What Channel is PBS on DIRECTV in 2022? [Updated]

Get PBS Channel on DIRECTV and watch your favorite shows like PBS NewsHour, Masterpiece, Call the Midwife, NOVA, and more at your home. To know about the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) channel, which offers broadcasting services to the US for no profit, and the channel number on DIRECTV Streaming Service to watch the shows offered by this channel. Go through this article.

More About PBS Channel:


PBS, also known as Public Broadcasting Service, where you can explore music, art analysis, in-depth news, and more using TV shows. This is a public broadcasting service in the US based in Arlington, Virginia. This channel mainly focuses on educational content.

Since it is a public broadcasting service, there are no subscription costs. Instead, it gets funded by member station dues, corporations for public broadcasting, pledge drives, and donations. The TV shows that you can watch on this channel on the Streaming service are as follows PBS NewsHour, Masterpiece, Call the Midwife, NOVA, Antiques Roadshow, and more.

And more other educational and entertainment shows are broadcasted on the PBS Channel.

What Channel is PBS on DIRECTV?

The PBS Channel on DIRECTV comes in different channel numbers for different cities with respect to its broadcasting stations. Even though you can find this channel on DIRECTV on channel number 30 in most locations, it might vary. The channel number for different regions to get the PBS Channel on this streaming service are given here.

Atlanta 30 / 8
Birmingham 10
Boise 4
Chicago 11 / 20 / 56
Denver 6 / 12
Des Moines 11
Hartford 24
Indianapolis 20 / 30
Jacksonville 7 / 8
Little Rock 2
Los Angeles 24 / 50 / 58
Louisville 15 / 68
Phoenix 8
Wilmington 12 / 23 / 39
Wichita 8 / 9

By navigating to these channel numbers on your DIRECTV Streaming Service-supported devices and subscribing to any of the DIRECTV Packages, you can watch this channel. Visit the streaming service Home page to know the channel number for your locations if not mentioned here. Read TSN on DirecTV

to know more about it.

How to Watch PBS Channel on DIRECTV?


To watch the shows telecasted on the PBS channel with your DIRECTV subscription, the simple things you need to take into account are as follows,

  • Get DIRECTV on its Supported Devices
  • Create DIRECTV Credentials and Subscribe to its Package with PBS Channel in its Channel Lineup
  • Use the Channel Number given in this article to navigate to this channel on the DIRECTV-supported device.

The Devices on which you can watch the PBS Channel on this streaming service are as follows, Android phone, tab and TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, iOS phone and tab, Apple TV, DIRECTV STREAM device, Google, and Roku. The subscription plans are as follows,

directv subscription plans

Read Weather Channel on DirecTV to know more about it.

The End

Watch all the education shows on the Public Broadcastings Service (PBS) Channel using your DIRECTV Streaming Service with the help of the channel number provided in this article to get to the channel. If your region is not mentioned here, you can go to the DIRECTV official site and get the channel number of the PBS channel for your region using yoru area code.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the Shows to Watch on PBS Channel?

PBA News Hour, NOVA, Frontline, Finding your Roots, Nature, Antiques Roadshow, and other shows are telecasted on the PBS channel.

What is the New Season Available at PBS in 2022?

Endeavor, Grantchester, Miss Scarlet, and The Duke, along with new series like Magpie Murders and Annika, are the new series that are new in the year 2022 on the PBS channel.

What is a PBS Passport?

If you are a member of PBS by supporting it with donations, you get special access to PBS’s on-demand content library with the help of PBS Passport.

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