How to Access Paramount Plus on Now TV?

The paramount plus is one of the popular streaming services that are affordable. It is a subscription-based streaming device. This can be the best option if you plan on watching something original and classic. The services provided by the paramount plus app include various contents like sports, entertainment, and fun-based scripts. If you just heard about the Paramount plus app and want it on your device. We have provided a detailed guide on how you can access Paramount plus on Now TV.

How to Access Paramount Plus on Now TV?

Paramount Plus:

Paramount plus is an app that is a brand new part of the paramount network. This platform has been to be a rebranded stuff of the CBS all-access service. The goal of the app was to dig deeper into the content. So that it can provide the customers with a library of originals as well as older iconic shows. As the results say, the app already has a collection of almost 30,000 hours of entertainment.

The app has a digital family of around a 39.6miilion subscribers. As paramount is an app that runs by the viacomCBS network, the app can access all other content featured and owned by Viacom -Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, etc. The app is compatible with many streaming devices.

How to Access Paramount Plus on Now TV?

The paramount plus, no doubt, has great device compatibility. It is available on many devices. Suppose you are a Now TV user, which is an internet-based television video service. It is a service that has been unveiled by Sky tv. It offers live and on-demand services to customers.

Is Paramount Plus available on Now TV?

Unfortunately, Paramount plus is not available on Now TV. But the users can still access the app through sky cinema and other alternative ways. You can access any sky cinema subscription on your NOW to access the paramount plus app.

As a matter of fact, that paramount plus is not available on NOW; you can still access it via sky cinema membership. It doesn’t allow the members to access it for free, but this membership currently costs up to 9.99 euros per month. The users will be able to watch certain paramount movies that are available at the sky cinema. It includes all the latest and on-demand releases of the year.

A piece of news states that sky has declared the paramount plus app will be made available on the streaming device of NOW so that the users will be able to access the paramount plus app on their own NOW device. So now that you know, the paramount plus app is not available on NOW. We will list you with other ways to access the app.

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Other Ways to Access the Paramount Plus App:

The Paramount plus is a brand new streaming service that provides mind-boggling movies and original iconic shows to the viewers. It is available at zero extra cost to sky cinema members who have skyQ or sky glass as their streaming device. Also, sky customers can access the paramount plus app on their own sky box.

Those sky customers who are subscribed to sky cinema will be able to get the paramount plus app for free on their devices. You will need to have either sky Q sky glass to experience better streaming.

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Sky Q and Sky Glass customers who are not subscribed to Sky Cinema will still be able to use the standalone Paramount+ app on their devices – but will have to sign up and pay for it separately.

Paramount Plus

Access Paramount Plus on  Sky Q:

Sky cinema subscription allows direct access to the app. In contrast, non-sky members will not be able to sign in through the sky. They will need to sign up for paramount plus first at the official website of the app and then continue with the further procedure to sign in to access the Paramount plus app on sky Q or sky glass.

  • On sky Q box, Go to the app store, search for the Paramount plus app 
  • Select, and click GET Paramount+
  • Press confirm to continue.

Access Paramount + on Sky Glass:

  • Navigate to My Sky on your device
  • Go to the sky shop or app store
  • On the search option, find paramount + app
  • Click get to access the app
  • Select Confirm, and it’s done.

Create an Account to Activate the App:

Paramount Plus account

After installing the app, you will need to create an account on your device in order to access the app, and the screen will display a QR code. All you need to do is  follow these simple steps for activation of the app

  • Scan the QR code, or else you can also go to the paramount + website for activation
  • Sign in with your sky account ID, and create an account at paramount+ 
  • Enter your email and password to log in to activate the app on your device.

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We have also heard of going with the flow; what if Paramount + doesn’t work on Now TV, but you can still access the app through other methods? This article has a way that can access the app in other possible ways. You can either sit back worrying that it’s not on NOW or go with the flow of this article and experience streaming. You can stream blockbuster movies, award-winning shows, and all other original classic content throughout the rest of 2022.

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