How to Watch Sky Sports on Xbox?

Sky Group has many streaming platforms, and it is a Television Network. If you want to know the procedure to get Sky Sports on Xbox, Then I am here to guide you to Install and Watch the Sky Sports content on your Xbox gaming console. Look out for the topics I have given in this article and know what the process is. If you are looking forward to the Sky Sports streaming service subscription packages, too, refer to the topic. I have provided the topic separately for the Sky Sports platform. Do not skip the topics in this article.

How to Watch Sky Sports on Xbox

Is Sky Sports on Xbox?

Yes, Sky Sports allows you to watch the matches on their platform on the Xbox device screen. So, Sky Sports was available on the Xbox gaming console device. No screen casting or the Sideloaded method was needed to get the Sky Sports on your Xbox streaming device.

You can download the Sky Sports game streaming service directly on your Xbox device in-built Microsoft App Store. I have provided the Installation and the streaming procedure of Sky Sports on the Xbox in the upcoming topics.

How to Get Sky Sports on Xbox?

Xbox gaming consoles have Sky Sports on their platform. So you can install it directly on your device. Look below to this topic to learn the installation procedure of Sky Sports on the Xbox device.

Steps to Follow:


  • Initially, you need to Turn On your Xbox console connected to your Smart Television device to access the console options.


  • Now, you need to connect both your Xbox device and Smart Television device with an identical internet source. 


  • Click the Home button to go to the Dashboard of your Xbox gaming console and a streaming device.


  • Then, you can see the Media option on the home screen of the Xbox gaming console device. Tap the Media option and move forward.


  • Following to the Media option, you can see the Apps section on your Smart TV screen. Click on the Apps option to get into the Xbox App Store page.


  • On the Apps source page, head towards the search icon given a the beginning section of your Xbox device App Store.


  • In the given search field, you have to type ” Sky App ” in the given board and hit the search icon to get the result from your Xbox console community.

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Get Sky Sports on Xbox


  • The Xbox console was showing the list of related apps of Sky and their membership streaming service. You need to dig out the Sky official app.
  • After digging out the app, click on the Get button to download the Sky Sports app on your streaming device.


  • A few minutes later, the Sky Sports app was downloaded on your Xbox gaming console and a streaming device.
  • Please move to the Home page of your Xbox streaming device and touch on the installed Sky app to open it on the big screen.

SIGN IN ↓      

  • The Sky App shows you the Sign In box on the big display. Click the box and enter the login credentials to get into the streaming page of the Sky App.


  • There you can see the Sky Sports banner on the Sky App official home page. Click on the Sky Sports section to move to the Sky Sports page.


  • Now, you are at the Sky Sports page on your available gaming console device. Select the match videos which you want to stream on the Sky Sports platform on the Xbox device. 

Here you have downloaded and learned the way to stream Sky Sports on Xbox. Move to the next topic to learn the additional information to get the Sky Sports app on your Xbox gaming console.

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Alternative Ways to Get Sky Sports on Xbox:

In the above topic, you have directly owned the Sky app on your Xbox gaming console device. From this topic, I have given you an alternative method to stream the Sky Sports content on your respective streaming device.

Follow the Steps to learn the Alternative Method:


  • First, you need to set up your Android device with a similar Wi-Fi internet connection at your home. And start the procedure on your device.


  • Unlock your handheld device. Then, open the in-built Web Browser app on your streaming device screen.


  • Tap the search bar that is given on the Web Browser app. Click on the Search icon and get through to the next step.


  • On the search field, you need to type Sky Sports in the given board. Then click on the search icon.


  • Did out the official website of the Sky Sports streaming platform from the listed web links. Do not open any related and cloned websites of Sky Sports.
Sky Sports on Xbox:


  • Now, you have to use your login credentials to enter the Sky Sports streaming platform to watch the live matches and previous matches on your console device screen.


  • Select the match videos or highlight videos of your favorite games or favorite sports team from the categories on the Sky Sports page.


  • Play the selected gaming video on your Android or any other handheld streaming device. After playing the video, look at the next step.


  • On the video streaming window, you can see the Cast symbol. Or you have to go to the navigational panel of your Android streaming device. 
  • Choose the Cast symbol from the list given on your Android device control panel.


  • Your Android or any handheld device asks you to select your available streaming device to view your phone screen on its big display.
  • Tap on the Xbox gaming console name on the list and wait a minute.

After a few seconds, your handheld device and your available video gaming console are connected, and you can watch Sky Sports on the Xbox console. You have successfully completed the second method of streaming Sky Sports on the respective gaming console.

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Our Final Notes:

You can watch Sky Sports on Xbox using two simple methods. I have given the two methods and the step-by-step guidelines in this article. Scroll up, reread the article, and know the procedures to watch the Sky Sports gaming videos and live matches on your available gaming console.

Not only on the respective gaming console but also you can stream the Sky Sports videos and interviews of the players on your available console screen. Ask me if you have any doubts or need some information about the same topic in the comment section. I will reply to you as fastly.

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