How to Watch Live TV on PS4? [16 Live Streaming Apps]

Today Our topic is PS4 Live TV. Here I will be giving you the 16 Live Television content streaming services for your Sony Play Station gaming console device. The list will show you the Live Television app’s name.

How to Watch Live TV on PS4 [16 Live Streaming Apps]

The list of the Live Television content streaming service was given in the following topics in this article. Also, I have given the Features and the subscription cost in the following topics in this article. Do not miss to get the live streaming app name for your PlayStation device and its features.

Can you watch PS4 Live TV?

There is no shortage of the Live Television streaming service on your Playstation gaming console device. And there are no native live-streaming apps on your PS4 device. You have to download it from the Sony Play Station Store.

So, you have to find the compatible live streaming device which is available on the Sony PlayStation 4 console device. I have 16 Live Streaming services for your Play Station 4 gaming device. They get mentioned in the following topics in this article.

What are the PS4 Live TV?

In the above portions of this article, I have told you that  I have 16 Live streaming services for your Play Station 4 device. They are listed below. Check it out and continue reading to the following topics to know its features and subscription packages cost.

> Hulu Live TV

YouTube TV

> Netflix

Apple TV Plus

CBS All Access

Disney Plus

> CBS News

WWE Network



Paramount Plus

Pluto TV

NBC Sports




These are all the 16 live streaming services for your Sony Play Station gaming console. And you can check the required things in the following topic. They are:


You need some devices and the sources to get the app on your Play Station 4 console. They get given below:

  • Sony Play Station 4
  • Smart TV device
  • HDMI Cable
  • Device Remote Control
  • Standard Wi-Fi connection

Now, you can go with the installation steps of the live streaming apps on your Play Station 4 gaming console.

Install PS4 Live TV:

You can install the Live Television service on your Play Station 4 gaming console using the instructions I have given in the following space. They are:


First, you have to attach your PS4 gaming console to your Smart TV using the HDMI cable.


Then, you need to bind up your Play Station 4 and Smart TV device with identical Wi-Fi connection supplies at your home.


On the device controller, you can see the Home Button. Tap the home button to visit the home page of your Play Station device.


The Sony Play Station Store will get given as a mobile app at the menu toolbar of the Playstation device on the bottom screen. Launch the Play Station store on your device screen.


Then you have to click on the Search icon given at the top beginning section on the Play Station of your device screen.

Install PS4 Live TV on your streaming device:


On the search space on the Sony Play Station Store page, you need to type your favourite Live Streaming app name. And hit the search icon.


Then, you need to click on the Install button after you have Dig out and highlighted the required app from the search result.


Now, you need to open the installed PS4 Live TV streaming service on your Sony Play Station gaming device.


Here you have to Sign In or Sign Up with the streaming service to play the live video or any other content in the streaming service on your Play Station device.

Select any content from the app home page or search for the video on the page. And play it on your Sony Play Station 4 Gaming console device. Here you will get the PS4 Live TV.

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#1 >Hulu Live TV – [ PS4 Live TV ]

Hulu Plus Live TV was a popular Television Live content streaming service. You can get this app on your Play Station 4 streaming device.

You can follow the instructions I have given on the above topic.


I have given a few advantages of the Hulu app to download it on your streaming device. Here they are:

  • Watch More than 75 Live Television Channels.
  • Stream the Sports Channel on Hulu Plus Live TV.
  • Also, you have an Unlimited DVR.
  • You can also get the Hulu Originals on this platform.
  • Cancel the subscription at any time.


Here is the subscription plan and the cost of the Hulu Plus Live Television streaming service on your streaming device; the cost is:

◾→ $69.99 >> Per Month

Renew this package for every month at the exact date you have purchased this plan.

#2 > YouTube TV

YouTube TV is also a famous streaming service in the United States of America and also in many countries. You can get this service by the installation method I have given on the above topic.


These are all the few features and highlights of YouTube TV. Check it out right now.

