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We have used the conventional cable connection to stream the TV content. But most of them like to use streaming services to watch television programs. So, we get the instruction about How to Watch Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV.

Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV

This article guides you through installing this application on your Samsung TV. All you have to do is pay keen observation to this article. Get into the article to learn about these topics in detail.

What is Peacock TV?

Peacock TV is an American video streaming service. NBC Universal-owned it. It allows its users to stream up to 15,000 hours of video content. You can watch Blockbuster Movies, TV programs, Peacock Originals, Pop Culture, and sports.

If you get the subscription package of Peacock TV, you can stream video content for up to 20,000 hours. 

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How to Watch Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV?

Peacock TV is compatible with Samsung Smart TV. You can also stream it through other streaming devices. Now let us see how to install the Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV. Follow the below guidelines to get it on your device.

Step 1: Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and insert your Apple TV device into the HDMI portal.

Then Click the Smart HUB option on the Samsung TV controller.

Step 2: Now, click on the Apps section and hit the search icon.

Step 3: Search as Peacock TV app in the respective search bar.

Pick the recommended app from the search result. And click it.

Step 4: Head towards the Get symbol on your App Store screen. You can also use the on-screen keyboard to type your search content.

Step 5: Go to the Apps and Games section and open the installed Peacock TV app on Airplay Device.

Now create an account for Peacock TV. Sign In with your details.

Step 6: Play any of your favorite TV content on the Peacock app. On the top right side of the video streaming screen, tap on the Airplay symbol.

Select your Samsung Device name on the scanning page. Now you can watch the Peacock TV content on your Samsung Smart TV. Let us move to the Chromecast method to get this Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV. 

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How to Create an Account on the Peacock TV?

All the above topics will show you how to get the Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV. You will learn how to create an account on Peacock TV and sign in from this topic. Use this link to start the process. Let us see the methods in the following steps:

  • Go to the official website of Peacock TV.
  • Scroll and hit the Join Now key at the top side of your Peacock TV website screen.
  • Select the subscription plan which is economical and suits you.
  • Peacock TV asks you for some details on you to create an account.
  • Fill up the details like
  1. “Email address”
  2. Create a strong “password.”
  3. Re-enter your password entered in the above box
  4. Enter the “First Name” and “Last Name”
  5. Select your Gender
  6. Enter your “Birth Year”
  7. And finally, enter the “Zip Code.”

After fillup, in your details, kindly agree to the terms and privacy policy given below.

  • Then tap on the Create Account option at the end of the page.
  • Now it takes you to the Payment Gallery. 
  • Select your payment method and finish the billing section.
  • It may consume up to 30 seconds to process. Please wait for a while and do not disturb your running screen while it confirms your payment details.

All your registration process in the Peacock TV has finished. Now go to the Samsung Smart TV Sign In with your credential and start streaming your favorite content through the streaming providers.

What are the Methods for Chromecast Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV?

We discussed installing and streaming the Peacock TV content streaming service on Samsung TV in the above topic. Now we are taking to you to the Chromecsting method. Let us see how it works.

  • Take your Smartphone and turn on the Data source.
  • Now open the App Store and click the Search icon.
  • Then type Peacock TV in the required search bar.
  • Click the first app from the search result lineup.
  • Tap on the Install key to download the app on your smartphone device.
  • Get back to your device’s home screen and unfold the installed Peacock TV  app.

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Procedure for Chromecast Peacock TV:

  • Insert your Google Chromecast console in an HDMI portal on Samsung TV.
  • Then connect your Samsung TV, and Google Chromecast was associated with the same Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • Now open the Peacock app on your Smartphone and sign in.
  • Your Smartphone also wants to connect to the same internet connection. If you don’t have an account, create a new account and get in.
  • Play the video on Peacock TV and click the cast symbol on the same page.
  • The app scanned the compatible device and chose your Google Chromecast name, and lets it connect.

Now watch the Peacock TV on your Samsung Big TV through your Smartphone.

What is Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV?

Peacock TV is currently available on Samsung Smart TV in-built App Store. You can download it directly from the App Store. You can stream the Peacock TV now and use the Screen Mirroring methods.

Peacock is the top ott content streaming service. We can enjoy entertainment shows in various categories and content on Samsung Smart TV of the best quality.

You can stream Movies, TV Shows, News, Sports, and Reality programs. Now let us see the features given in Peacock TV.

What are the Features of Peacock TV?

Peacock has the most attractive features for its user’s comfort. We list the features below.

  • Peacock TV supports Google Chrome, MS Edge, Safari, and Firefox.
  • Also, you can install it and stream it on Android and iOS devices.
  • Including the PS4 and PS5, users can determine the Peacock app on their console.
  • Same as for the Xbox users.
  • Peacock TV is available on Roku TV/Device.
  • You can stream blockbuster movies and other TV content on Peacock TV.
  • The Peacock Originals is the most entertainment for us.
  • Also, you can watch the Kid’s related content.
  • From Telemundo, watch the Spanish Language entertainment shows.

Install and use the app to learn about more features of Peacock TV.

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How much does Peacock Subscription Cost?

There are three different subscription packages on Peacock TV. Which is

  1. Peacock Free
  2. The Peacock Premium
  3. Peacock Premium Plus

It has Monthly pay, and you have to renew your subscription plans every month for uninterrupted services.

The on-demand series The Office had a season, and you can watch the first five seasons ad-free.

You can stream Live Sports, the next day NBC shows, and Peacock Original programs in the Premium plan. And Peacock Premium also contains the ad.

You can thoroughly enjoy your favorite content without disturbing ads in the Peacock Premium Plus. You can watch the selected titles offline and will download them.

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Our Final Words:

Peacock TV application is a beautiful streaming service and is worth downloading. It is free to get in on our device App Store and stream the restricted content free. To continue watching the entertainment shows on Peacock TV, subscribe to their cheap cost of packages.

You get access to streaming all entertainment channels and Peacock originals by subscribing to it. So, don’t delay for more; download Peacock TV on your streaming device using the streaming providers compatible with it.

I hope the instruction and guidelines about How to Watch Peacock TV on Samsung Smart TV? in this article are beneficial to you. If you have any doubts about a particular part of topics or queries in the whole article, kindly mention your doubts and questions in the comment box given below.

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