How to Install Redbox on Apple TV? [Rent,Stream and Buy]

This is the right place for you to learn How to Install and Watch Redbox on Apple TVYou can Rent, Stream and Buy the newly released movies, shows and more content in the Redbox service.

How to Install Redbox on Apple TV [Rent,Stream and Buy]

  • Does Apple TV have Redbox App?
  • How to Install and Watch Redbox on Apple TV?

Here we were given the Sign-Up method, Installation steps, and Streaming procedures of Redbox on Apple TV. So, read this entire article and pick all the easy points.

Does Apple TV have Redbox?

We have approved getting Redbox on Apple TV. Yes! You can Install Redbox on Apple TV. Redbox has provided the self-regulating video games previously. And now, it is popularly known for getting the movies, shows newly released for Rent, and Buy specialization at DVD, Blu-Ray, and UHD rentals.


Also, you can get the content at 4K HD resolution. Now, let us start to Install the Redbox on Apple TV. You can get the Installation steps on the following topic.

How to Install and Watch Redbox on Apple TV?

So, we already know about the compatibility of the Apple TV and the Redbox service. You can Download the Redbox on your Apple TV external streaming device. Before we go to the installation steps, we have to open the user account on Redbox. First, we have to finish the procedure.

Sign Up with Redbox:

Get the Sign Up procedure in the below steps we have given on this topic.

( Note: Before getting into this section, you have to set your streaming device with a high-speed internet connection )

👉Step 1: ( Web Browser )

You can use your Android, iOS Devices, Laptops, or any other streaming devices you have. And open the Web Browser app on your streaming device.

👉Step 2: ( Search )

Click on the search box and find in the given field.

👉Step 3: ( Open )

From the search, drop-down dig out the required official site of the Redbox and click on the web link on your device screen.

👉Step 4: ( Sign Up )

On the home page of the Redbox site, you have to click on the Sign Up option and enter the details given on the screen.

Redbox Sign Up page

( Note: You have to enter your active email address on the Redbox Sign Up page because in each transaction for your rental DVD, you will be got a mail from the Redbox community )

👉Step 5: ( Create Account )

After filling the boxes, you must click on the Create Account option to confirm your request. Now, we go to the installation of the Redbox on Apple TV.

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Install Redbox on Apple TV:

Now, we have the user account on the Redbox DVD rental service. Here are the steps to install the Redbox service on your Apple TV streaming device.

👉Step 1: ( Associate )

Unbox the Apple TV device and associate it with your Smart TV HDMI port.

👉Step 2: ( Set Internet )

Now, you have to bind your devices with your home Wi-Fi source.

👉Step 3: ( Home Screen )

On your Apple TV device controller, there you have a home button, and you have to click that button to go to the home page of your Apple TV device.

👉Step 4: ( Apple App Store )

On the home page of your Apple TV device, you have many apps, and there you have to select and open the Apple App Store on your device screen.

👉Step 5: ( Search )

Tap on the search icon in the App Store and browse “Redbox” in the given type field, and hit the search icon.

Red Box on Apple App Store

👉Step 6: ( Install )

Determine the Redbox from the search result and dig out if from the list. Then click on the “Install” button to launch the app on your Apple TV screen.

Please wait for some time before it downloads on your device. After it is installed on your device, you can get it on the Apps and Games section on Apple TV.

Stream Redbox on Apple TV:

So, we have installed the Redbox on Apple TV. Now, we have to move to the following procedure of using this service on your Apple TV.

👉Step 1: ( Open )

Unwrap the installed Redbox app on your Apple TV streaming device screen.

Red Box on Apple TV

👉Step 2: ( Sign In )

Move forward to the Sign In key on the home page of the Redbox. Enter your email address and password in the given boxes.

👉Step 3: ( Movies )

Tap on the movies option given in the Redbox streaming service.

👉Step 4: ( Select Movie )

Choose the movies from the list, and also, you can use the search icon to find the movies you want to buy it for rent.

Stream RebBox on Apple TV

👉Step 5: ( Hold For Pick Up )

Then you have to head toward the “Hold for Pick Up” option on the appeared screen.

👉Step 6: ( Video Format )

Select the video format from the given options, and you can buy the movie by DVD type or Blu-ray type. 

👉Step 7: ( Turn On Location )

Now, it will ask you to provide the location details on the given screen. It will show you the nearby Redbox in your area.

👉Step 8: ( Payment )

Then, you will take you to the payment process, pick your convenient package and finish your payment process.

Get DVD on Redbox:

👉Step 9: ( Get DVD )

Go to the required Redbox Location and start the procedure.

👉Step 10 : ( Online Rental Pick up )

If you do not reserve it on online, you have to choose Rent DVD in the given three options.

👉Step 11: ( Enter Details )

Some details of your Redbox account will be asked on the Redbox screen; enter the details and click on the Next button to confirm the status.

Then get the DVD from the Red box, and you have to return the DVD two days later at @9.00 PM. If you are late in returning the DVD, you have been charged for the delay.

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Watch Movie Instantly in Redbox on Apple TV:

We have successfully registered, Installed, and got the DVD on the Redbox location. Now, we are going to stream it online. Let us discuss about it below:

👉Step 1: ( Redbox )

To watch movies instantly on your Streaming device, you have to visit the Redbox in the web browser.

👉Step 2: ( Movies )

Go to the movies section. On the home page, you can see the popular movies, and for more movies, you can use the search option to find the required movie.

👉Step 3: ( Watch Now )

Before starting this, you have to enter the user account details on the present screen and then click on the “Watch Now” option to watch the movie online.

👉Step 4: ( Subscribe )

You need a subscription package to watch movies online on the Redbox service. The subscription details are given below.

How much does Redbox cost?

Redbox has a payment for buying the DVD and Blu-ray and watching movies online for rental. And the cost for these processes is given below:

Cost of DVD on Redbox:

🔶 $1.50 >> ( Per Day ) ( Plus Tax )

🔸 Validity >> ( 24 Hours )

Cost of Blu-ray Disk:

🔶 $2.00 >> ( Per Day )

Cost of Instant Stream:

We have three subscription tiers in the Redbox streams.


🔶 $6.00 >> ( Per Month )

🔸 Streaming >> ( Unlimited Streaming )


🔶 $8.00 >> ( Per Month )

🔸 Free >> ( FOUR Free DVD Players)


🔶 $9.00 >> ( Per Month )

🔸 Free >> ( FOUR Blu-Ray Disk )

These three are the Redbox subscription package, and you can select anyone that is convenient to you and enjoy watching your favourite movie online, via DVD, and through Blu-Ray Disk.

Our Last Notes:

You can get the Redbox on Apple TV, and also, you can stream the movies online via Rental and through the Blu-Ray Disk on your streaming device. You can get the DVD and Blu-Ray Disk in the nearby Redbox location.

The Rental time and the cost of the disk, DVD, and to the instant stream online have given in this article. You can watch movies online on your computer or using any other available streaming device. Need more details about this content? Ask me in the comment section given below.

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