Quick Solutions to Fix “No Stream Available” on Exodus Redux

We see a lot of comments asking us to give easy Tricks to fix Exodus Redux “NO STREAM AVAILABLE” error. We have the best explanation for you to fix it.

In this Guide, You are going to see Easy solutions to fix the “NO STREAM AVAILABLE” error on Exodus Redux. If you have a problem in Streaming content in Kodi then you are not alone. Everyone at some point faces this Problem, yeah I know it’s really frustrating to know that you can’t stream your favorite movies. Actually this also happens with many popular Add Ons like Exodus Redux, The Magic Dragon, and Covenant, etc.

exodus redux no stream available

Android offers a lot of Live TV options to download and stream from. But the feeling of watching your favorite shows and Movies at Big Screen is something different that’s where Kodi comes in. For those who want to know what Kodi is, here is a Quick Intro. Kodi is a free Online Streaming Device that acts as an Open Source Home Theatre. The latest stable version for Kodi is Version 18.

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Now let’s begin the brief explanation…

What is Exodus Redux?

Exodus Redux is nothing but a Kodi Add On that offers you a lot of Movies, Dramas, and TV Shows to Stream. It also has a Search Function and has an integration with Databases like Trakt, and TVDM. It’s a Third-party Add On.

Exodus Redux uses a High-Quality Resolver to search from the simplest Quality links before delivering to your screen. Before Exodus Redux, Exodus V8 was the previous Add On. They both are Different but Quite similar one. Exodus V8 stopped working on Kodi’s long back.

Features of Exodus Redux:

  • It has Open Scrapers and Scraps over 50 Media Source (Scrapers helps in constantly fetching High-Quality streams)
  • It’s fast and it also supports foreign language streams.
  • It gets regular updates for the library.
  • The content library is so huge. You could find almost all the movies and shows.
  • Offers filtering options and has sections like “Trending”, “Most Popular” and many more.

Misconceptions about Exodus Redox:

If it lists a specific movie, there should be stream available:

No, it’s not true. It grabs sources from DB like Trakt and presents here. Hence if it is not available on the web, we cannot stream.

I’m searching for an old movie or show the stream must be available.

Also not true. Kodi Add Ons simply scan the websites loaded in the DB for the available links. If none of the websites have working links to load, it will show “No Stream Available” Error on your screen.

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Let’s see the Installation Process of Exodus Redux

How to Download & Install Exodus Redux on Kodi?

You have to Toggle On the “Unknown Sources” to Install Third-party applications. In Kodi, all third party applications will be installed as “Add Ons

1. Go to the Kodi Home screen and click “Settings” on the top left corner.

kodi settings

2. Hover back to the screen and click “System”.

kodi system

3. Choose the “Add Ons” tab below the Radio tab.

kodi add onn

4. Again return to the previous screen and click “File Manager”.

kodi file manager

5. Now click “Add source” below the profile directory.

add source kodi

6. An Add File Sources will appear on your screen click “None”.

none kodi

7. Give the “Path” in-text tab and click ok in the pop-up window.

kodi path

8. Enter the name of the Media Source as “Exodus Redux”. Give ok.

kodi name

9. You can see that “Exodus Redux” is added to File Manager of Kodi.

redux added

10. Go back to the System screen and choose “Add Ons” next to the file manager.

add-ons kodi

11. Here click “Install from Zip File” below Install from Repository.

install from zip file kodi

12. “Install from Zip File” pop up will appear, click Exodus Redux.

kodi pop up zip

13. Click the repository. exodusredux zip file.

kodi repo exodus

14. That’s it Exodus Redux Add On will be installed.

exodus installed

15. Finally, Choose “Install from Repository” below the recently updated tab. Click on Exodus Redux Repo.

kodi repo redux open

16. Below Add on Repository, choose “Video Add-ons” and click on Exodus Redux.

exodus redux

17. On your screen click “Install”.

kodi exodus redux install

18. Once the installation is complete, Go to the Kodi home screen and launch Exodus Redux.

exodus homescreen

The installation will work fine. But if it does not work properly Update the app to the latest version, and try using it.

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What causes No Stream Available Error on Exodus Redux?

When you are using an Open source and Freeware Add-on, there is a lot of reasons why this error occurs. It’s very difficult to find one reason. There may be many reasons like outdated add on, outdated app, etc.

Let’s see the ways to fix it…

How do I fix this No Stream Available on Exodus Redux?

