How to Watch Samsung TV Plus on Firestick?

To watch Samsung TV plus on Firestick, this article will show you how to get and stream it on your Fire TV stick. I recommend you never skip any parts from this article to get a better conclusion.

Samsung TV plus on Firestick

Can you watch Samsung TV plus on Firestick? The answer is no! Only on Samsung devices the Samsung TV plus app is available. This means including Amazon firestick, and you cant download the app on any other service. Even though it has a free IPTV service, you cant get Samsung TV plus APK on Firestick. But still, to stream its content, you can use another IPTV app available from the Google Play Store.

To stream various TV channels, here is a Samsung TV plus. As it has a free IPTV service from different countries and regions, you can watch TV channels. It contains all the categories, so in one place, you can watch all genres like sports, news, cooking, games, videos and more. Along with the Samsung TV plus, all newer models from Samsung come pre-installed. Because of its cost-free nature, it has the Smart TV world by storm.

As soon as you purchase Samsung Smart TV, you will get to know about the on-demand content without the help of a third-party subscription like Netflix and so on. And it doesn’t require any additional devices or subscriptions to its service.

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Ways to get Samsung TV plus on Firestick

Are you wondering for any ways to make Samsung TV plus work on Firestick? Using the Kodi Addon is a simple way you can work around this. Kodi creates a better ideal home entertainment system to help people code and develop software as it is free, open-source software. You can watch the Samsung TV plus on Firestik by jailbreaking the Fire TV stick and installing it on the downloader app.

Samsung TV plus on Firestick using Kodi Addon

Using Kodi Addon, you can download and watch Samsung tv plus on Firestick. So follow the steps to get it.

1. Create an account- Download and create an account on the Kodi app if you don’t have that one.

2. Turn on Unknown source– Now head toward the “settings” option and click “System”, and at the bottom left, choose Add-on. Then if you find the unknown sources are turned off, turn on to it

kodi system

3. Enter the URL- Now get back to the system page and select “File manager”. Next, click on “Add source” and enter the exact URL

4. Name the source –Under the source, highlight the box and name the source. Give the easy one so that you can remember and identify it very easy.

kodi samsung tv

5. Add-ons- Now, again, get back to the system screen, click “Add-ons” and install it from the zip file. Follow the same procedure we did above to name the source.

samsung tv with kodi

6. Samsung TV plus- Until you get a message saying “Add-on” installed successfully, wait for some minutes. Then from Repository, click install and choose “SlyGuy Repo”. Scroll down until you see the video add-ons on their select “Samsung TV plus”.

samsung tv plus firestick

7. Install –After selecting Samsung TV plus, install it immediately. With a message, you will be prompted and click “yes” to get a message saying, “Installed Samsung V plus Added-on

How does Kodi Add-on work?

With the Kodi Add-on, you can access all the Samsung TV plus app features. That means for live streaming, you can use all the channels, including:

  • CBS News
  • Tastemade
  • Stadium
  • Outdoor America
  • VICE
  • Court TV
  • Weather Nation
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Newsy
  • ABC News Live and more

For your device, it is entirely legal and safe to use the Kodi Add-on. When streaming Samsung TV plus using the Kodi Add-on, use the VPN to ensure privacy. And how to use VPN with Samsung TV plus is given below.

Use a VPN with Samsung TV plus

With the Samsung TV plus on Firestick, there are hundreds of live TV channels to access if you want to watch live TV content. But in some countries, it might not be available, although the Samsung TV plus service is free. Hence use the powerful IPVanish to bypass sits natural geo-blocks and access its content.

Know about IPVanish

It is the best, and number one rated VPN for its perfect combination of price, privacy, speed and software. With the firestick app, they are the streamer’s dream service. To a Usenet company, its origins date back, and the service is 100% zero logs for maximum privacy. In less than a second, that typically connects when compared to other devices.

Subscription cost

Suppose you increase the duration of the plan results in cost savings. As people watch or travel to a geographically restricted event and then cancel, they prefer a short duration pack, but to make sense, it is advisable to buy a longer duration.


IPVanish benefits:

  • From Samsung TV plus, you can access live TV channels
  • By letting you stream exclusive content, it helps you bypass geo-blocks
  • resulting in quicker streaming speeds, it encrypts the entire internet traffic
  • On your Fire Tv stick, it prevents stuttering and buffering

Does it work with Kodi?

When it is combined with Kodi, it is popular, resulting in a couple of main reasons, and they are

  • The first one is some countries like the United Kingdom block access to the website from streaming.
  • And the second one is on torrents; some Kodi apps rely on them.

It is a little scary using Kodi without a VPN because where the content originates is not clear. From your ISP to avoid nastygrams, it is always best to use a VPN

How to install IPVanish on Firestick?

1. Find- On your remote, press the “Home” button and click on the “Find” option

2. Search- Click the “Search” option and start typing “IPVanish” or ask Alexa to find the app.

3. Download- Once you find the app from the search result, click on the “IPVanish” icon and download it immediately

4. Open- Once done with the installation. To log in, open the app and enter your user name and password to connect.

Facts about Samsung TV plus

  • Samsung TV plus service is free, but as the best company, there is a need to make money, so additionally, it has an ad-supported service.
  •  To stream successfully it requires a fast and reliable internet connection
  • If you don’t have any subscriptions from third-party services Samsung TV plus is good enough to have
  • Along with the newer models, this will also be supported in Samsung mobile devices
  • In certain regions, Samsung TV plus has more than a hundred channels to sit and watch
  • Samsung TV plus is accessible in 12 countries, including the US, Canada, Korea, Thailand including some European countries.
  •  As the company handles it, it is up to them to add free channels, but the users cant do it by themselves.

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At the end of this article, I suggest you get a Samsung TV plus on Firestick to experience the next level of comforts in one place. Thank you

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