How to Watch Shudder on PS4? [Updated 2022]

Are you a die-hard fan of watching Horror movies or series? Then the Shudder is the best option for you. Suppose you had a PS4 device! You can watch Shudder on PS4 by contributing to the streaming apps like the Amazon Prime Video app. 

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  • What is Shudder?
  • Know about PS4
  • How to Watch Shudder on PS4?
  • What is the method to Get Shudder on PS4 through Amazon Prime Video?
  • How to Cast Shudder on PS4 via Smartphones?
  • The Final Note

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 Watch Shudder

Shudder is the streaming service that is more familiar for streaming Thriller, Horror, and suspense content. The Shudder was compatible with the streaming devices like Android TV, Xbox Series X/S, Roku TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, and Google Chromecast and contribution through Amazon Video.


The Play Station 4 is a video game system founded by Sony Entertainment. It allows its users to use the internet, watch the video provider app such as Hulu, or Netflix, Music, connect with friends, and telecast gaming videos.

It provides 4K gaming resolution, increasing gaming performance and HDR technology from the significant PS4.

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Is Shudder on PS4?

Yes, you can download Shudder on your PS4 game console from its PlayStation Store. The app is easily to download and has time-to-time updates to fix bugs. To know more about the procedures to get Shudder on PS4, continue to read this article.

How to Watch Shudder on PS4?

Regrettably, the Shudder was not in-built in PS4. So, you have to use the streaming services which we have given in above.

We will see one by one of the streaming services and Devices with a shudder, such as

  1. Amazon Prime Video
  2. Android
  3. iPhone

How to Watch Shudder on PS4 using Streaming Services?

First, you have to install Amazon Prime Video on your PS4 device. Follow the topics to get it very quickly.

Install Amazon Prime Video on PS4:

Step 1: Turn on your PS4 device and go to the PlayStation Store on your device. Then tap on the All Apps section.

playstation app

Step 2: Now click the search icon and search for Amazon Prime Video in the search bar. And select the app from the search result.

 search bar

Step 3: Now click the “Purchase” or “Download” to get the app on your PS4 console.

Dowload prime video

Wait for a while until the download finishes.

Now you can check the Downloaded Amazon Prime Video app on the PS4 apps section. Now will see how to stream Shudder on PS4  through Amazon Prime Video. Stream Shudder on PS4 through Amazon Prime Video:

Already we download the Amazon app on PS4. Unfold the app, sign in with your login credentials, and subscribe to it. Also, start your free trial on the Amazon Prime Video app, and you can cancel it at any time before the free trial period ends. No, any charges will apply for that.

  • Choose Account and Lists in the amazon prime home screen.

Amazon Home Page

  • Head towards the Prime Video 
  • Now choose the Channels.
  • Here, select the Shudder app on the channel list.
  • Go straight to the Learn More.
  • Visit this official Amazon Prime Video Website

amazon prime video free trial

  • Click on the Free Trial option and get in further.
  • And complete your payment information and confirm.
  • All done, tap on the Start your Free Trial To watch the Shudder on PS4 through the Amazon Prime Video streaming service.

There are seven days of free trial for Shudder, and the subscription package of Shudder is also very cheap and budget-friendly to the customers.

$5.99 per month after the free trial ends.

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How to Cast Shudder on PS4 via Smartphones?

An alternative way to watch the Shudder on Ps4 is Screen Mirroring. Use this method to cast your Shudder on Ps4.

  • Use this link to sign in to the Shudder app.
  • After you sign up, head towards the App Store or Google App Store.
  • Click the search symbol in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Type and enter as Shudder in the required search box.

type Shudder

  • Pick the first recommended app that pops up from the search result.
  • Hit the Install key to get the Shudder App on your Smartphone.

 install the app

  • Get back to your Device home screen and unwrap the installed Shudder app to move forward.
  • Look at both your device of PS4 and smartphone was connected with the same Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • Log in with your Shudder app authorization.
  • And start streaming the video on the Shudder app.
  • Then click on the video screen.


 Cast icon

  • Now select your PS4 device name on the Shudder app screen.
  • Wait for a minute to let you connect your devices.

Now, your Smartphone screen is on your PS4 device screen. Enjoy watching the Horror and thriller movies and series in Shudder on PS4 through screencasting.

For iOS:

If you are an iPhone user, use your Apple App Store to install the Shudder on Ps4. After downloading the app, scroll down to your iPhone notification panel. Click the Screen Mirroring option and enable it. Then select your PS4 device name on the iPhone screen mirroring settings.

Here is your iPhone device that has appeared on your PS4 screen.

The Final Note:

Shudder is a fantastic streaming service for horror content. But the sad thing is you can not stream Shudder while traveling to the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, or New Zealand. 

And we already know that Shudder is not working directly in PS4. You have to use streaming devices and services like the Amazon Prime Video app to watch Shudder on PS4. Use the methods and instructions given above to stream the Shudder on your Play Station 4.

I hope the information about How to Watch Shudder on PS4? in this article is helpful to you. If you have any doubts or queries about this content, please mention them all in the comment section below. For your reference, Can you play Among Us on PS4?

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