How to Stream Paramount Plus on Nintendo Switch?

Mostly Nintendo Switch and other gaming consoles are best for playing online games. Instead of playing games, you can also stream your desired content from many popular streaming services. But you have to know which streaming apps that available in the Nintendo e-shop to get and stream. Because it offers only a few services, so get this article to stream the Paramount plus on Nintendo Switch by reading this entire guide.

How to Stream Paramount Plus on Nintendo Switch?

What is Paramount plus?

Paramount plus is a paid streaming platform as well as a video-on-demand service. However, It allows you to get more than 12,000 TV shows and originals. It was renamed a streaming service from ViacomCBS and was known as CBS All Access. Thus, it is the United States’ biggest streaming service and competes against Netflix, Disney plus, HBO Max, Prime Video, and Peacock. 

Moreover, this service started in March 2021 in America and in the United Kingdom in June 2022. If you are a new subscriber, then you can get a free trial for up to seven days before subscribing to it. It offers 30,000 TV shows, 75,000 songs, and 2500 movies. Paramount network includes some exclusive and improved service-provided content from BET, MTV, CBS, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon. Also, you can get on-demand originals and live sports, including NFL Football and UEFA Champions League soccer game. Also, read HBO Max Available on Nintendo Switch



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Know about Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo Switch is a handy gaming console you can play wherever you want by carrying it. However, the developer of the game was Nintendo, and it launched over the world in many regions in 2017. The console acts as a tablet and is also used as a home console or otherwise used as a portable device to make a hybrid console.

Besides, it has wireless Joy-Con controllers using the standard buttons and directional analog sticks for the user input, tactile feedback, and motion sensing that can link both sides of consoles for support for handheld to play.

Also, they can attach with a grip accessory to access a basic home console gamepad format. Otherwise, it is used for individual hands to support the local multiplayer modes like Wii Remote and Nunchuk. Therefore, the Nintendo Switch software is compatible with online games using its internet supply. Read together Roblox on Nintendo Switch.

How to get Paramount Plus on Nintendo Switch?

Still, Nintendo Switch doesn’t offer a Paramount plus service in their app store to get it directly. So you need to choose alternatively any other streaming device to stream Paramount plus content.

Paramount plus app is available on Amazon Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Play Station, Xbox, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Vizio smart TV, Samsung smart TV, LG smart TV, and Sony smart TV.

Alternative Methods to get Paramount Plus on Nintendo Switch:

You won’t be able to get Paramount plus on Nintendo Switch directly, but we can stream its content using these consoles in many ways by using the given below sessions. Check out this related post on Netflix on Nintendo switch.

1. Access Google Browser to Stream Paramount plus on Nintendo Switch:

1. Initially, you need to connect to the proper internet connection to your Nintendo Switch.

2. Move to the System Settings and click on the Internet tab under the settings screen.

3. After that, you need to pick the Wifi connection settings option from the settings.

4. Besides, you should want to change the DNS settings to on your screen.

nintendo switch dns settings

5. Furthermore, connect to the network from the Switch bru DNS and get Google Browser.

2. Get Paramount Plus on Nintendo Switch using Google:

This is the second method to get the Paramount Plus app on Nintendo Switch through Google. So use these steps to get it right away.

1. Set up your internet access to your Nintendo Switch console.

2. Further go to the Google Browser and search for the Paramount plus app in the respective field.

3. After that, install the official Paramount plus app on your Nintendo console by its app section.

4. Next, open the Paramount plus app and complete the sign-in process with its account credentials.

5. Therefore, now you can start streaming the Paramount plus app’s content on your Nintendo Switch console.

3. Miracast Paramount Plus on Nintendo Switch from Smartphone:

This is also the best alternative method to get stream the paramount plus content on Nintendo Switch using the screen mirroring option from your Android or iOS devices.

1. Initially, you have to set up a strong internet connection to both Nintendo Switch and your Smartphone.

2. Then download and install the official app from your smartphone with the help of the app store or play store.

3. Further, go to the from the search field of the Google browser on the Nintendo Switch console.

4. Next, you should scan the QR code from the Nintendo Switch on the screen.

5. Again, connect your smartphone to your console, and then you can explore its content to stream on your console with the connected device.

Features of Paramount Plus:

  • This service offers up to three devices to stream at once.
  • It has parental controls to restrict adult content from children’s streams.
  • Though this service has different original programs to stream.
  • It offers more than 10,000 episodes to stream on TV from its library.
  • There are various collections of movies to watch from this service.
  • Also, it includes kids’ favorite content to stream on-demand and live content dedicated to kids.

Closing Off:

Nintendo Switch is a handy gaming console, and it is also used for streaming your desired content as well. But this console only supports a few streaming apps. Like that, Paramount plus is not available in the Nintendo eShop to get it directly. But you can choose an alternative way to get it, so in this article, we have mentioned the best way to stream Paramount plus on Nintendo Switch in three ways. If you have any complications or troubles streaming Paramount plus on the Nintendo Switch console, use the comment section.


1. Can I get streaming apps on Nintendo Switch?

Yes, you can install some popular streaming apps such as Hulu, Youtube, Funimation, and Pokemon TV.

2. What are the reasons Netflix is not being available on Switch?

Because it is only compatible with Nintendo’s 3D family, such as New Nintendo 3D S| Nintendo 3D S XL, Nintendo 2Ds, and Nintendo 3D S| XL, so you won’t be able to get it on the Nintendo e-shop.

3. How to add apps on Nintendo Switch?

  • Choose Nintendo eShop and then sign in with your Nintendo account.
  • Choose the search option.
  • Further, enter the app which you want and search for it.
  • Now pick the right app from the search results.
  • Next, download the app to get it on your console.

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