  • You can get more than 85 channels which are the most popular.
  • Use six user account for the streaming option in the YouTube TV service.
  • No Hidden amount charges we applicable on the YouTube TV streaming service.
  • You have the Unlimited DVR facility on this streaming platform.
  • It will allow us to watch the content in high definition quality.
  • You can also watch the Live Sports and the shows on the YouTube TV platform.


YouTube TV was a paid streaming service. So, you have to obtain the features by getting the subscription package on this platform

◾→ Base Plan >> ( $54.99 ) >> Per Month

       ◾→ Spanish Plan >> $24.99 >> Per Month 

Choose your convenient subscription package and watch the PS4 Live TV on the available streaming device.

#3 > Netflix – [ PS4 Live TV ]

Netflix was a worldwide famous streaming service. And it was an OTT platform. You can watch the newly released movies, shows, live television programs, and more content on the Netflix service.


It has many advantages and Features to the Netflix streaming service. You can check it out in the following.

  • Unlimited TV Shows, Movies, Sports and more on Netflix.
  • It allows you to download movies or any other content on the Netflix platform.
  • You can use the user account and watch the content on your Laptop, PC, Smartphone, and more.
  • It gives us permission to create an account for the children. 
  • Stream the content on Netflix without a single ad.
  • And all the content is provided with a high range of video quality.


Netflix has two subscription packages for Monthly and Annually. So, the cost of the Netflix subscription packages is given below:

        ◾→ Basic Plan >>( $9.99 ) >> Per Month

              ◾→ Premium Plan >> $19.99 ) >> Per Year

These two are the subscription packages given by the Netflix streaming service. It was the best live streaming service for the Sony Play Station console device.

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#4 > Apple TV Plus – [ PS4 Live TV ]

Apple TV Plus was an iOS Inc product. And it was in-built on all iOS devices. But also it was available on other devices like Android, Play Station and external devices’ in-built App Store.


You can check the features and the subscription packages of the Apple TV Plus in the following topics. They are:

  • You can watch the Apple TV Originals on its platform
  • It will allow us to share the Apple TV Plus profile with your family members.
  • New Release movies, shows and other content get highlighted on the streaming service.
  • Also, you have special kid’s content on the Apple TV Plus streaming platform.
  • Cancel the subscription at any time.


It has three subscription plans for streaming the content. So, the Apple TV plus subscription cost gets given below. They are

Apple TV Device >> 3 Months free

                    ◾→ 7-Day Free Trial >> $4.99 >> Per Month

                          ◾→ 1 Month Free Trial >> $14.95 >> Per Month

If you bought the Apple TV external streaming device, you could get the Apple TV Plus subscription for free for 3 months till the purchase date. Then you have to renew the package for every month.

#5 > CBS All Access

CBS was famous for the live sports streaming on your streaming device. You can get this television channel on external streaming services.


It has many advantages, and people like this streaming service for its features and advantages. They are listed below:

  • It has hundreds of Live Television channels on the platform.
  • And you can watch the Paramount Plus on this streaming platform.
  • It will provide us with the Shows and the newly released movies on the CBS site.
  • Also, CBS All Access has live news and TV shows on its location.
  • You can check the scheduled program on the CBS streaming site.
  • And all the provided content in the CBS All Access is in HD quality.


The CBS All Access streaming also have a subscription package to get the live content on your Streaming device. The costs of the two subscription packages have given here:

                       ◾→ CBS All Access >> $4.99 >> Per Month

                          ◾→ Comercial Plan >> $14.95 >> Per Month

Both are the monthly package, and you have to get this pack and restore it for every month at the date you have purchased this plan.

#6 > Disney Plus – [ PS4 Live TV ]

Disney Plus are a vast network. And also it was a production company too. You can get Disney Plus access to the Amazon Prime Video streaming service. Here are the features of Disney Plus.


