How to watch NFL in the UK on TV? Updated 2022

NFL Season 2022 is now coming after the wild offseason, and you are able to watch most of it on TV in the UK. After coming a long way, the NFL coverage on this pond. Most of the NFL games take place on Sundays with two major slots at 6 pm in UK and 9.25 pm in UK time. NFL TV landscape looks heading toward the 2022 season. And it also includes more Primetime matchups, and it has already set it. Remember that all of the kickoff dates come here after the game starts in the UK, not in the US. In this article, we gonna discuss how to stream NFL on UK tv.

nfl on uk tv

Which NFL Games are available on UK TV?

The users need to understand which games are available on UK TV. Because most of the games might be shown in the UK, and it is updated each week. Some of the games come around 1 am in the UK, and it means that the date is technically followed day in Blighty. Say, for example, Thursday night games mainly come in the Friday early hours.

Week 1

Friday 9 Sep

Buffalo Bills @ LA Rams – 1:10 am [Sky Sports NFL]

Sunday 11 Sep

New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins at 6 pm [Sky Sports NFL]

Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings at 9.15 pm [Sky Sports Main Event}

Monday 12 Sep

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Dallas Cowboys — 1:10 am [Sky Sports Main Event]

Tuesday 13 Sep

Denver Broncos @ Seattle Seahawks — 1 am [Sky Sports NFL or Channel 5.

How to Watch NFL on UK TV with VPN?

Most of the services, such as BBC iPlayer and Sky Go, are considered geo-restricted. These are presents outside of the UK, but it does not mainly mean that you are not able to watch NFL when you are overseas.

You require to download and then use the VPN service. It was NordVPN, and it masks with an IP address. It mainly appears with the app, and you are also present in the UK. When you browse the sky services with your web browser, and then you watch whatever you like.

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Watch Monday Night Football in the UK on TV

You must want to watch a game each week for American TV viewers. Monday Night Football is coming after many years now. Here, ESPN spent more dollars with the offseason to entice Joe Buck and then Troy Aikam, and they left for Fox and joined MNF with its new announcing team. There are only a few games that I look forward to, and the good news comes every single one of them is aired on UK TV. Channel 5 has UK rights with MNF, and 2022 is the final year with its current plan with the NFL. Furthermore, teh games mainly air on Sky Sports, and it also presented on NFL Game Pass.

Monday Night Football schedules come in 2022, and it is set in stone. Most of the games kick off it. At 8.15 pm, the East Coast of United States bar has a double-header in week 2.

And then the UK is present for five hours, and it is ahead of Eastern Time. You need to set alarm clocks for 1.15 am, and it presents most Tuesdays to enjoy games live in the UK.

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