How to Reset Kodi: Step by Step Definitive Guide

Kodi, with the substantial amount of add-ons and content it offers, is one of the most used media streaming applications. But with more content and usage comes a few problems. When you have been using Kodi to stream media content from different add-ons for a long time, it is possible for you to experience some issues regarding the performance of the application. In such cases, you would want to reset Kodi to get rid of the glitches. This article is about the need to reset Kodi and how to reset Kodi from different devices. 

How to Reset Kodi

What is Kodi?

Kodi, an open-source media player application, lets you access streaming media content. Featuring a 10-foot user interface, Kodi was initially designed for home theatres but it runs on a wide range of devices of different platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and even Raspberry Pi. From a device as small as a smartphone to as big as a living room Smart TV, Kodi works without a glitch. Besides this, it works on streaming devices and gaming consoles as well. 

It plays media of all formats like photos, music, videos, podcasts, radio, live TV, and more. All these media can be played from both local and network storage media. But to play all these said media, you will need add-ons. Kodi comes with many official add-ons for various purposes starting from simple screensavers and weather apps to movies TV shows and live TV. 

For instance, if you would like to play a movie, all you have to do is choose an add-on from the Kodi repository, install it on Kodi, search for the movie on it and start streaming. In addition to the official add-ons, there are plenty of third-party add-ons that come with more content than the official add-ons and most of these are safe to use as well. 

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Need to Reset Kodi

You might wonder why anyone would want to reset Kodi. And you are usually right because Kodi works just fine for a long time without running into any problem. But if you have been using Kodi for a really long time, you might notice the application running into performance issues sometimes. This happens if you have multiple add-ons installed on Kodi. 

While most add-ons behave well, some of the installed ones might slow down the application. There are times when you will find errors displayed when attempting to play media

In cases like this, resetting Kodi will drastically improve its performance of Kodi. In addition, the temporary files saved on the application will be deleted and thereby speeding up Kodi. Resetting Kodi clears up Kodi of all data, add-ons, and settings and gives you a clean start with the application. 

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How to Reset Kodi?

Depending on the device on which you have Kodi installed, there are many ways to reset Kodi to its default settings. Let us have a look at the different ways to reset Kodi. 

Reset Kodi on Firestick/ Fire TV

If you have Kodi on your firestick/fire TV, follow the steps below to reset or restore Kodi to its default settings.

# Step 1. Exit Kodi if you have opened it on your firestick/Fire TV.

# Step 2. From the Home screen, click Settings.

home screen firestick

# Step 3. Scroll down until you locate Applications and click on it. 

reset kodi firestick applications

# Step 4. Click on Manage Installed Applications.

reset kodi firestick manage installed app

# Step 5. Scroll down, locate Kodi, and select the app to display its settings menu.

reset kodi firestick kodi

# Step 6. Click on Force Stop to make sure that the application has stopped working.

force stop firestick

# Step 7. Now, tap Clear Data.

reset kodi firestick kodi clear data

# Step 8. Click on Clear Data again to permanently clear all the data and reset the app to its default settings. 

reset kodi firestick kodi clear data again

Reset Kodi on Android TV

Follow the steps below to reset Kodi on your Android TV Box.

# Step 1. Exit Kodi if you have it opened on your TV. 

# Step 2. Locate Settings from the home screen of your Android TV and click on it.

reset kodi android settings

# Step 3. Select More Setting under the Preferences section. 

reset kodi android more setting

# Step 4. In the Devices section, click on Apps.

reset kodi android device apps

# Step 5. From the list of apps that appears, locate, and select Kodi.

reset kodi android kodi

# Step 6. Select Clear Data which will clear all the data permanently and reset Kodi to its original settings. 

reset kodi android clear data

# Step 7. A warning prompt will be displayed about deleting the app’s data permanently. Just tap on OK.

reset kodi android delete app data

Reset Kodi on Windows

# Step 1. Exit Kodi if you have it opened on your device.

# Step 2. Click on the Windows button, type %appdata%, and click on the folder that appears.

reset kodi windows appdata

# Step 3. Opening the folder, locate Kodi from the list. 

reset kodi windows kodi folder

# Step 4. Right-click on Kodi and select delete from the options that appear. 

reset kodi windows kodi folder delete

Kodi is now reset and the next time you launch the app, it will be a fresh application on which you can work on installing new add-ons. 

Reset Kodi through Ares Wizard Fresh Start

Ares Wizard is one most used and popular tools among Kodi users. This is because it comes with some of the best add-ons you will need on Kodi. In addition to providing access to popular add-ons, Ares Wizard enables you to reset Kodi to its factory settings. 

The best part is that with Ares Wizard you will have options to retain selected data even after resetting Kodi. To do this, you will first have to install Ares Wizard on Kodi

Once you have installed the Ares Wizard on Kodi, you will need to have a few more steps done to run the Ares Wizard Fresh Start function. 

# Step 1. Launch the Ares Wizard add-on and click on the More tab from the top of the home page.

ares wizard more

# Step 2. From the menu that appears, click on the Erase All Data/Fresh Start option.

ares wizard erase data

# Step 3. A warning prompt will be displayed about deleting all add-ons from Kodi on which you will have to click on Yes to proceed.

ares wizard fresh start prompt

# Step 4. Ares Wizard provides you with options to retain selected data even after the reset process is done. Select the data you would like to keep in the Options screen and click on Proceed.

ares wizard retain data

# Step 5. Ares Wizard will now start to reset Kodi to its factory settings. Once the resetting process is done, you will be prompted to close the app. Just click on OK.

ares wizard close Kodi prompt

Launching the Kodi after this process is done, you will find that the application is reset and brings about a fresh start. 

Wrapping Up

Once you have reset Kodi to its factory settings, you will find Kodi the way it was just when you have installed it. Resetting Kodi gives you a fresh start by eliminating all the glitches you must have experienced earlier – say performance issues, application lag, etc. Every time you encounter performance issues with Kodi and couldn’t find the source of the issue, a simple reset will get rid of the problem.

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