How to Sign Out of Amazon Prime on TV? [2 Simple Ways]

If you want to know How to Sign Out of Amazon Prime on TV, then this is the right place to know the procedure. You can sign out from the Amazon Prime TV streaming service using simple methods. Read the entire article to get the methods and the procedures to sign out from Prime on TV.

How to Sign Out of Amazon Prime on TV [2 Simple Ways]

I have two methods to sign out from Amazon Prime on a TV streaming device. To know and learn the methods to do easily on your streaming device, you have to scroll down and read the entire article. 

How to Sign Out of Amazon Prime on TV?

As I have discussed with you, I have two methods to Logout of Amazon Prime on a TV brooking device. You can log out of Amazon Prime using the Television, or also you can log out it from your handheld streaming device. The methods are:

◾→ Sign Out using the Amazon Prime App

                      ◾→ Sign Out of Amazon Prime on TV using the Website

So, try this method on your streaming device and deregister the Amazon Prime Television streaming service from your Smart Television visual device. Let us learn about this one by one.

1). Sign Out of Amazon Prime on TV using the App:

So, first, you are going to Sign out from the Amazon Prime TV streaming service using the mobile app on your Television device. Here are the steps I have given below with the image. The procedure is:


First, you have to Switch on your Smart Television visual brooking device by connecting it with the power socket. And do not forget to Turn on the switch.


After that, you need to connect your Smart brooking television with the anchored internet connection at your home. The fast Wi-Fi helps you to do this SignOut process as quickly as possible.


Took out the Remote controller of your Television device and Then chink on the Home Button, which gets located in the middle of the remote controller device.


Now, you have to go to the all apps section and unbarred the installed Amazon Prime Video streaming service on your Smar Television screen.


After opening the Amazon Prime Video television content streaming service, you have to move to the settings page that you can see on the top of the menu toolbars.

Sign Out of Amazon Prime on TV:


Up come with the Settings page, you have to overcome to the Sign Out process. So, click on the Deregister your Device option and move to the other page.

Deregister your Device


Again your Amazon Prime streaming service will ask you the confirmation. There you have to tap on the Deregister button to confirm the process again.



After chinked on the Deregister button, you have successfully Signed Out of Amazon Prime on your Smart Television device. Your Smart television will notify the signed-out process on the middle screen. There you must click on the OK button.

Ok button on Amazon

That’s all you have successfully learned How to Sign Out of Amazon Prime on TV. Now, you can move to the next upcoming topic to know another method to deregister Amazon Prime on TV.

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2). Sign Out of Amazon Prime on TV using the Website:

In the above topic, you have Deregistered the Amazon Prime on your Smart Television brooking device using the Amazon Prime streaming service. And here, on the second method, you are going to use the official webpage of Amazon Prime on your Smart TV. The procedures are I have given to help you. They are:


Start up the procedure by Turning on your Smart Television brooking device. If you are using any other devices, unlock them right now.

Note: Not only the Smart Television device but also you can use your Smartphone device or iOS devices to do this process ]


On your streaming device, you can have the web browser app in-built. If it is not available, you have to install the web browser app immediately.


Open the web browser app and click on the search field. Then find the ” ” in the respective portion. Then click the search icon.


The web browser community will show you the list of weblinks on the drop-down page. You have to select the Official Webpage of Amazon.


On the source page of the Amazon official website, you have to focus on the menu options given on the top screen. There you have to click on the Accounts and Lists option.

Sign Out of Amazon Prime on TV:


Following the upcoming page, tap the Your Video Library option and move to the further step given below.


Now, move forward to the Settings option on the Amazon official website. Click the settings button to go to the Deregistration procedure.


Tap your device’s key and scroll down on the active page. And select your connected Smart Television device from the list of which you want to Sign Out of Amazon Prime on TV.


Nearby your device name, you can see the Deregister button. Chink on the Deregister button and move forward to the next step.


After clicking on the Deregister button, your Amazon website shows you the pop-up message that you have successfully logged out from the selected streaming device from Amazon Prime. Click OK on the message.

You have deregistered the Amazon Prime platform on your Smart Television brooking device. Pick any one of the comfortable methods to Sign out of Amazon Prime on TV.

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These two methods give satisfaction to the people. And they feel both methods are very easy. Amazon Prime was a fantastic platform to watch their favourite content on their streaming device. People much like the Amazon Prime streaming site. And loved the OTT release on the Amazon platform.


How to Sign Out of Amazon on TV?

If you have been using amazon on your Smart Television, you can Sign Out or Deregister using the Amazon App or Amazon official website.

How many Devices can use Amazon Prime?

You can use the Amazon Prime account for up to three streaming devices. It allows you to watch the content on your Streaming device in the same account.

But you have to use two streaming devices to watch the same amazon title simultaneous on the devices.

Our Final Notes:

You can quickly Sign Out of Amazon Prime on TV using the simple methods I have given in this article. Using the Amazon mobile app and using the Amazon website, you can Sign Out quickly. If you skip reading the article and the topics given in this article, you have to scroll up and read all the methods and procedures. Do the same procedure that I have provided.

Before going through the Sign Out process, you have to confirm that you have Signed in with your Smart TV or any other streaming device. Then only you be able to do the sign-out from the Amazon Prime network from your respective brooking devices.

If you need any additional information about this, Sign Out or Deregister process, you can ask it in the comment section given on the bottom section of this active page. I will reply to you as quickly as possible.

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