball game, open the web browser and start following the steps to Sign In and protect the matches online using NBA League Pass.

👉Step 4: ( Official Site )

Open the Official site of NBA TV from the search result on your web browser.

👉Step 5: ( Sign In )

Tap the Sign In option on the home screen of the NBA site.

Sign In option on NBA

👉Step 6: ( Sign in to NBA Account )

Click on the Sign in to NBA Account option from the drop-down window.

Sign into NBA Account

👉Step 7: ( Sign In )

Enter the required details in the given fields and click the Sign In option.

Sign In with NBA

Start watching your required matches and content on the NBA service.

What are the Features of NBA TV?

We have listed the benefits and highlights of NBA TV in the following space.

  • Connect With > You can get this NBA service on your PC, Android, iOS, Tablets, and Laptop.
  • Stream > It may allow us to watch the Live Streams on the NBA screen.
  • In-Stream Stats and Graphics > In the availability of League Pass, you can see the scores while watching the matches online.

Live Stream Stats

  • NBT TV Live > Also, you can watch the NBT TV live 24 × seven rotational times.

NBT Live

  • Access Condensed Replays > The NBA service allows you to watch the best moment of the live matches that you missed to watch on live.

Access Condensed Replays

These are all the highlights and features in the above space. Now we have to move on to the Subscription Cost of the NBA TV.

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How much does NBA TV cost?

NBA TV has a wide variety of subscription packages. We will mention them one by one.

NBA Annual Subscription Package 👇

You can get this subscription plan at the official site of the NBA service. We have uploaded an image in the below space.

NBA Annual Subscription Package

The image itself mentioned the features you have claimed by getting this subscription yearly NBA subscription package.

NBA Monthly Subscription Package 👇

Also, the NBA service has a monthly subscription package. We have also mentioned this subscription image below.

NBA League Pass Monthly Subscription

You can refer to the features included in this Monthly subscription package of NBA League Pass.

NBA Day Pass 👇

The NBA League Pass has given us the Day subscription pass to watch the live Basketball matches on your streaming device. Look at the image to get an idea about it.

Day Pass NBA League Pass

NBA Team Pass👇

This NBA Team Pass is given for the users to watch all matches of their favourite team. You can stream live games and other content about the particular basketball team.

NBA 8-Game Choice👇

You can watch only eight basketball matches by getting this subscription package.

NBA 3-Game Choice👇

By getting this subscription, you may only watch a total of 3 Basketball matches on your streaming device.

NBA Single Game👇

This subscription allows you to watch only one Basketball Match on your Xbox device and any other available streaming service.

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Our End Note:

We have mentioned all details that we have to know about the NBA TV on the Xbox gaming console. I have provided all the details about the NBA TV and NBA League Pass in this article. Get used to the instructions we have written in the above space.

You can use the NBA League Pass on the NBA TV service. And it allows you to install the NBA service on your Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Laptop, and Desktop PC. You can also send us your suggestion about the NBA TV service in the subscription package.

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