How to Install and Watch Now TV on PS5? | 2022 Guide

You have been using the PS5 at your home and looking to stream TV content on your PS5 device, and this is the correct article for you. Today we came up with the topic of Now TV on PS5

We guide you to get the Now Television service on your Play Station 5 device and assist you in watching the content on the Now television service. People mostly like to use streaming services to manage their favorite content instead of the conventional cable television network supplier. Let us see how to install and stream it on your available PS5 device.

How to Install and Watch Now TV on PS5

Here are the critical topics we have given below. That you never skip reading. They are:

To get explicit instructions and information about both streaming services, follow the given topics in this article.

About Now TV:

Now TV was an internet television service operated by Sky Groups’ popular network service. The Now television service was performed by British Satellite. And the Now television streaming service was a subscription-paid service. And it allows its users to stream Movies, Shows, TV Programs, and all types of entertaining content on the Now television streaming service. You can get this service on your available streaming devices.

Is Now TV on PS5?

If you have any doubt that the PS5 device accepted the Now television service on their software? Here is the answer for you. The Now television streaming service was available on the Play Station 5 gaming device. But it was available in-built into the PS5 device. You have to install it from the PS5’s respective Play Station Store.

In the following space in this article, we mentioned the features of the Now Television streaming service and its subscription cost. Also, following that, you can get the Installation and Streaming instructions on the critical topic mentioned in the introduction above.

How to Install and Watch Now TV on PS5?

As we know already, the Now Television service is not directly in-built available on your Play Station 5 gaming console device. You have to install and launch the Now TV content streaming app on your PS5 device from Play Station Store. Follow the installation instruction given in the below space for you. The steps are:

Step 1>> Insert PS5.

  • Insert your Play Station 5 gaming console device on your Smart TV HDMI portal.

Step 2>> Wi-Fi Internet Connection.

  • Then turn on your Smart TV streaming device. You have to connect your Smart TV and PS5 console with the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3>> Home Screen.

  • Take off your Play Station 5 device’s remote controller and click the Home button to go to the home screen of your gaming console device.

Play Station Home Screen

Step 4>> Media.

  • After visiting the Home page of your device, tap on the Media option to move to the further step.

Step 5>> All Apps.

  • You get the list of installed apps on the page following the All Apps section.

Search icon in the PlayStation Store

Step 6>> Search.

  • Head towards the Search Icon in the top right corner of the Play Station Store home page.
  • Then type and search for Now TV in the respective search bar on the page.

Step 7>> Download.

Select the Now Television streaming service from the search suggested list and hit the Download key on the search page.

Please wait for a while; it downloads. After downloading it, unwrap the installed Now Television application from your Play Station 5 device’s home screen.

How to Sign In with Now TV?

If you are confused about signing in on the Now TV platform, follow the writings given below.

Step 1>> Web Browser.

  • Take off any of your handy streaming devices, such as smartphones, iOS devices, laptops, tablets, and more, in the digital market.
  • And open the web browser that you used to search for your required content.

Step 2>> Search.

Click on the search bar in the top middle of the device’s screen. And browse for Now TV Official Site in a required URL box.

Step 3>> Open the Website.

After hitting search, you get the list of websites filled with the Now Television details. You have to click on the suggested website’s first link. Head towards the first link and open the Official Website of the Now Television service.

Step 4>> My Account.

  • Click on the My Account option in the right top corner of the website screen.

My Account option on Now TV website

Step 5>> Sign In.

  • Here you have to select the Sign in option on the pop-up window.

Step 6>> Enter the email address and Password.

  • There was two required box on the page. Here, you want to enter your email address and Password account details in the given boxes.

Sign In with Now TV

  • After filling up the details in the boxes, you have to head towards the Sign In option at the bottom of the detailed box.

Now you successfully entered the Now Television streaming section. Choose your favorites in the Now Television collections and initiate watching the content. Or else you can download the content and watch it online without any ad disturbance.

How to Register ( Create Account ) on Now TV?

If you already have a Now Tv account, read out the above topic to know the Sign In instructions. Or, still you do not have an account on the Now platform and seeking the best guidelines to create an account on Now; follow the below procedures to create a new user account on Now Television. The steps are:

Step 1>> Smartphone or Laptop.

First, take your Smartphone or your laptop in your hand. And pour the standard internet connection source for speed access.

Step 2>> Web Browser.

You have to open the Web Browser on your streaming device on your device’s home screen. The web browser you use to browse your required needs in the web page, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and more services in the digital market.

