How to Watch Popcorn Time on Smart TV?

Are you freaking out about knowing How to Watch Popcorn Time on Smart Tv? Then this guide will help you stream and install the app on your smartphone using various alternative methods. This app will let you watch all your latest movies and TV shows for free with torrenting technology. So you can stream its content without using any VPN service. Please keep reading to get a lot of information about it.

How to Watch Popcorn Time on Smart TV?

What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn time is a multi-platform app with free software. It is the best alternative for streaming your latest movies with your Popcorn Time app instead of using some other paid streaming services like Disney plus, Netflix, Hulu and many more. It is also a united media player to stream your desired movies without any subscription.

However, you can stream the latest and new movies and TV shows online, both HD and SD, including subtitles. This app is a combination of torrenting technology as well as a streaming platform. It is also safe to use without any VPN service because all the content here is copyrighted with licensed content to stream.

You can download the video to make sure the playing experience of your app. However, this platform uses torrenting technology to download the video content from the app itself.

Features of Popcorn Time:

  • Great catalogue- It gives you a choice of great series and movies whenever it is released.
  • Latest Movies and TV series- You can get the top torrents from a lot of essential websites to get great sources of TV series and movies.
  •  Full Authority- Users can stream what they want to stream, like movies and TV series, whenever without any restrictions.
  • Time-saving- It will play your desired movies and series instead of waiting to download.
  • Good Standard- You can relish the movies and content with HD resolution and also with subtitles.
  • Great Interface- It is the same as a Windows version, and the app is torrent file-based, so you can watch its content on your device.

How to get Popcorn Time on Smart TV?

Most smart TVs are the Android Operating System, so you can’t download and install the apps which are available in the Google play store like the Popcorn Time app since it is unavailable on your smart TV, so you can use alternative methods like sideloading method to add the Popcorn Time app to your smart TV.

📍STEP 1 >> Go to your smart TV and connect it to a strong internet source.

smart tv home screen

📍STEP 2 >> Visit the Google Play Store and find the Downloader app in your search field.

📍STEP 3 >> Now, choose the right app from the search result and tap to get or download the app.

📍STEP 4 >> It will start downloading on your smart TV and installing it by tapping on it.

📍STEP 5 >> Next, go back to the Android TV Home page and then head to the Settings section.

📍STEP 6 >> Go down to the settings menu and choose Security and Restrictions.

📍STEP 7 >> Then open the downloaded app and launch it on your smart TV.

📍STEP 8 >> Now open it and type in the Popcorn Time apk URL in the URL field.

📍STEP 9 >> Afterthat, tap to Go tile.

📍STEP 10 >> Now, the Apk will start to download on your Android TV.

📍STEP 11 >> When it gets downloaded on your TV, then install it by clicking on the Install tile.

📍STEP 12 >> Launch the apk to your Android TV Home screen.

📍STEP 13 >> Now open the Popcorn Time app and search for your favourite movie, then start streaming on your smart TV.

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Alternative Method:

You should visit the Popcorn Times official website and check the compatibility of your device. They provide a download link to get on your device, so you should check whether it can download on your device or not. If not, the screen mirrors your device from Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices; otherwise, you should use any streaming devices like Firestick or Chromecast to stream on your smart TV. Here we will let you know how to cast from your devices from the below session.

Watch Popcorn Time on smart TV using Chromecast

Instead of using the side loading method, you can also use any streaming device compatible with the Popcorn Time app to stream your desired movies or TV shows. Let us see the steps involving Chromecast Popcorn Time on your smart TV.

📍STEP 1 >> First, connect the Chromecast dongle to your smart TV HDMI port.

📍STEP 2 >> Then link your smart TV and Chromecast device to the same wifi standard internet source.

📍STEP 3 >> Go to the Apps section from your Chromecast Home screen.

📍STEP 4 >> Afterthat, find the app which you want t download from the Apps Categories.

apps categories

📍STEP 5 >> Now choose the right app and then start to download it by tapping on it.

📍STEP 6 >> Then install it on your smart TV Home screen and open it.

📍STEP 7 >> Now start to stream your favourite movies or TV shows from the Popcorn Time app on your smartTV.

Watch Popcorn on smart TV using Apple TV plus:

Mandatory steps:

  1. Apple id
  2. USB Cable
  3. Popcorn Time IPA File
  4. Cydia Impactor

📍STEP 1 >> First, you should download and install the Cydia Impactor from Mac or desktop.

📍STEP 2 >> Then download the Popcorn Time IPA file also on your device.

📍STEP 3 >> Next, open the Cydia Impactor and link your PC device to your Apple TV, using a USB cable.

📍STEP 4 >> It will show you a nearby device and choose your Apple TV device from the listed devices.

📍STEP 5 >> Now tap on the Popcorn Time IPA File from the Cydia Impactor screen.


📍STEP 6 >> Then register your Apple id to access and then sideload the Popcorn Time app.

📍STEP 7 >> You will get a pop-up notification that you will be installing the third-party apps on your Apple TV.

📍STEP 8 >> Now click on the OK button for the confirmation and wait for it to sideload the app.

📍STEP 9 >> Afterthat, go back to the Settings and then click the Profile and Device Management section under the General menu section.

📍STEP 10 >> Then, choose the certificates from the list, choose the new certificate, and click on Trust.

📍STEP 11 >> Now, you may view a new Popcorn Time app on your screen.

📍STEP 12 >> At last, you have installed the Popcorn Time app on your Apple TV plus device.

📍STEP 13 >> That’s it. You can enjoy streaming Popcorn Time content on your smart TV using Apple TV plus device.

How to screen mirror Popcorn Time from your smart TV via Android?

Some smart TVs are not let you install the apps from unknown sources. Otherwise, by using this underlying instruction, you can screen mirror your device on a smart TV to stream Popcorn Time content.

📍STEP 1 >> Set up with a standard internet source for your smart TV and Android device.

📍STEP 2 >> First, go to the play store from your Android device.

📍STEP 3 >> Then search for the Popcorn time app from the search bar.

📍STEP 4 >> Further, pick the right app from the result and tap to install button.

📍STEP 5 >>  Wait for it to download and then launch it to the Home screen.

📍STEP 6 >> Afterthat, open the app and pull down the notification panel.

📍STEP 7 >> Choose the screen mirroring or cast icon from the list.

📍STEP 8 >> It will scan for nearby devices and pick your smart TV from the listed menus.

📍STEP 9 >> Now, your Android screen will be screen mirrored on your smart TV.

📍STEP 10 >> At last, you can watch Popcorn Times on your smart TV and enjoy the movie or TV shows from a big screen.

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Final Verdict:

You can stream Popcorn Time on your Smart TV by using streaming devices like Google Chromecast, Firestick/Fire TV, Apple TV plus, Android devices as well iOS devices such as iPad, iOS smartphones, Mac, Windows, and more. However, you can side load your app on your smart TV to stream its content by third-party apps. You can also screen mirror from your Android or iOS devices on your smart TV. However, every Android TV doesn’t have a dedicated app to download Popcorn Time app on your device. So it would help if you tried alternative ways to get the stream on your smart TVs. Please comment below if you have any doubts or enquiries regarding Popcorn Time on smart TV.

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