What Channel is the Raiders game on Xfinity?

Las Vegas Raiders team is one of the most popular teams, and they are a premium member of the NFL Championship. There are lots of fans addicted to the Raiders team, right? In this way, the users need to access the Raiders game on Xfinity. Now, in this passage, you are going to talk about the What Channel is the Raiders game on Xfinity.

What Channel is theWhat channel is Raiders game on Xfinity


Short Note on Raiders

The Las Vegas Raiders team mainly originated from the metropolitan areas of the United States of America. This team had membership in the National Football League, AFC west division, and American Football Conference. You could stream all types of matches of the Las team through some channels. These are NBC, NFL Network, ABC, CBS, Sportsnet, Redzone and then more. Now we going to talk about What Channel is the Raiders game on Xfinity. 

Outlook on Xfinity

Before going to talk about the Raiders game on Xfinity services and which mainly serve more trustable streaming services, it had beneficial subscription providers. Furthermore, you are able to access all types of services with Xfinity. These are DVR, Live TV channels, Sports, Storage, and others on demand. You are able to access these services with any of the streaming apps such as Hulu, Youtube, HBO, Apple TV plus Netflix, and then more. Use the valid subscription pack of Xfinity TV service. Then you could proceed with the subscription information with Xfinity TV.

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Is Raider Game Available on Raiders Game?

To be sure, you can watch the Raiders game on Xfinity provider by using many sports channels. Most important the 2022-2023 season of the Raider games ended on February 12, 2023. The next season of this game 2023-2024 will be started on September 7, 2023. In this middle period, you can watch highlights and old seasons of games and matches of Raider Game that are available on these channels. You can read the upcoming section to get the available channel list.

What Channel is the Raiders game on Xfinity?

Now, we are going to talk about what channel Raiders game on Xfinity. Coming lines explain the streaming service name and channel numbers.

Streaming Service Name: Xfinity

Channel Name: NFL Network

Streaming on: 180

Channel Name: NFL Red Zone

Streaming on: 390

Channel Name: CBS

Streaming on: 1003

Channel Name: Sportsnet

Streaming on: 639

Channel Name: NBC

Streaming on: 29[SD] & 259[HD]

Channel Name: ABC

Streaming on: 1008

Channel Name: ESPN

Streaming on: 33

Channel Name: FOX

Streaming on: 1061

These channels help to stream the NFL Games today on your official lineup of Xfinity TV service.

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Features of Xfinity

With the Xfinity TV service, you can stream any type of streaming application. Furthermore, use this Xfinity Stream app, and it is in addition to some other good utilities of Xfinity service. Furthermore, the Xfinity Stream app is mainly used to stream any Xfinity content with your mobile devices. The well-defined source of DVR helps to store your favorite movies or shows with your cloud storage of Xfinity TV service provider. These offers mainly use the Flex 4K streaming TV box then. You can access the content library based on your subscription packages. Now you enjoy the Raiders game on Xfinity.

 Alternate Way to watch Raiders Games:

You can use a streaming service to stream a Raider game. There are a few streaming services that provide this game content such as Sling TV, Youtube TV, Fubo TV, Hulu, and DirecTV stream.

Raiders on Hulu: You can use the Hulu streaming service to watch Raiders Games it is a subscription service at the Cost of $64.99 and it gives a 7-day of Free trial.

Raiders on Sling TV: By using this streaming service to watch Raiders Games. Then you have the channels like FOX, NBC, ESPN, and NFL RedZone. This is also a subscription-based service at the rate of $35.00 for one month and it has a 7- days of free trial pack. Moreover, it additionally provides DVR storage you can record your favorite content and it will store for 50 hours.

Watch Raiders on Youtube Tv: The subscription cost $64.99 and also includes a 2-week of Free trial package and it provides Unlimited DVR storage Space.

Raider on Fubo TV: Fubo TV provides many channels to stream Raider’s games. The channels like CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, and NFL Redzone Channels. The Fubo TV package starts at the rate of $64.99 and it has seven days free trial period.

Stream Raiders on DirecTV stream: This streaming service starts its package at the rate of $69.99 for one month and you can use the channels such as CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to watch NFL games on Xfinity?

The Xfinity TV customers easily watch NBC live every Sunday night. And then the Xfinity flex tune, and it streams “Sunday Night Football” live on Peacock for no other extra cost.

2. Why am I not able to watch the NFL network with Xfinity?

Comcast corp is axing the NFL with lots of Xfinity customers with some affordable packages. Because of it had the recent deal with Fox spots and other National Football leagues.

3. What channel is the Raiders game tonight?

You can use NBC, ABC, NFL Network, ESPN, CBS, NFL Redzone, and others. Then you can watch NFL games today with the official lineup of Xfinity TV service.

4. What channel is ESPN on Xfinity?

The ESPN channel on Xfinity streaming services comes through the Xfinity TV channel lineup. And then the channel code of ESPN on the Xfinity channel lineup is 33.


Coming to an end, now you understand what channel is streaming the Raiders game on Xfinity. The above passage explains the channel name and number to enjoy the NFL games. Read the entire article then you get the proper way to stream Raiders. Thank You.

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