How to Download and Install Slamious Build on Kodi

Kodi, a software media player, comes with a huge amount of content with plenty of add-ons. There are plenty of builds available on Kodi that when installed comes with a number of add-ons to access a wide variety of media. The Slamious Build is one such build with different add-ons for different purposes like Movies, TV shows, Music, Sports, etc. This article is about Slamious Build and how to install Slamious Build on Kodi. 

Slamious Build on Kodi

What is Slamious Build? 

Slamious Build, one of the best working Kodi builds, brings to you different varieties of content such as movies, TV shows, Sports, Live TV, Music, and more. The reason why it comes with this much content is that it comes around 43 add-ons such as the Sports Devil, The Magic Dragon, Exodus Redux, Supremacy, cCloud TV, Skynet, The Crew, Rising Tides, and much more. 

But even with all these add-ons, it is still lightweight at just 246 MB which makes it a great choice for many devices including Firestick, a solid-state storage device. Slamious Build has a simple and friendly interface which is why most of the Kodi users prefer this over the other builds. 

You will be able to install Slamious Build on Kodi from at least three different repositories – Slamious Repo, Xanax, Slamious. Finding the build on Slamious will assure you that the Slamious Build is of great quality. Because of its lightweight nature, this builds works just fine on a variety of devices and platforms like Android, Mac, Firestick, Xbox, Nvidia Shield, and more. 

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How to Download and Install Slamious Build on Kodi?

Prerequisite to Installing Slamious Build on Kodi

Since Slamious is a third-party Kodi repository, first you will have to let Kodi allow add-ons to be downloaded from unknown sources. 

# Step 1. Launch the Kodi app and click Settings from its home screen.

kodi settings

# Step 2. Under the Settings section, click on System.

kodi system

# Step 3. Click Add-ons from the left and enable Unknown sources on the right by clicking the toggle switch.

kodi unknown sources

# Step 4. A warning prompt will appear on which you just have to click on Yes. You don’t have to worry about the warning as Slamious builds are completely safe.

kodi unknown warning

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Installing Slamious Repo on Kodi

Now that the prerequisite is done, let us get along with the installation of the Slamious builds.

# Step 1. Return back to the home screen and click on Settings.

kodi settings

# Step 2. In the next window, select File Manager.

kodi file manager

# Step 3. Select the Add source option from either side of the screen to open it.

kodi add source

# Step 4. Click <None> in the Add File Source window that appears.

kodi add url source

# Step 5. Enter the URL for Slamious repo ( in the space that appears and click OK.

Slamious Build on kodi source url

# Step 6. Under the ‘Enter a name for this media source’, give a name of your choice for the source URL and click OK. I’m going to go with Slamious.

Slamious Build on kodi name url

# Step 7. Return back to the home screen of Kodi and select Add-ons.


# Step 9. Choose the Install from zip file option in the next window.

One Nation Portal Builds on Kodi install from zip file

# Step 10. Scroll down and locate the name that you have given the source URL which is Slamious in this case and click on it.

Slamious Build on kodi install from zip

# Step 11. Select the from the list and click on OK. 

Slamious Build on kodi select zip

In a few minutes, you’ll find the Slamious Repo add-on installed notification at the top right corner of the screen. 

Slamious Build on kodi repo addon installed

Installing Slamious Build from Slamious Repo on Kodi

# Step 12. On seeing the notification, select the ‘Install from Repository’ option.

install from repo

# Step 13. Select Slamious Repo from the list.

Slamious Build on kodi select slamious repo

# Step 14. Click Program add-ons from the next window.

Slamious Build on kodi program add-ons

# Step 15. Click on the Slamious Wizard to open it.

Slamious Build on kodi slamious wizard

# Step 16. From the bottom of the screen, click on the Install button.

Slamious Build on kodi install

The Slamious Wizard will be installed in a few moments and you’ll be notified at the top of the window. Once this is done, you’ll find 3 pop-up windows appearing on the screen. Click the appropriate buttons to get rid of these windows.

Slamious Build on kodi slamious wizard addon wizard

# Step 17. Return back to the home screen of Kodi, navigate to Add-ons and click on Program add-ons.  

Slamious Build on kodi program add-ons slamious wizard

# Step 18. Click on Slamious Wizard from here. 

slamious wizard

# Step 19. On the next screen, click on Slamious Wizard (Builds)

Slamious Build on kodi slamious wizard builds

# Step 20. You will find the Slamious Build menu on this screen from which you will have to click on the Slamious build

Slamious Build on kodi slamious wizard builds next page

# Step 21. Under the Install section, choose Fresh Install.

Slamious Build on kodi fresh install

# Step 22. You will find a prompt asking if you would wish to restore Kodi settings for which you will have to click on Continue

Slamious Build on kodi continue prompt

# Step 23. The Slamious Kodi build will now begin its download. 

Slamious Build on kodi downloading

# Step 24. Once the installation is done, you will find a prompt asking if you would like to install a new theme. Click on Cancel themes to continue. 

Slamious Build on kodi cancel themes

# Step 24. Click Force Close on the prompt window. 

Slamious Build on kodi force close

The Slamious Build is now completely installed on Kodi. Close Kodi and re-open it to launch the Slamious Build. 

This is how your Kodi looks like once the Slamious Build is installed. 

Slamious Build on kodi screen

Wrapping Up

The Slamious Build is one of the best working Kodi builds with a variety of add-ons on it. With the Slamious Build installed on Kodi, you will have a humongous amount of content on your hand with a few clicks on your remote. 

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