How to Install Paramount Plus on Xbox?

Are you surfing here to learn How to Download & Install Paramount Plus on Xbox? Then this guide will be useful for you to get all your answers from this guide. We will let you know to install Paramount Plus on Xbox gaming Console and some additional information in detail. Keep reading this article until the end without any hesitation to get a lot of information.

 How to Download & Install Paramount Plus on Xbox?

What is Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is an excellent streaming service with more than 30000 titles and movies from various TV channels such as BET, MTV, Comedy Central, CBS, Nick Jr, and many more. However, this service is more affordable to subscribe to everyone. It has both ad-supported and ad-free services available on this platform. It offers plenty of original collections such as movies and TV series.

Although, this service has live CBS Sports and also NFL and SEC football games. It has many sports channels to stream, such as UEFA Championship League, National Women’s Soccer League, Europa League, and many more. You can claim its free trial for up to seven days for new subscribers.


Paramount Plus service has two various packages Essential Plan and Premium Plan. Also, it has both annual and monthly plans. The Essential plan starts from $5 per month or $50 per annum. The Premium plan starts from $10 per month for Ad-supported service or $100 per annum for ad-free service.

Is Paramount Plus available on Xbox?

Paramount Plus service is available in the Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X as well. So you can download and install it on your Microsoft app store. So here, you can easily get the Paramount Plus app on your Xbox Console and watch your desired content.

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How to Install Paramount Plus on Xbox?

Downloading and installing the Paramount Plus app is pretty easy on the Xbox console, so we will let you know the underlying procedures involved in this downloading process.

#STEP 1 >> Initially, you should need to connect your Xbox Console and your smart TV to the same standard internet source.

#STEP 2 >> Then link your Xbox console to your HDMI port through the flash drive.

#STEP 3 >> Then go to the Xbox Home screen and then navigate to the Microsoft app store.

#STEP 4 >> Now search for the Paramount Plus app in the given search field.

#STEP 5 >> Pick the right app from the search result and tap on to get or download tab on the screen.

#STEP 6 >> Wait for it to download and then install it on your Xbox Console.

#STEP 7 >> Afterthat, launch it and then open it on your device.

#STEP 8 >> Next, choose to sign in with your account credentials.

#STEP 9 >> And then start streaming your Paramount Plus content on your Xbox console-connected TV.

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How to Sign up with Paramount Plus?

It is easy to subscribe with your paramount plus on your Xbox Console following underlying instructions.

#STEP 1 >> First, you need to download the Paramount Plus app on your Xbox console.

#STEP 2 >> Then open it on your console and then choose to sign up from the below screen.

#STEP 3 >> You will see and access the code on your Xbox-connected TV screen.

#STEP 4 >> Next, go to from your preferred devices web browser like Android/ iOS/laptop or any other device.

#STEP 5 >> Type the access code from your TV screen and tap ” Activate.

#STEP 6 >> Afterthat, pick a subscription pack you prefer and tap Continue.

#STEP 7 >> Then type the sign-up in with your personal information and tap to start Paramount Plus.

#STEP 8 >> Now refresh your Xbox console, and you can instantly explore the paramount plus content on your Xbox Console.

Alternative Way to Stream Paramount Plus on Xbox:

Suppose you won’t be able to install the Paramount Plus app on your Xbox console. You can alternatively screen mirror your screen by using the Android or iOs device to stream Paramount Plus content on your Xbox gaming consoles.

Cast from an Android on Xbox:

  • Connect your Android and Xbox to the same wifi internet access.

#STEP 1 >>

First, you should navigate to the play store and download the Paramount Plus app on your Android device.

#STEP 2 >>

Then find the app on the search bar and then choose the official app from the search result.

#STEP 3 >>

Further, tap to download it, and it will start to get installed on your device.

#STEP 4 >>

After that, open it and then proceed with the login information to access it.

#STEP 5 >>

Next, tap on the cast icon, and then it will scan for nearby devices.

#STEP 6 >>

Then choose your Xbox console from the choice.

#STEP 7 >>

Now It will cast your Paramount plus content on your Xbox console.

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Screen Mirror from iOS on  Xbox:

#STEP 1 >>

First, make sure that you have linked your iOS device and Xbox console to the same internet access.

#STEP 2 >>

Further, go to the app store and search for the app to downlaod.

#STEP 3 >>

After that, tap on the get or download, and it will begin to install on your device.

#STEP 4 >>

Next, launch the app and then provide the login info using its account credentials.

#STEP 5 >>

And then pull down to the control center and tap on the screen mirroring icon.

#STEP 6 >>

Now it will scan for nearby devices and then choose the Xbox console.

#STEP 7 >>

At last, start playing any of the Paramount Plus content on your iOS device.

#STEP 8 >>

Finally, It will be a screen mirror on your iOS device to your Xbox screen to stream its content.

How to upgrade your Paramount Plus to a premium service?

Suppose you have already subscribed to a Paramount Plus service, and then you need to upgrade your subscription plan to a premium service. Then follow the simple steps given below.

#STEP 1 >> Move to the Paramount Plus official site from your Xbox console and tap your user name from the upper right side of your screen.

#STEP 2 >> Now tap the Account option and then go to the Paramount Plus subscription plan.

#STEP 3 >> Then tap to Edit plan option on the page.

#STEP 4 >> Next, choose a Premium option from your plan and then tap Switch Plan.

#STEP 5 >> You can cancel your subscription if you want when you click on the Cancel option on that screen.

#STEP 6 >> Now, you will get a verification page on your screen with your upgraded Premium status.

#STEP 7 >> In case you have changed your plan from the free trial, then you will lose the remaining free trial period.

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How to Update Paramount Plus on Xbox?

If you have any issues with streaming the Paramount Plus app on your Xbox console, like crashing or freezing, then you must update your Paramountplus app on your Xbox console by following the instructions given below.

#STEP 1 >> First, you must hit the Xbox button to open the guide on your gaming console.

#STEP 2 >> Then choose System and then pick the settings option.

#STEP 3 >> Afterthat, System and then choose Updates and Downloads. 

#STEP 4 >> Choose to Keep your games and apps up to date to update your Paramount Plus app on your Xbox gaming console.

#STEP 5 >> Now, your Paramount Plus app will be updated shortly.

To cancel your Paramount plus Subscription:

If you want to cancel your subscription to your Paramount Plus service, then you should follow our simple guidelines mentioned below.

#STEP 1 >> Go to the Paramount Plus official site and tap the user initials from the upper right side of your screen.

#STEP 2 >> Then tap Account.

#STEP 3 >> Afterthat, pull down to the below of your screen and then tap on the Cancel Subscription option.

#STEP 4 >> That’s it. Now you have unsubscribed your Paramount Plus subscription from your Xbox Console.

What devices does Paramount Plus support?

The Paramount Plus app is compatible with mostly all streaming devices such as Roku, Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Xfinity, and Android TV, as well as gaming consoles such as Xbox One Xbox X|S, and Play Station. However, It is also compatible with smartphones (Android, Tablets, iOS, and iPads and desktops as well as Mac devices.

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Wrapping Up:

From the above guide, you can directly download and install the Paramount Plus app on the Xbox gaming Console. So you can easily stream its content from the Microsoft app store. This will be a quick method to download and stream on your Xbox-connected TV accessing your Home internet. Also, we have covered all the information about canceling your subscription, updating your Paramount Plus app, and much more useful information. We hope it will be helpful for your reference. Still, if you have any queries or doubts regarding the Paramount Plus app on the Xbox gaming console, mention them using a comment section.

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