Disney Plus is most liked by the children because it produces more superhero movies and cartoons. Here they are:

  • You can watch the Kid’s content on Disney Plus.
  • Stream the TV Shows on the streaming platform.
  • Also, it allows us to watch the newly released content on Disney Plus.
  • It will provide with a high range of 4 K resolution quality.
  • And you can download the video content on the Disney plus platform.


Disney Plus offers Two Subscription Packages. One is Monthly Pay and another one is Yearly pay. Here are the amount details and the validity details in the following space.

               ◾→ $7.99 >> Per Month

              ◾→ $79.99 >> Per Year

#7 > CBS News

CBS News was a piece of news-feeding streaming service. And you can watch the Live television News in your region and worldwide. The benefits and advantages are given in the following space.


CBS News was a News feeding streaming service and you can watch all the recent news and the daily updates. This streaming service was a free streaming service.

  • CBS News allows us to watch the live news on its streaming page.
  • Also, you can watch the local items of news in your region.
  • You can watch the 24 hours in 7 days news on this CBS News streaming service.
  • The CBS News app will let us to watch the shows on its streaming platform.
  • No extra cost was applicable to watch the news on this CBS News streaming service.


The CBS News was a Free Streaming service and you can watch all news feeds for free of cost. And you can watch the daily updates and the recent news in your region without any extra charge to stream it on your streaming service.

#8 > WWE Network – [ PS4 Live TV ]

WWE Network was a streaming platform to watch Boxing and martial arts sports on its service. You can watch all matches on this platform. And it was a paid streaming service. The subscription cost was given in the following topic.


Here you can get the advantages and the benefits of the WWE Network on this topic. Here they are what you need on this topic:

  • You can watch the Premium Wrestling matches on this WWE Network platform.
  • Every weekly match is posted on this WWE Network streaming service.
  • Also, you can watch the Exclusive matches in this app.
  • The Matches replays are also included in this platform.
  • You can watch your favourite fighter’s matches on this streaming site.


As I am told in the above topic, it was a paid streaming service. You have to obtain the subscription packages given on this streaming platform to watch the weekly and the premium matches. Here is the cost of the WWE Network Subscription packages.

                    ◾→ 7-Day Free Trial >> $9.99 >> Per Month

#9 > Twitch 

Twitch was a gaming platform. You can watch the live video games that other Twitch users have posted on their platform. And it was a subscription streaming service. The cost and the features were given in the following section on this topic.


The interesting features and benefits were given in this topic. You can see the benefits of playing games on this platform. They are:

  • It will let us to watch the live gaming session of the Twitch streaming service users.
  • Also, you can also go live with your favourite video gaming playing video.
  • The Twitch allows you to Sign Up with their platform for free.
  • You can create a channel and start posting and live with your gaming talent.
  • It will ask us to pay based on the tiers.

The cost of the tiers was given in the following section. They are:


Already I have told you that you want to pay only for the tiers. And the tiers are divided into three parts. They are mentioned in the following space.

              One Tier >> ( $4.99 )

                    ◾→ Two Tier >> $9.99 )

                          ◾→ Three Tier >> $24.99 )

#10 > Vudu – [ PS4 Live TV ]

Vudu was also a famous television content streaming service. You can watch all television content and shows on its platform. Here are the benefits of the Vudu streaming service given in this topic.


The Vudu Streaming service has many features and advantages for the users. They are listed in the following space in this article.

  • The Vudu was a Free Streaming service.
  • And it was allows us to watch the Love television content on its site.
  • Also, you can watch Television shows on the Vudu streaming service platform.
  • It lets you to stream the content provided in the Vudu streaming service at HD quality.
  • And you can download your favourite show or content and watch it offline.


Vudu was a free streaming service and you can watch all the television content, Live streaming, and sports content on the Vudu for free of cost. 

Our Final Notes:

So, here are the PS4 Live TV streaming services were given in this article. You can download those articles I have listed above in this content and you can watch the television telecasts on your PS4 gaming console.

There is no need to screencast or sideload the streaming services I have given in the above topic. You can download it directly from the in-built Sony PlayStation Store. If there is any doubt, ask me in the comment section.

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