Roku Vs Firestick: Detailed Comparison | You Need to know

In this article, you are going to see Roku Vs Firestick, the Pros, and Cons of both.

What is a Streaming Device?

A streaming device is a physical device that is used in concurrence with your Television. You can connect this device to your HDMI port and stream your favorite movies, Top 10 songs, and so much with an active internet connection. Streaming Devices are designed for various platforms like Android or even for gaming consoles like XBOX.

It is compact and saves you a lot of storage as there is no need to download your favorites shows on your Hard Disk. You can anywhere, anytime with the help of these Streaming Devices like Roku, Firestick, etc.


A Quick Intro about Roku

Roku is an alternative to streaming devices like Amazon Firestick and it is one of the most Streamed Online Devices to stream all internet content on your TV. It offers a multitude of Shows, Podcasts, Streaming services, and even social media like Facebook at ease. The Roku box helps you in watching Videos on a large TV screen with a stable high-speed internet connection.

What is Firestick?

Firestick by amazon is an Online Streaming Device that provides media such as Movies, Music, and install games without relying on cable. It allows Amazon Firestick users to access Network Device and Firestick also allows you to play games with a remote and Controller option too.

Roku Vs Firestick: Which is a better deal to stream?

Let’s see which is a better one, Roku or Firestick? Based on a few parameters or options like Pricing, Features, and much more we could know which a better Device to stream is.

Let’s get started…

Roku Vs Firestick Pricing

While Roku may cost a bit less than Firestick, you won’t be able to stream apps like Cinema HD APK, Sling, etc. In the long run, you end buying subscription plans for Apps like Hulu, Netflix which costs you more. Roku works as a closed OS not allowing installation of 3rd Party Apps. Firestick is much affordable although it bit more compared to Roku. On the other hand, Firestick installs Third-Party apps as you can jailbreak Firestick.

Roku Vs Firestick Technical Specifications

The main Technical Specification that comes as an advantage in Firestick is its Bluetooth Facility. Both Roku and Firestick support HD content. The Firestick’s remote is another added advantage as it is paired with Amazon Alexa making Firestick a Hands-Free. On the contrary, Roku’s Remote has only buttons to operate from, No hands-free experience.

Roku Vs Firestick Compatibility

While Firestick works just fine on all TVs, Roku is mostly compatible with Smart Television like 1080P, 4K QLED, etc. In storage comparison, Roku has storage limited to 256MB and only 512MB memory. Firestick has a storage of 8GB and you get free cloud storage along with amazon.

Roku Vs Firestick Parental Controls

Firestick has Parental Control that can be activated to prevent your child from access to unwanted content on the web. This is a much-needed feature that helps you keep a tab on your child. A 5 digit Safe PIN is also present to prevent the device from misuse as well. On the other side, Roku doesn’t have parental control but it does have a 4 digit pin to enter before the channels. However, this PIN cannot protect your kid from Accessing Unwanted content which is a setback for Roku.

Roku Vs Firestick Picture quality

The Firestick’s 4K Ultra HD streaming quality can stream 720p, 1080p, and provides outstanding picture clarity, zesty colors. This feature will work with compatible Ultra HD televisions only but you can stream in other quality even on normal TV. The Roku also provides 4K Ultra HD streaming quality, to produce brilliant and crisp Videos.

To achieve such high-quality streaming, you need a 4K Ultra or QLED, a high-speed internet connection, and then connect HDMI port on your TV.

Roku Vs Firestick Content

Amazon Prime members can enjoy exclusive access to Amazon Original movies and TV shows and Using their Firestick they can also access premium cable channels such as Cinemax, HBO, and STARZ. For paid premium channels, Firestick users can start with a free trial first before getting into monthly or annual subscription fees. Roku, on the other hand, claims to provide access to more than 450,000 movies and TV programs and Music streaming.

Wrapping Up

For people who don’t watch TV much and are into streaming services then you could go for either Roku or Firestick. You can choose Roku or Firestick based on your need and choice. Both have their own Pros and Cons but I personally Firestick which is a better deal than Roku.

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