How to Fix Paramount Plus Keep Buffering Issue in 2022?

If your Paramount Plus keeps Buffering due to errors that you dont know, go through this article and know the causes and solution. Go get your Paramount Plus to work correctly on your device and browser by going through the contents of this article.

Paramount Plus Keep Buffering! What is the Reason?

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There are several reasons for the Paramount Plus app to Buffer while streaming. Some of the reasons are as follows,

  • Internet connections
  • Enabled ad blockers
  • Streaming while there is high internet traffic
  • Errors Within Paramount Plus
  • The Paramount Plus app is not up to date
  • App cache and data

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to know more about it.

Paramount Plus Keep Buffering How to Fix?

When you try to stream your favorite show on the Pramount Plus app on the supported devices, you may sometimes feel that the content you are playing keeps buffering and sometimes stops playing. It might be due to the various factors mentioned before. But to enjoy watching Paramount Plus without Buffering, the solutions are as follows,

Check Internet Connections:

If you have a terrible internet connection, then there is no way you can watch Paramount Plus content in peace. Having a good and speedy internet connection can help you watch your favorite shows without any difficulties, like buffering and stopping midway. So, the things to check on your internet connections are,

  • Restart or Power Cycle WiFi Router

To do a Power cycle on your Wifi router the steps to be followed are,

  • Remove power cord from power socket.
  • Press and hold power button and wait for few seconds.
  • Reconnect power cord and whitch on.
  • Disconnect and Reconnect to the WiFi
  • On your streaming device with Paramount Plus app Disconnect from the WiFi network.
  • Now connect again to the same WiFi network and enter the correct password.
  • Change frequency to 2.4 Hz if it is in 5 Hz

If you have tried this method and still Paramount Plus, keep Buffering, then move on to other methods.

Disable ad-blockers if There are Any:

If you are using Paramount Plus on your browser and it keeps buffering, then it might be due to the ad-blocker extension you have installed on your Browser. Try to disable the ad-blocker and try to play the Paramount Plus content. If it is still buffered, try other methods.

Avoid Streaming at High Internet Traffic Periods:

During the time of high internet traffic, you may get your Paramount Plus content buffer. To avoid it, wait for some time and try using Paramount Plus after a certain period of time. If you have tried this method and still Paramount Plus, keep Buffering, then move on to other methods. You can also try changing your location and connecting to a different internet source to watch the later episodes of the series releases on your Paramount Plus streaming service.

Remove app cache and data files:

The one thing that you need the most after the internet connection is the space needed for Paramount Plus to store its information and play its content. If there is no space for the app to utilize, then you can find the contents buffering. You need to periodically clear your cache file to have your device run smoothly. To remove the cache file on your app, the step to be followed is,

  • On your device, go to Settings and move on to Storage.
  • Go to Internal Storage and select Cached Data.
  • Now delete the Cached memory of the Paramount Plus app on your device.

Sign in Again to Paramount Plus:

You can sign out and sign in again on Paramount Plus to know if there is any buffer. to do so,

  • On the Paramount Plus home page, select your Profile Icon.
  • Tap on Log out and wait for some time.
  • After signing out, tap on yoru account again.
  • Now enter your password and sign in to your Paramount plus account.

If you have tried this method and still Paramount Plus, keep Buffering, then move on to other methods.

Update the Paramount Plus app:

The Paramount Plus Streming app gets updated periodically with new features every time to make the contents play without buffering. The buffering on Paramount Plus might be due to the app being in its older version. To update the app to its latest version, go through the following steps,

  • Visit the App Store Available on yoru device.
  • Search and find the Paramount Plus app.
  • If there is an update option on the app’s information page, tap on it.

If you wait for some time, your app will get updated to its latest version, and you can now watch Paramount Plus content without buffers. If you have tried this method and still Paramount Plus, keep on Buffering, then move on to other methods.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Paramount Plus App:

This method might be the only solution after all the methods you have tried to stop Paramount Plus from keeping buffering issues. When you uninstall and reinstall the Paramount Plus app, all the data stored in the device get deleted, including the bugs that cause the buffering. You can try the uninstall and reinstall method to make your Paramount Plus app work without a buffer. To uninstall and reinstall, go through the following steps,

  • Visit the App Store Available on yoru device.
  • Search and find the Paramount Plus app.
  • Now select the uninstall option on the app information page.
  • Wait for some time until it gets uninstalled.
  • Now install the app again on your device.
  • Use yoru Paramount Plus credentials to sign in to the app.

Stream Paramount Plus on the different Streaming devices:

The problem might be within the streaming device you are using because it might have some virus or other settings that cause the buffering on Paramount Plus. You need to use a different device to access the content of Paramount Plus to avoid buffering. It might be due to less space on the device you were using. You can try connecting to a different WiFi network.

Check Paramount Plus server is down.

Sometimes Paramount Plus servers may go down, and you won’t get to stream its content for a while. For that time, you won’t do anything except wait for it to come back.

The End

Get rid of Paramount Plus and keep buffering issues with the methods and steps provided in this article. Make sure to try all the methods provided here before contacting the Paramount Plus help center.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Can I Alway see the Loading Screen on Paramount+?

You can see the loading screen often on your Paramoung+ app due to insufficient bandwidth. This happens due to having your Paramung+ account active on other devices. Try to log out of it from all devices and stream Paramount+ again.

What is the Internet Speed Required to Wathc Paramount Plus Without Buffering?

To watch the shows of Paramount+ without buffering, you need to have a bandwidth of at least 3000kbps or higher.

How to Change Video Quality on Paramount Plus?

On your Paramount Plus app, go to the settings option and choose Video quality and select any of the preset qualities like Low, Medium, or High. This will change the video quality on your streaming app. When you lower your video quality on low network places, you can watch without any loading issues.

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