How to Watch NFL on Android Phone?

The National Football League is one of the most popular and then professional American football leagues. It consists the 32 teams, and it divides between the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. NFL games mainly divide into 15-minute quarters and a 12-minute break at halftime. Furthermore, it also takes a 2-minute break at the end of your first and then the third quarter comes with the team changing ends of that field. It comes after every 15 minutes of the play. In this article, we are going to talk about how to watch NFL NFL on Android Phone?

NFL games have more popularity in the United States, and it means that you want to enjoy your favorite team with your phones. Furthermore, you may access any of the games from the AISLE. When you became the new Dad, sports consumption was present on your iPhone. When you live in the same market and favorite team, then the NFL is one of the best options for enjoying the NFL games on your mobile. Furthermore, the NFL used the newfound mobile rights to make the NFL+ with another streaming platform. It allows football fans to enjoy the local and then primetime games at a low price.

Stream NFL+ with NFL App on Android Phone


The NFL app is presented for iOS and then Android users. When you download the app, then you see the + symbol at the bottom of mobile navigation. Then open the section of your app and then sign up for NFL+. Most of the content is now presented NFL+, and it presents the free NFL app. The NFL charges a monthly fee, and then you stream games on your mobile. Most of the new charges are unfortunate, and they represent the majority of savings over live TV streaming services.

With the help of the NFL+, you can watch the following things. These are listed below:

  • Enjoys Out-of-market preseason games
  • Live audio with every time
  • Game Replays
  • Watch Live local Regular season games with a mobile phone

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Watch with Paramount+

paramount plus ps5

Most of the AFC fans had more aware of Paramount Plus with live TV and other streaming option presented for NFL action. It consumes $4.99 for a month; it was the essential plan. The cord-cutters mainly had more access to all types of NFL action on CBS. It includes some playoff games and other Super Bowls; it had the CBS rights. In addition to this, the Paramount Plus mobile app is presented on iOS and then Andriod. Then you enjoy the NFL games on your phone.

YouTube TV

youtube tv

Most of the offers give free trials on a regular basis, and it also involves with YouTube TV subscription. It mainly costs at least $64.99, and it is also available without add-ons, such as the 4K package. When you present in the comprehensive market streaming service, then you need to choose YouTube TV.

It also tested with every live TV streaming service to enjoy sports, and it had 100% certainty with youtube TV. Furthermore, it is tested with every type of live-streaming service to enjoy sports. This app mainly supports Andriod operating systems, iOS, and another development team to create innovative features. All kinds of streaming reviews have the best features, You have seen States View and Key Plays on your YouTube TV.

NFL Game Pass – Watch NFL Games

NFL Game Pass

The NFL Game Pass is excellent, with a wide range of features with proper subscription fees. When you watch all types of live games with the regular season plus playoffs with Super Bowl. Talking about the subscription, you had grant access to similar NFL networks. And you see every type of touchdown from all games.

On Sundays, they give the NFL Redzone, and your need to watch NFL live 24/7 from the NFL network. You quickly get the archived games and other shows with the NFL archive.

This app had more features with condensed games, which means you need to see the entire NFL game in approximately 30 mins. But you require to pay for each subscription and it really worth buying. A more comprehensive range of great content is available in this app.

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Using ESPN App to Watch NFL on Android Phone


The ESPN app does not allow NFL games, and it has lots of exciting content. When you subscribe to ESPN podcasts, and then you enjoy the live ESPN radio. Furthermore, it mainly lets you keep track of your favorite team states and get all types of news and other highlights. Moreover, ESPN mainly allows the enjoyment of various types of sports in more accessible ways. This app has more occasional advertisements. When you use ESPN+ then, you need to use the premium features. It costs $4.99 per month and $49.99 per annum.

Yahoo Sports App – To Stream NFL on Android Phone

Yahoo Sport is one of the great apps to enjoy the NFL season in more accessible ways. When you create the free account, then you also need to choose your favorite team and the content interested in that process. Personalize the news feed and this way, you get into some information. Still, you stream any live local games, scores, or highlights. It gives an intuitive interface, and it is also pretty easy to use.

Final Words!

Coming to an end, here we discuss the six easier ways to stream the NFL games on the phone. Use the above passage without skipping any lines then you easily stream NFL games. NFL games are one of the favorite games for every game lover, now available on your mobile phone. If you have any queries about the above passage, then comment below. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you watch games on the NFL app for free?

Now the NFL streaming option is replaced with a new streaming service called NFL+. It costs $4.99 for a month, and you are also able to enjoy the regular season, and other play-off games present on your local market with your mobile phone and tablet.

2. How to watch NFL games on your phone?

ESPN is giving the exclusive home to Steam NFL Monday Night Football. You can broadcast through smartphones, computers, tablets, and other connected TV devices. It has a paid television subscription; you need to visit the site and then easily download the ESPN app. Follow the above article to get the other ways.

3. Can I watch all games on the NFL app?

NFL+ gives the option to watch Live local and primetime regular season. It also has post-season games. With the NFL+ premium, you need to watch football with your schedule with condensed replays full of every game.

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