How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Vizio Smart TV?

Suppose you are experiencing any issues with streaming the Netflix app on your Vizio smart TV. Then we will let you know How to Fix Netflix not working on Vizio smart TV? Please read the entire article to get a lot of information about it and the troubleshooting tips.

Netflix is a popular streaming service, and it is a United States paid service. This is also a production company. It launched in 1997 August. However, they let you stream more exclusive movies and TV series libraries via its distribution deals and own production called Netflix Originals. In 2022, Netflix crossed over 221.6 million users over the world.

Although it is the first streaming industry which started to stream online and got licensed content from other distributors, afterthat, they began to fund their own original programs in 2013. The first Netflix Originals was House of Cards, breaking new ground for streaming-only media.

How to Fix Netflix Not Working on Vizio Smart TV?

Why is Netflix not working on Vizio smart TV?

There are many more reasons to get stuck with the Netflix app on your Vizio TV screen, so you can try out the below methods to fix the issue on your TV. Then you can stream Netflix on your Vizio smart TV without any issues by doing the below troubleshooting.

#Tip 1: Restart Vizio Smart TV


First, you need to switch off your Vizio smart TV.


Then unplug the cable from the power socket for a few seconds.


Afterthat, plug it into a power socket and turn on the Vizio smart TV.


Now the Vizio smart TV will be restarted, and then you should use the Netflix app on your TV without any trouble.

#Tip 2: Update Netflix on Vizio smart TV

If you cannot stream when you restart your Vizio smart TV, then try this method to solve the issue by updating the Netflix app on your TV if you are not updated from an older version.


First, you need to turn on your Vizio smart TV and then hit the button using your TV Remote.


Further, choose the My Apps tile from the screen and search for the Netflix app using a search field.


Pick the right app from the search result and then hit the yellow button using your TV remote.


Now tap the update option from the menu and update your Netflix app on your Vizio smart TV.


That’s it. Now your app will be updated on your TV.

#Tip 3: Re-Install Netflix


Turn on the Vizio Smart TV and then go to the Vizio TV app store.


Pick the My Apps tile and then find the Netflix app from the search field.


Now choose the Netflix app and then tap to uninstall the app from your smart TV.


Now go to the Vizio TV app store and then search for Netflix app on the search field.


Next, tap to download and install the Netflix app from your Vizio smart TV.


Launch the app and proceed to sign in using Netflix account credentials.


Now you will be able to stream Netflix content on your Vizio smart TV without any issues.

#Tip 4: Reset Vizio smart TV

Using the Menu:


first, you should need to click the menu button on your Vizio smart TV remote.


Then select the system option from the menu.


Tap on the reset and Admin option under the System.

reset and Admin from vizio

👉STEP  4

Now choose the Reset TV to Factory Defaults option.


👉STEP  5

Now enter the Passcode as 0000 and then tap Reset to reset your TV.


Further, start your Vizio smart TV and open the Netflix app on your TV

👉STEP  7

You can now able to stream Netflix content on your Vizio smart TV.

Using without the Menu:


Long press the input and volume down keys from your Vizio smart TV using your TV buttons.


Wait for a few seconds, and then a pop-up will appear on the upper screen with the instructions to hit and hold the input keys.


Now press the input key, and then the TV will perform the reset to factory defaults.

#Tip 5: Clear Cache and Data

From your Vizio smart TV, downloading apps will store cache and cookies on your TV. It is called temporary data, and it will occupy a lot of space on your TV. Also, it may cause buffering problems on your Netflix app. So you need to clear your cache and data on your app by following the steps given here.


Move to the Settings section from your Vizio smart TV.


Afterthat choose the System Apps option from the settings.


Now it will display the installed apps on your Vizio TV screen.


Then pick your Netflix app and then click on the More icon.


Next, pick the Clear cache option and then make sure to click the OK button.


At last, all the cache and cookies will be removed from your Netflix app.

#Tip 6: Check the Internet connectivity

You can try streaming material from any other websites like Youtube and many more. Sometimes poor network connectivity can cause the interpreted on while streaming Netflix content. You can check on the service to play whether your network usually operates or not by visiting to check your internet speed on your TV.

Suppose you are having trouble streaming Netflix content on your Vizio smart TV. You can choose the network option manually by clicking the menu icon from your Vizio TV remote.

Then choose the option to test the connectivity or network. If your network is not working properly, try to relocate your router or modem behind your Vizio smart TV for the speed and standard connection.

In case it doesn’t work, you can use ethernet connectivity to improve internet speed. If it also doesn’t work, you should contact your internet provider for help.

Also, check the Netflix if it is down when unavailable, but you have an issue with streaming from your Vizio smart TV. Then you should visit the Netflix Twitter page to view if any other people are having an issue with Netflix streaming. You can also talk about your issue on the Netflix Twitter page to resolve your issue.

#Tip 7: Hard reset on Vizio smart TV

If any of the tips do not resolve your issue, try to HArd Reset your Vizio smart TV to fix the Netflix content not working on your TV. If you reset your TV, every setting will be reset to factory defaults.

Wrapping Up:

Finally, we came to the end of the article. We gave a lot of info about Vizio TV. Why not work on Netflix and other issues caused while streaming your Netflix content. There are many more ways to clear your issues while streaming Netflix. If you have any issues, you should try out our tips. Still, if you are facing trouble while watching Netflix on your Vizio smart TV, then mention them using your comment box below.


1. How to reset Netflix from my Vizio TV?

You should clear the cache from your Netflix app, and cookies will reset the app on your Vizio TV.

2. Why does Netflix stopped working on my smart TV?

The reason is that poor internet or the app needs an update, so you should update the Netflix app on your Vizio smart TV by following the above article.

3. Why does Netflix stuck on the loading screen?

Suppose Netflix is stuck on the loading screen from your smartphone or smart TV when you force stop it. Then you should restart your device. Restarting your device will clear all the unwanted data.

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