How to Set a New Roku City Screensaver?

If you are searching to know How to set the new Roku city screensaver to your device? Then read this complete guide to get all your answer. We will let you know all the information about the Roku city screensaver and also some other additional information.

Roku city is known for its screensaver from your Roku device and TVs. However, it displays a pink, purple, and blue cityscape replete using different movie references. The Roku city screensaver feature provides your device with high protection from device damage, and it also maintains the proper functioning even though suppose you are left idle for a specific time period.

This screensaver option provides you with an attractive and excellent picture if you do not use it, and it never lets it go off. If you don’t enable the screensaver, your device may get damaged by the internal hardware. In future, it may become an issue for your device.

How to Set the Roku City Screensaver?

Roku device is popular among users for its unlimited content, ease of stream and more attractive features. You can also change the screensaver and also can set a new one by customised. However, this is an excellent feature of the Roku manufacturers. It is comfortable and can relish the users. Also, you can change the screensaver settings or search for a new screensaver which is given below in detail.

  • Firstly, navigate to the Home screen.
  • Next, press the settings option and then pick the Theme icon to open the menu option.
  • Then select the Screensaver option and choose the Choice from the Roku device or choose a new desired image as a screensaver to access the My screensavers option.
  • In order to view the summary and features of a screensaver, you need to choose it.
  • Further, tap on the OK from your Roku TV remote.
  • In case the screensaver is set up before then, you should select the Set option to change your screensaver.
  • Suppose it is not set on your device, then you can press the Show option to view the preview.
  • Next, select the Get screensaver in case it is an unrestricted screensaver or buy a customized one by clicking on a Premium screensaver to download it.
  • Now your screen will show you a Roku Activation PIN if you plan to buy a product.
  • Now you can create a PIn for your Roku device in case you don’t already create it.
  • It will protect it from illegal transactions, so you should need to provide the correct information for the transaction.
  • Select a Set option to change a new screensaver, and it will change into a preferred one.

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How to Change the Roku City Screensaver?

The screensavers show your Roku device is idle for a certain time whenever you want. Users can customise it by installing the live screensavers or gorgeous from the network stores or by using the Roku defaults. The graphical user quality may change the screensaver.

You can Switch to the screensaver and enable it by using the wait duration in the screensaver option by installing the screensaver from your Roku device.

  • Tap on the Home icon using the Roku TV remote.
  • Navigate to the up or down arrows using the menu option to search for the Settings menu.
  • Now pick the screensaver from the menu and wait for it to the program launch.
  • Now follow the on-screen instruction to provide customise it.
  • You can replace or edit the screensaver and also can set the time to a waiting list.
  • Now select the screensaver which you need to create from the choice.
  • Next, you can select any of the screensavers which you prefer and tap to Preview option to view them on your screen.

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Can I calculate the wait time for Roku City Screensaver?

You can choose the Roku device to activate the screensaver time by following the given steps.

  • Go to the Home screen of your Roku TV.
  • Press the Settings menu from the screen and then select the Theme.
  • Then select the Wait time for the screensaver.
  • Now choose the length of time to hold or deactivate the screensaver.
  • Tap the OK option to save the changes on the Roku screen by using the Roku TV remote control.

To Conclude:

Roku City is a screensaver for your Roku screen, and it protects your screen for a certain time period. You can change it to a customised one to a preferred picture. We have mentioned it in the above guide in detail to change and set it as a new by using the Roku TV remote. If you still dont know or have queries or doubts regarding the Roku City screensaver, let me know in the comment section.

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