How to Install One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi

From a media player application like Kodi, you could always expect to have a humongous amount of content. But what if you were told that you can have all these from just one repository? It is unbelievable but not impossible. One Nation Portal is one such Kodi repository where you’ll find a lot of builds and add-ons to choose from. This article is all about One Nation Portal and the installation of its builds on Kodi.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi

What is One Nation Portal?

One Nation Portal is a third-party Kodi repository that has a collection of more than 20 builds. Being one of the oldest and most respected repositories of Kodi, it is a trusted source of builds and add-ons. It is very popular among Kodi users. This is because the builds One Nation Portal offers have pre-loaded add-ons all with better performance to provide you with a better experience. 

As you already know, Builds are pre-configured files that contain add-ons, skins, and customized settings. Each builds from One Nation Portal has a massive range of add-ons. You can choose your preferred build that you think works better for your needs from One Nation Portal and have it installed on your Kodi.

Even with a large number of add-ons, surprisingly, One Nation Portal is light-weighted and works well even on devices with lesser RAM space. Another impressive feature is that One Nation uses more than 10 sources to scrap content. This is the reason behind its lightning speed of fetching links

As I said, One Nation provides builds with better performance, and the add-ons it provides gives you access to a wide range of content such as IPTV, sports, on-demand videos, etc. 

One Nation has a very simple and friendly interface and works on updating its add-ons regularly. It has a variety of themes including Star Wars and Mario. It works on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Firestick, Fire TV, and all Kodi-supporting devices

Few of the popular builds such as Cobalt, Nebula, etc are provided by One Nation Portal.

Let us start with the installation of One Nation Portal on Kodi.

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How to Download and Install One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi?

Prerequisite to Installing One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi

Since One Nation Portal is a third-party Kodi repository, first you will have to let Kodi allow add-ons to be downloaded from unknown sources. 

# Step 1. Launch the Kodi app and click Settings from its home screen.

kodi settings

# Step 2. Under the Settings section, click on System.

kodi system

# Step 3. Click Add-ons from the left and enable Unknown sources on the right by clicking the toggle switch.

kodi unknown sources

# Step 4. A warning prompt will appear on which you just have to click on Yes. You don’t have to worry about the warning as One Nation Portal builds are completely safe.

kodi unknown warning

Installing One Nation Portal on Kodi

Now that the prerequisite is done, let us get along with the installation of the One Nation Portal builds.

# Step 1. Return back to the home screen and click on Settings.

kodi settings

# Step 2. In the next window, select File Manager.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi file manager

# Step 3. Select the Add source option from either side of the screen to open it.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi add source

# Step 4. Click <None> in the Add File Source window that appears.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi add source url

# Step 5. Enter the URL for One Nation Portal repo ( in the space that appears and click OK.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi enter source url

# Step 6. Under the ‘Enter a name for this media source’, give a name of your choice for the source URL and click OK. I’m going to go with OneNation.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi enter source url name

# Step 7. Return back to the home screen of Kodi and select Add-ons.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi add-ons tab

# Step 8. Select the Package Installer (Folder/Box Icon) from the top left corner of the window.

kodi package installer

# Step 9. Choose the Install from zip file option in the next window.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi install from zip file

# Step 10. Scroll down and locate the name that you have given the source URL which is OneNation in this case and click on it.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi select OneNation zip

# Step 11. Select the from the list and click on OK. 

Kodi select zip file

In a few minutes, you’ll find the One Nation Portal add-on installed notification at the top right corner of the screen. Once this is done, you’ll find 3 pop-up windows appearing on the screen. Click the appropriate buttons to get rid of these windows.

How to Install Cobalt build from One Nation Portal Repo in Kodi?

One Nation Portal has more than 20 builds to offer. It is up to you to choose the build for your requirements. I’m going to install the Cobalt Kodi build. The installation of any other build from the One Nation Portal will be just the same as below. 

# Step 1. Return to the home screen of Kodi and click on Add-ons.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi add-ons tab

# Step 2. Navigate to Program Add-ons and click the One Nation Portal add-on icon on the right.

Kodi program add-on one nation

# Step 3. Scroll down, locate the (One Nation Portal) Builds from the list, and click on it. 

Kodi one nation build

# Step 4. In the next screen, you’ll find a list of builds hosted by One Nation Portal. As I said earlier, I’m going to go for Cobalt build.

Kodi cobalt server select

# Step 5. You’ll find two types of Install – Fresh and Standard. It is best to go for Fresh Install at any time for a better performance of the build.

Kodi fresh install cobalt

# Step 6. A prompt will now appear asking if you would wish to restore Kodi to its default settings. Click on Continue to proceed.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi cobalt force close

The Cobalt Kodi build will not begin its download and installation. This may take a few minutes depending on your internet speed and device specifications.

# Step 7. Once the Cobalt Kodi build has finished its installation, you’ll find the following prompt. Click on the Force Close option.

Kodi force close kodi

You have now successfully installed the Cobalt Kodi build from the One Nation Portal repo. 

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Cobalt Kodi Build: A Walkthrough

Once you have installed the Cobalt build and restarted Kodi, you’ll find yourself a completely new home screen. 

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi cobalt home screen

From the menu bar, you’ll find the following video categories. 

TV-HUB to watch on-demand videos.

DECEIT to stream content from Deceit, an all-in-one Kodi add-on.

MOVIE-HUB to play on-demand movies.

VIP to stream premium live TV.

KIDS-HUB to stream Kids content.

SPORTS-HUB to stream Sports content. 

BEATS to stream music.

ALL-IN-ONE to stream just about everything.

One Nation Portal has a collection of builds and all these builds, individually, have a collection of pre-loaded add-ons. A list of pre-loaded video add-ons from the Cobalt Kodi build is given below. 

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi video add-ons cobalt

You can see for yourself that there are plenty of options to watch on-demand movies and TV shows. However, you will not find a lot of options to watch live TV. In fact, there are add-ons to watch premium live TV channels, but there are no options to watch live TV for free.

But One Nation Portal provides various other add-ons that let you watch live TV for free. 

Is VPN necessary when installing builds from One Nation Portal?

With its history of releasing quality files, One Nation Portal is safe to use. However, problems occur if you attempt to download files from unofficial websites and URLs. They could be malicious. Also, One Nation doesn’t host the content it provides. Rather it fetches content from various sources. But this doesn’t mean that all of its content is legal and copyrighted. 

One Nation Portal is safe to be used with a VPN as you wouldn’t want to put yourself in the path of cyber-threats and lawsuits. There is a chance that over time, all the add-ons will stop working as your Internet Service Provider might block their IP addresses. VPN will be helpful in situations like this as it masks your IP address thereby letting continual use of all the add-ons.

Wrapping Up

One Nation Portal is one of the best and most trusted Kodi build providers available out there. With this installed on your Kodi, you can have any add-on installed easily anytime and start watching your favorite content.

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