Why My PS5 Not Showing on TV? Quick Fix

Are you having trouble with PS5 not showing on TV? Then we will let you know the fixing solutions and resolutions through this article. So keep reading this article till the end to get all your answers from this guide.

Why My PS5 Not Showing on TV?

Play Station 5 is a popular gaming console in the United States. You can play the game with a great experience. Suppose you have any issues like Play Station 5 not appearing on your TV. Then follow this guide until the end to get solved all your issues related to not showing on TV and others. We will let you know from this guide everything in detail.

Why is My PS5 Not Appearing on TV?

Your Play Station 5 gaming console is not showing up on your smart TV when you have not linked your HDMI cable to the two devices, whether damaged or anything faulty. It is the most common issues find when it occurs in the PS5 console.

 Suppose you have an HDMI port cable that prevents the Play Station connects from your smart TV. If there are not showing any images on the screen, then your audio will be transmitted from your gaming console.

 There are some other reasons for not showing the Play Station 5 screen on your TV. Here are some causes why the PS5 console blacked out and what are the solution for it.

 How to Fix the PS5 Not showing on my TV?

There are some other reasons why it is not showing or appearing as a black screen on your smart TV. So we will explain the various fixing methods that are available to solve the issue you are facing right now.

#1. PS5 does not appear due to PS5 has any network

Suppose your Play Station 5 no longer has a signal, then it isn’t able to view from your smart TV. This problem occurs due to neither poor nor slow internet sources nor a cracked cable.

#2. Due to the TV input setting being incorrect

On your smart TV, the Play Station 5 is not showing up when the right input settings have not linked you. First, your smart TV and the Play Station 5 gaming console want to be in the same connection with each device to work stable.

#3. Incorrect image settings on your PS5 console

Maybe if your TV has a not supported resolution setting, that may interfere with your Play Station 5 shows on your TV. In the image, there are many various settings you can select on your PS5 console. It may vary from the TV brands and models you use, and it will decide whether the settings will work out or not on your PS5 gaming console.

 #4. System Error on PS5

Suppose your PS5 console has a software error, and it can interfere with using your gaming console that shows up on TV. Maybe it will be a firmware update that won’t be downloaded. If not, there may be a corrupted file from your gaming console.

In a while, your Play Station 5 might experience a momentary system glitch, and it disrupts the ordinary functions on your PS5 console.

#5. Verify that If there is any fault on PS5 HDMI Port

If your PS5 console’s HDMI port is detected any fault or broken, then it will show your TV screen as black or not appearing. So here we are, giving the solutions to solve the issues you are facing right now. If that case, it may indicate something on your TV screen, which is given below in detail. 

  • Sometimes your TV screen only shows a black screen or any message that indicates the error, such as No Input and No Signal. 
  • Suppose you have the right HDMI channel to your PS5 and TV. Then you will view it as No signal on the TV.
  • In case you will view a blurred image from your PS5 screen on the broken audio quality.
  • Once you turn on your PS5 console, then it will show you a blue light for a certain period, and then it will shut down automatically. It denoted there is some hardware problem, and you should want to search for the PS5 HDMI port to replace or repair it.

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#6. Replace the HDCP Settings

HDCP settings may block or force the screen to glint. Then switch it off or set it up to a 1.4 which will help you to get rid of this situation.

Here we will let you know to change the HDCP Settings from your Play Station 5.

#STEP 1 >>

First, you should need to enable your PS5 console to rest mode.

#STEP 2 >>

Next, link your Dual Sense controller to your console.

#STEP 3 >>

Now choose to change the video input.

#STEP 4 >>

Further, set the HDCP to 1.4.

#STEP 5 >>

Afterthat, save the settings which you changed.

#STEP 6 >>

At last, now restart your Play Station 5.

Afterthat restarting your PS5 console then, you should view the PS5 user’s interference from your TV screen. Still, you can’t be able to view anything, then try to verify the HDMI port on your TV, which is connected through your PS5 console.

Along with you can determine your PS5 HDMI port in case your HDMI ports have not defective. In that case, if you will have a broken or faulty HDMI port, then you can replace it with the new one. Afterthat, replace it and then connect it to your TV. Then your issue will be fixed right now.

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Does My PS5 Operate with Any Other HDMI?

Of course, the Play Station 5 console works fine with any HDMI cable, whereas you need to use the PS5 console with full capability so you have to use the HDMI 2.1 cable. If your TV no longer supports 120HZ or uses an HDMI with 2.0, that can’t work with 120 FPS.

To get the 120 FPS from your TV, so you want to get a TV that supports 120 HZ. You should require an HDMI 2.1 cable, and you can get many TVs that are inbuilt with next-generation console gaming. For that, you need an LG CX OLED TV. It will be a great choice for your PS5 console.

Why is the PS5 Console not available in 4K?

You need to be able to play games with 4K automatically, and then you want to change some settings on your TV to play with 4K or 2160p. To change the settings resolution on your Play Station 5, you should want to follow the below given underlying procedures.

#STEP 1 >>

Head to the Settings from your Play Station 5.

#STEP 2 >>

Then go down to the screen and video option.

#STEP 3 >>

Further, choose the video output option.

#STEP 4 >>

Now set the resolution to 2160p, and then your video output will be streaming in 4K.

#STEP 5 >>

Next, turn on the HDR from your PS5, then choose the HDR settings to be automatic.

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What are the Advantages of HDMI 2.1?

If you don’t know why you should, you need to have an HDMI cable enabled with 2.1. Then we will let you know the exciting features, and also, it will make your gaming a great experience.

  • Low discontinuation problems.
  • Advanced resolutions.
  • Speedy frame rate.
  • Great gaming response times.

Can the PS5 console work with all TV?

Yes, your Play Station 5 will work with any other smart TV that allows support with HDMI cable. It may vary on your TV model and the software you have, and it requires a 2.1 port. The cable which will match it and supply to your gaming console and PS5 does not need any certain brand or manufacturing model of your TV to operate.

Does PS5 need a 4K TV?

No, it doesn’t need any 4K TV to view a good-quality picture. Suppose it is linked to one, then it will display your output instantly using this option. However, the compatible resolutions for your pLay Statin 5 require viewing on your TV, which is 720p, 1080p, and 2160. You can also choose your favorite resolution from the settings in the PS5 menu.

Wrapping Up:

You can resolve the issues on your Play Station 5, which shows up with a black screen. So you can fix the issues you are facing on your gaming console right now. However, you can also replace the HDMI cable which has been defective or faulty. If you have any other issues related to your PS5 screen or defective HDMI cable, then let me know in the comment section.

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