Step 3>> Search.

Click the URL bar and browse the Official website of Now Television. Then hit the search icon to get the needed website on your device.

Step 4>> My Account.

  • Select the official website from the search list, and click the My Account option in the top right corner of the web page screen.

Step 5>> Sign In.

  • You have to choose the Sign In option in the box from the tiny pop-up window.

Step 6>> Join In.

  • Click on the Join In key at the bottom of the screen.

Sign In with Now TV

Check out the Payment Section on Now TV:

Step 7>> Claim Offer.

  • You want to choose the subscription package on the Joining page, which is a friendly budget. Click on the Claim Free option in the middle right of the screen.

Sign Up page of Now TV

Step 8>> Continue to Checkout.

  • Follow the required details asked on the website. And click on the Continue to Checkout option to move to the other methods.

Step 9>> Fill in the Details.

  • Enter your details asked on the Now Television official website. The personal information questions are given in the below-mentioned image.

Create New Account on Now TV

Step 10>> Address.

  • Click on the Address box at the bottom of the screen. You will get the Address filling page on your streaming device’s screen.

Filling Address on Now TV required box

The list of boxes given in the image has appeared on your device’s screen. Then enter all your address details in the given boxes. After filling in the details, tap on the Next option at the bottom of the page.

Step 11>> Click Payment Option.

  • Here you have to move towards the Payment option at the end of the Address filling page.

Select Payment Method on Now TV

Look at the image we gave on the page to help you identify the steps correctly. So, no, you want to select your payment method. Then tap on the Pay Now option on the same page. Complete your payment procedures.

After finishing your Payment process, you want to get back to your Play Station Gaming Console device and Sign In with your Now Television account details. Start watching your favorite Now TV on PS5.


Now Television is a Television content streaming service. It has its mobile application and its official website. You can get it on your device, or the Now community allows streaming through the web browser. So, they give us attractive benefits to their input content. Let us see the Highlights, benefits, and Features of the Now Television service offered to its users. They are:

  • Subscription at a cheap cost.
  • Now TV has not hit the contract with its users.
  • Stream your favorites on the Now platform.
  • Cancel your subscription at any time.
  • No Extra Cost is applicable.
  • Access it on Desktop PC, tablets, Smartphones, All iOS devices, Smart TVs, and Consoles. 
  • Use it on your family member’s device.
  • You can stream content on up to 6 devices with a single Account.
  • While watching content, you can simultaneously access up to 3 devices.
  • You can download your favorite content on its platform.
  • Stream your downloaded content offline.
  • No internet is required for watching downloaded videos.

So, we have given a few features and highlights of the Now television service we know. These features are all only obtainable only for subscription users.

Now TV Subscription Costs:

To stream Now TV on PS5, you have to purchase the subscription package of the Now TV streaming service. We all know that Now TV is a paid-streaming service. In the following section on this topic, I have given the image reference to know the subscription cost of the Now TV streaming service. Check it out now.

Now TV subscription cost

  1. The first subscription package is entirely made for Entertainment shows and movies.
  2. After getting the subscription package once, it will auto-renewal at 15 pm unless you cancel the plan on Now Television.

Subscription package of Now TV

  1. This is the subscription package for the Cinema streaming section.
  2. The category varied from each subscription package.
  3. It also renewed its subscription automatically.

Subscription Plan of Now TV

  1. Here it changed the subscription of the package. Also, it was the streaming category of Hayu Membership. 
  2. The specialty of this subscription package is that you can stream Reality Shows new from the United States of America.
  3. Now Television provides us with up to 8000 episodes. 

It auto-renewals the subscription plans every month.

Special Subscription Package for Sports on:

Sports Subscription Package of Now TV

These four are the Sports Subscription cost of the Now television community. All sports lovers may like these subscription packages.

You can stream all kinds of sports content on the Now Television platform. You may also watch the live match of your favorite sports.

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Our Final Words:

Using the methods and the steps given above, you can watch the Now TV on PS5. Here we are gathering up to know the last section of the article. The above topics teach you to install the Now Television content streaming service on your Play Station gaming device. Also we additionally attached the Sign In procedure and created a new account on the Now Television official website for you. You can apply all the instructions we have given in this article is true.

So, if you have any questions about this article, kindly mention them all in the given comment box below. Otherwise, you got a piece of helpful information and instructions from this article, and please share your valuable feedback on the same comment bar given below for you.

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