How to Reset Xfinity Remote?

Hi readers, This is one of the different topics. Who is having trouble with your Xfinity remote? Are you searching for a solution for How to Reset Your Xfinity Remote? This is the right post for you. Here we will find a solution to reset the Xfinity Remote. This is an easy process to reset the remote. Read this article till the end to gain more knowledge about this topic. Let’s start with this topic.

Why is Xfinity Remote Not Working?


This Xfinity Remote has a problem because it has some hardware issues over time to make it responsive. In this case, you do not need to buy a new remote. Here we some of the reasons why it’s not working. Read this section carefully.

Physical Damage:

You need to check your Xfinity remote to see if it has any physical damage, like a crack or any button struck in the remote. Suppose you drop in water, and it causes physical damage. In this case, you need to buy a new control panel for Xfinity X1.

Faulty batteries:

If you are seeing the Xfinity remote is not working, the batteries are. Suppose you fix it correctly or not. Otherwise, check the battery is new. The top of the remote has one LED red color light. Press any button on the remote the LED light is not light up the batteries are dead. Another trick is that the LED light blinks five-time continually. The remote is going to die. You will change it with a new set of batteries and work it. Further, we move to the upcoming topic of solving the problem of resetting the Xfinity remote.

How to Reset Your Xfinity Remote?

Xfinity Remote

Xfinity is a streaming service platform. But Xfinity remote is having some issues. In this section, we will guide you to reset the Xfinity remote.

  1. First, you need to check the Battery condition.
  2. The Xfinity Remote has a setup button. Click the button on the rest of the input as 9-8-1 to reset the control panel of Xfinity.
  3. Press and hold the A and D buttons that the last number can follow, 9-8-1, to reset the remote.
  4. After this process, you need to pair it and set it up again from the beginning.
  5. You can also reset your Xfinity remote, unable to unpair your device Remote.
  6. In your Xfinity Remote, there is an (A button). Select the button. Choose the Remote setting option will shown and get a new remote panel.

Once you will reset your Xfinity Remote no need to buy a new remote, resetting your means that all setting has madly new, and all the errors will get destroyed. This means it’s equal to having a brand-new remote in your home. Next, we move to the next section to get a solution to pair Xfinity Remote with Xfinity Box.

Pairing Your Xfinity Remote:

All the Xfinity remotes need to be paired with Xfinity Tv Boxes. Only paired with Xifiniyt boxes, then only it allows accessing the remote. In this section, we mention the steps to pair the Xfinity remote.

  1. First of all, Go to setting—>Device setting—->Remote control.
  2. Click the remote pair option from the list.
  3. Tap and hold the menu button on the remote for 10 Seconds.
  4. They will automatically get paired with each other.
  5. Once the remote get paired, a text message will display on the screen confirming the process is complete.

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Factory Reset the Remote with a setup Button:

If you have an old Xfinity remote with a button labeled “setup.” Then you can follow the steps given below. The models are (XR11, XR5, and XR2).

Locate the setup Button:

This Locate setup button is only available on old model Xfinity remote. It is easy to find the button enabled in the “Setup” option.

Hold Down the setup Button:

This is the button. If you hold down the button, its indicates lighting. If you press the button, that LED light changes colors from red to green. Then sign in to the button and move on to the next step.

Enter the Rest code:

Go to the setting and select the setup option. Then now, entering the reset code that is 9-8-1, after entering this code, the remote factory setting has been taken out of the box for the first time.

A Factory Reset Xfinity Remote Without Setup Button

 There is one model. The XR15 is an old model remote that has a reset Xfinity remote without a setup button. Follow the upcoming steps.

Locate the A and D buttons:

These buttons are actually hard to find something. However, this button can be visible in the middle part of the remote and around the directional button.

Hold Down the A and D Button:

In the Xfinity Remote, the A button looks like a triangle, and the D button indicates the Diamond Shapes button.  The LED on the remote changes colors from red to green.

Enter the Reset Code:

This step is a common step from the other remotes. You should go to settings and select the setup button and enter code 9-8-1. After this step, the remote has been reset to the factory setting.

Hold Down the “I” button and the Home Buttons:

The I button is a small button, which means it is a little hard to find something. This button is found at the right top of the Xfinity remote, and the home button is near the middle button. You have to hold the I button until the LED light turns green. It has taken a few minutes to turn into green colors.

Press the Power Button:

Once the LED light turns green color, after this, you should look for the power button, which I will mention above.

Click Back Button:

It is used to close the Home button and the middle of the control panel. After pressing the power button, you have to click the back button.

Hold the Minus Button:

The minus button is nothing but a lower volume button. That is found on the left side of the I button. Press the button till the LED blinks blue and turns off. You can able to reset the remote.


We conclude this article with good information. We mentioned here the possible ways to reset the Xfinity remote. And also mention why it’s not working. The steps to reset the Xfinity remote also includes the factory reset Xfinity remote with the setup button and also, mention the factory reset Xfinity remote without using the Setup button, and also we instruct you on the way to pair the remote with the Xfinity box. We hope you understand this article. If you need more information about this post, let’s comment below.

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