How to Fix Sky Q Error MR106? Smart Guide

Suppose you have a Sky Q streaming device that shows an MR106 as an error. Don’t get panic. This is a slight error made when it streams the content. It’s not a big deal. Our article will give the solution to overcome this problem and keep your device in good condition. First, we have to explain the error code then, why it happened to your Sky Q device, and how to fix the Error on your device, like all these problems will be apparent in a single article. Read this content till at last and get the solution. Let’s see the solution in the Title How to Fix Sky Q Error MR106?

How to Fix Sky Q Error MR106

A Quick View on Sky Q and its Error:

Sky Q is a streaming device that provides various channels, programs, shows, and events. This service is operated by the British satellite television provider. It is a subscription service. Only with the subscription can you able to watch the content. It was launched in 2006, and it was very popular with the Public. But it gets some problems while its stream content. It will stop streaming and display error codes like MR001, MR102, MR104, MR106, and MR109. But our will create the Error for MR106.

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Error MR106:

In this section, let’s get the information about the error code MR106. If you have to notice Error MR 106 on your device, then you have to make some corrections to make a better device. First, what is the Error MR106? This Error will appear only when the main Sky Q box is not properly connected with the Mini Set of Box.

Next, we will start to find the solution to fix Error MR106 on Sky Q.

How to Fix Sky Q Error MR106?

Here, we are going to discuss a possible way to fix the Sky Q error MR106. Read this section entirely, and I will share steps to overcome the Error. Follow the instructions we have given below.

Reset Your Sky Q Box:

Initially, you should reset your Sky Q box. Follow the steps to reset the device.

  1. You have to click the home button and then navigate to the setting.
  2. Then, you should enter code 001 by using the control panel and clicking the OK button.
  3. The atlast factor option will be displayed on your screen. Click the option and press the standby button.
  4. After doing all these steps, your set-top box will get restarted.
  5. Now your device gets better condition. Now, You can able to watch the content on Sky Q.

Restarting is an easy process to boost your device well. After getting restarted, even then, it shows the same error on your display, and do the other methods we mention below.

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Clear Cache:

Sometimes your device gets trucked when you don’t clear all the unwanted files from the storage. If you should clear your unnecessary file, then it gets space to run the content. Follow the steps to clear the History.

  1. Go to the setting.
  2. Click the History Option.
  3. Then you have to select the unwanted file, particularly, or if you need to delete the entire file. Click the option.
  4. Click the ok Button.
  5. Then it will delete all your files from the history.
  6. Now your Sky Q has to refresh the device and get good working.

Connect your main Box:

Sometimes Your main Sky Q box loses its service due to the main box is not connected correctly. You have to reconnect your main box with a mini Sky Q box. Follow the steps

  1. Navigate to the setting.
  2. Click the Advanced setting option. And try to connect to your router.
  3. And then click the Wired Connection option.
  4. Turn off the connection button, and again reconnect the button, and click ok.
  5. Now the Main box is connected again. Now your Sky Q works properly.

Reconnect Your Mini Set-top Box:

If you connect the main Sky Q box, you must also reconnect your mini set-top box. After reconnecting the mini box, refresh your box and watch the content. If your fix the mini box correctly, then you have no problem with streaming the content.

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Change the Location for Box:

Suddenly the Box stops working because your box did not get enough ventilation. In this case, you have to change the location of your Sky Q box. Suppose your box is getting heating. Then switch off the set-top box then keep it at normal temperature to cool the Box. After it turns cool, you have to connect the Sky Q box and stream the content.

Sky Q with Red Light:

If your Sky Q is blinked with the red light. Issues occur in Hardware itself sometimes, and it gets overloaded. In this case, it will show the Red light on your box. The solution is you have to reset your device. The reset process is given above. Please refer to the first topic.

Final Word

This article has all the required information to fix Error MR106 in Sky Q. We mention all the possible ways and includes a short note on the Sky Q box and why the problem is occurring on the box. Refer to the above content and get the solution to fix the Error MR106 on Sky Q. We hope you like this article. If you have any doubt about this article or if you need much more information, Comment below. Thank You.

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