How to Install and Watch Plex on PS5?

Among the best Smart apps, Plex leads at the top as it has a good streaming service. As it is a server-based media player, you can add your best collections to the server. And also the collections are sharable you can share them with your families, friends and relatives. Plex not only has “Library content” but is also capable of streaming 200+ channels that can be watched anywhere, and 24/7 they are available. So this article shows you how to install and watch “Plex on PS5

Plex on PS5

This app is free to use, but like other streaming services, it also has its subscription service called “Plex pass”. Plex is compatible with a wide range of Operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Roku, Android TV and finally, Playstation. To watch offline media, you can stream “Plex on PS5”.

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Subscription plan

For most convincing packs, users can upgrade to Plex premium. And their plans are listed below

  • $4.99 per month
  • $39.99 per Annum
  • $119.99 for a Lifetime pack

Fascinating features of Plex

  • FREE- This app is free to use, but like other streaming services, it also has its subscription service called “Plex pass”.
  • FREE channels- To have the Ultimate Plex experience, it offers over 100 free channels for users
  • Server-based media player– As a server-based media player, you can add your best collections to the server. And also the collections are sharable you can share them with your families, friends and relatives.
  • Play games- With an emulator or a Plex-compatible device allows, users, to play games.

Are you ready to register for Plex?

To register for Plex, kindly follow the upcoming steps

1. Browse- To create an account, visit www. plex. tv

2. Sign up- By providing the essential details, you can create an account by using Google, Facebook, and Apple.

3. Follow the instruction– To complete the registration successfully, follow the instructions provided on the screen

4. Pay to complete- Upgrade to the Plex premium by providing the payment details

5. Start streaming– Finally, you are done registering with Plex

How to install Plex on PS5

1. Connect to the internet– Firstly, turn on your PS5 and check whether it is connected to the internet connection

2. Media player– Now, on the home screen of  PS5, navigate to the “media” tab

Plex on PS5

3. All apps– On the screen, press the “All apps”. If you don’t find this “All apps” option, then navigate to the “Search icon.”

4. Search Plex- On the search bar, enter “Plex” by using the remote keyboard

Plex on PS5

5. Download- From the search result, choose plex. Then install the app by clicking the “Download” option

6. Media section– Once this process is done, the app will be downloaded on your PS5. And you can find it in the “Media” section

Unfortunately, Plex is not available pre-installed in the all-new PS5. Users can download it very easily from the store by following the steps mentioned earlier. There isn’t a separate dedicated button for Plex in the PlayStation media remote. Hence you can follow the steps mentioned above to access Plex without a media remote.

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How to set up a Plex server and add media to it?

You can add your best collections to the server as a server-based media player. And also the collections are sharable you can share them with your families, friends and relatives. Follow the steps to add a collection to the server.

1. Browse- Head over to the browser after turning on your PC

2. Plex media Server– From the search results, select “Plex media server download” and choose the official website of it

3. Select platform and install – To download the Plex Media Server choose the “Platform” and download the app by hitting the “Download option” on your device and finally install it

4. Launch- Select the “Plex icon” after launching the “Plex Media Server” app

5. Media Manager- Then click on the “Media Manager” by doing this, it opens a tab defaultly

6.Log in– Now, on the welcome page, enter the details to sign in

7. Change settings– You do not need to change the default settings. So skip that process and move on to the next step

8. Choose channels– To install in the “Media Server”, choose the channels you want to install. To install those channels, select the “Install” option on the media server and click “Next.”

9. Add section– To finish Media Server Setup, click on the “Done” option and select the “+Add section” button. Selecting it takes you to the “+Add Section” page, where you can choose the type of media that you prefer

10. Add folder– Enter any name as per your choice in the “Name field”. Then enter the media path to “Add folder.”

11. Save- To finish the process, select “Save.”

Activate Plex on PS5

1. Media Tab– To activate “Plex on PS5”, firstly select the “Media tab” on the home screen

2. Open the app– Then, from the home screen, choose the Plex app and open the app

3. Sign in–  On the next page, sign in to the app, then the activation code on the screen appears

Plex on PS5

4. Visit the website– From any device now, you can visit the Plex TV website. Enter the activation code to sign in with your “Plex account”. And gently select the link

Plex on PS5

5. Connected to the Plex server– The app refreshes itself and is connected to the “Plex server.”

Is plex on PS5 not working?

It is normal for the Plex server to get unavailable and occurs to a multitude of factors. And yes, fixing those issues with some troubleshooting steps is easy. And those are in the following steps.

  • Update Plex Media server– This occurs due to the outdated version of the media server. So kindly update the media server by clicking on the Settings> Server> by selecting this, a pop-up notification appears on the screen. Then the program itself starts checking for updates and finally brings you the new updates.
  • Sign Out– On your console and media server, log out and back in again.
  • Remove Unwanted servers and Devices– To remove unwanted servers on the settings, select the servers and remove the unwanted servers. And to remove unwanted devices on the settings, select the “Authorized devices” and remove the unwanted one.
  • Reinstall Plex Media Server
  • Create a New server– Finally, try this method if none of the above steps worked out. You can easily create a new server and move all the media files to the new directory.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can PS5 act as a media player?

Like PS4, all file formats cannot be supported on PS5. With the USB stick, you can easily playback all the media on PS5.

2. Plex for free?

Obviously, the Plex app is FREE to use. It is supported to be streamed on streaming devices like Amazon FireTV, Android FireTV, Android TV, Apple TV, PlayStation, Chromecast, Roku and so on.

3. Can we fix Plex not working on PS5?


  • You can easily make it work by updating your PS5 device
  • restarting the device
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app
  • Using the Plex account, Log out and log in again after a dozen seconds
  • To fix Plex not working on PS5, these are a few methods

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To end, I suggest you enjoy using Plex on PS5. I hope we have the essential details and guidelines to install and watch “Plex on PS5”. And be free to explore queries in the comment section. Thank you



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