Netu TV | Features and Video Download Procedrue. [2022]

Today I have taken the topic What is Netu TV? It was a streaming service like a YouTube streaming service. I have given precise details of the Netu Television streaming service and its works in this article. Check it out and read the entire topics I have given and get an idea about this Netu television.

Also, this article helps you to know whether this Netu television service was spam or not. You can upload the video and share it with others. Also, you may share the link also in the Netu television service. Read the paragraphs and learn what you need about the Netu Television service.

What is Netu TV?

Netu Television streaming service was an online content streaming platform. You can host the video on this platform. Upload the movies or their link on the Netu Television service and host from your side. You can easily upload the videos to any kind of content, like Adult or non-Adult.

If you have uploaded the videos like movies, series, documentaries, or any other videos in, this Netu Television service gets famous. The same as YouTube, Instagram, and much like others. And the Netu TV offers many features and benefits to its users for uploading games on its site.

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Is Netu a Spam Streaming service?

The Netu television streaming service was not a Spam content streaming service. People who do not have an idea about the third-party streaming app will think and be told that the Netu Television content streaming service is a Spam network.

But the reality is it was not Spam, and it worked very legally and downloaded the videos in front of the software. So, you can download or stream the Movies, Shows, or independently uploaded videos on the Netu Television service in HD print and in an open field.

It had two kinds of categories on its platform. One is for adults, and the other is for non-adult. People who are all crossed above 18 years can watch all kinds of uploaded videos and movies on the Netu television streaming service.

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How to Download Videos on Netu TV?

Suppose you want to download the Netu Television streaming service’s uploaded video to your streaming device’s internal space. You can get the ideas here. These are all the steps:


Start up by Turning on your streaming device which you used to download and stream the Netu Television content.


Then, you have to open the web browser app on your streaming device. You have an in-built internet browser app and open it on your device screen.


Click the URL field and search as ” ANT.COM ” in the given search space on your web browser page.  Then pick the official site of the ANT.


After digging out the ANT official page of the ANT platform, you can see the video downloader option on the home page of the source screen.

There, you have to search for the Netu TV Downloader in the given search field.


The list has provided by the ANT network, and you have to pick the trusted network and highlight it on the screen. Next, you need to click on the Download button to get the app on your streaming device.


Suppose you need to open this and access this network on your convenient website, like Firefox, Opera, UC Browser, and more like this. You can go to the web browser and open the website.

Download Videos on Nethu TV:


Tap the search field on your web browser page and find for the in the given source.

After you have opened the website, play the videos that are uploaded on the Netu Television service.


And you have to tap on the Download link on the video streaming page. You do not make an effort to find the download option.

The downlaod link will automatically blink on the screen and pop up to show the icon. Tap the icon after the video is playing on the screen.


After tapping on the download icon, first, the software will download on your device. Then, the video was automatically downloaded on your streaming device with the help of the software that was downloaded on your device.

That’s all; this is the procedure to download the Netu TV uploaded video on your streaming device. Also, you can have a chance to upload and host the movies and shows on your streaming device on the Nethu Television site.

What are the Features of Netu TV?

It had many benefits and advantages for the users of the Netu television service. If you want to know what are all the benefits have given on the Netu television service, check it out the below list I have given on this topic. They are:

  • High-Definition > You can watch and download the videos has uploaded in the Netu Television service in the high-quality range.
  • More Than > There are no more than 8096 MB range videos on the Netu Television streaming service.
  • Minutes > It will allow you to upload or stream the videos for up to 500 minutes on the Netu Television service.
  • Formats > You can see the wide variety of the formats of the videos in the Netu Television streaming service/.
  • MP4 > Netu Television service will offer the formats like MP4, h264, ( 720, 1500 kb/s) and ACC ( 44 200 HZ / 128 kbps )
  • Remote Upload > You can have a permit to upload the URL of the video to the Netu Television service’s official website.
  • Multiple Files > Not a single video or the content, but also you can upload the multiple videos and content in the Netu television service. 
  • FTP Upload >  You can also have a chance to upload the FTP file format on the Netu Television content streaming service.

I have given the features and the benefits that I will gather and know about the Netu Television service and provided in this topic. I hope the features and the benefits given in this video hosting platform impress you.

So, download the Netu TV streaming service on your streaming device using the instructions and the procedure I have given in the above topics in this article.


People love to watch the content on the Netu Television streaming service. They will love to watch the content because of the genre that has been given on the Netu Streaming service. Also, people love to install and stream content on this Netu television streaming service for video quality.

People will love to watch the content of high quality. Also, the people were admired for only downloading the videos. It was not a spam platform.

Our Final Notes:

Netu TV was an online video-hosting streaming service. It will allow you to watch all kinds of genre videos on its streaming platform. You can also have permission to download the Netu television content on your streaming device using the video downloader app.

Get the app from the website I have given on the above topic. If you require additional details about this content, you have to enter the queries in the comment section. I will reply to the queries as fast as possible.

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