1) Check whether using an Outdated Add-On:

One of the main reasons why you get No Stream Available error is that your add on no longer works or has not been updated to the latest version. Add Ons should be updated on a regular basis. For example, the same issue happened with Covenant as it stopped receiving regular updates. It did not work fine.

If the Add Ons of Kodi is dropped by the developer, this means it will no longer work as it will not receive any updates. While streaming the sources that load for searching won’t work properly.

So make sure you are using Updated Add Ons or use other alternatives of Exodus Redux Add On.

2) Check your Internet Speed:

I know it’s cliché but is you are continuously streaming online this may be one of the problems. It’s the most common problem of failure in streaming your favorite shows. Make sure that you have a great WI-FI speed.

At the minimum of 10mbps speed to a maximum of 20-30mbps is recommended to use without any buffering issues. As Kodi add-ons only wait milliseconds before searching on the next media source.

3) Uninstall or Update Exodus Redux:

The first step is to try Updating Exodus Redux.

Uninstall Exodus Redux:

1. Launch the Kodi home screen and click on “Settings” next to power off Icon.

kodi settings no stream available on exodus redux

2. On the top left corner of Kodi click “Package icon

kodi package no stream available on exodus redux

3. The next step is to choose “My Add Ons” then “Video Add Ons” below the services tab.

kodi video add ons no stream available on exodus redux

4. Click on the Exodus Redux option.

exodus redux no stream available on exodus redux

5. At the bottom of the screen, you will see an Uninstall option. Click ok.

exodus uninstall no stream available on exodus redux

After the Uninstallation is Incomplete, Try installing the Add On again.

I have already mentioned the Installation process above.

4) Try Installing VPN:

When you are streaming Kodi videos, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) may block the videos due to geo-restrictions. As it can be streamed from any country like the US, UK, and India. Some countries may not allow this, since it streams from pirated websites.

If No Stream Available error is due to this issue then using a VPN will solve this problem. Also, VPN protects you from online attacks like Phishing, DoS (Denial of Service), etc. It also masks your IP Address.

5)Reset Cache Settings & Clear temp Files:

This is the most often used fix for No Stream Available error on Exodus Redux. Whenever you stream videos the file will be saved in your cache. At times it may cause problems.

By resetting your cache, you can boost your streaming experience on Kodi. Follow the Below Given steps.

1. In Exodus Main Menu, Click “Tools” below the new episodes option.

exodus tools no stream available on exodus redux

2. Click EXODUS REDUX: Clear Providers option next to EXODUS REDUX: view types.

exodus clear providers no stream available on exodus redux

3. You will get a pop-up, click yes.

exodus yes no stream available on exodus redux

4. Then a message will appear on the screen as “Process Completed”.

exodus process completed

5. Again on the main menu, choose EXODUS REDUX: clear cache below EXODUS REDUX: clear history.

exodus clear cache

6. Choose “Yes” on your Screen.

exodus yes

That’s it. It’s done.

6) Revise your Device’s Time Settings:

At times your Device Timings may be incorrect. Try changing the device timings and stream your favorite shows. You can change the timings as follows

1. Go to Device settings and check for Time and Date Settings

2. Ensure that is in the present time.

7) Revise Your Stream Timings:

Sometimes No Stream Available error may occur as the streaming time may be too short. Check for the timings using the steps

1. Click “Add Ons” under the system option then Choose “My Add Ons”.

add-ons kodi

2. Here Choose “Video Add Ons” and then “EXODUS

kodi video add ons

3. Go to “Tools” in the right corner.

exodus tools

4. Click “General” in the pop up on your screen.

exodus general

5. In that, Toggle to “Provider’s Timeout” and change it from 20 to 35 seconds and click ok.

providers timeout

Open Kodi and Try Streaming again.

8) Try Installing from a Different Repository:

The original developer of Exodus has dropped it. Hence it does not get Updates. So sometimes the No Stream Available on Exodus Redux may be due to the outdated version.

But fortunately, some other developers have created different versions of Exodus Redux. They keep updating it on a regular basis too. So try Installing from a different Repository.


I know that this error could be annoying while streaming your favorite shows and I hope that that this guide helps you to fix the “No Stream Available” error by the above-mentioned solutions. Let us know if these solutions worked for you. We will be very happy even if we could help you with a small thing.

Thanks for reading this article.

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Do share if some other solutions worked for you in the comments below.

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