How to Fix SmartCast TV Not Available Issue: Detailed Solution

If your Smart TV suddenly stops working? Won’t you get disappointed? Yes, I understand that feeling. You will be annoyed as it stopped working while streaming your watch list. If you ever encounter this type of issue, you need solutions to fix this. Being on this page means that you are in desperate need of solutions to fix this SmartCast TV not available issue. This article will see how to fix the SmartCast TV not available issue.

What is Vizio SmartCast TV?

Vizio’s SmartCast lets you experience Movies experience and streams your favourite apps like Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, etc. SmartCast is supported with 200+ channels, including News, Entertainment. It is Freeware with no cost and No hassle of Registration or subscription. Voice Control compatibility, that too, you could find all Voice control engines like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant in a single hub.

SmartCast TV not available

It is not only used for entertainment purposes but also for Work-related stuff, as in Spreadsheets, Presentations, and documents that can be mirrored to your TV. Supported by TV, Laptop, and Mobile, and stream the never-ending videos.

SmartCast TV not Available-Why?

If your Vizio SmartCast TV is not available or working, there may be a lot of reasons behind it. The most common issue might be a technical issue, due to which it is barring your mirroring feature. There may also be a glitch or even some hardware error. Another possibility is the Network Settings issue. The glitches mentioned above are some common issues to be faced regularly.

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How to Fix SmartCast TV not Available issue?

With the help of Chromecast Technology, casting videos from your tablet, phone and laptop is possible in a go. Now you can enjoy watching videos with your work on a bigger screen. No matter what causes the problems, plenty of solutions are available to fix this issue.

Let’s check out the possible solution.

Check your Internet or Wi-Fi Connection

At times, your SmartCast TV may not be available due to poor Network connectivity or poor internet connection. You can also increase your internet speed by changing the Router position or bypassing your Router and connecting it directly to Modem. You can also check the Network speed by speed test offered by your provider.

Connect to another Network

Try this next step. If the above solution does not work, try connecting it to a different work rather than previously used. Try another Wi-Fi network near or even connect to your mobile hotspot. The main purpose is to check whether there is a problem with your ISP. Using a different ISP may help you identify problems with your network provider.

Power Cycle Routine

Power cycle your SmartCast TV to erase the temporary configurations that might cause the error.

1) Turning off your TV, Modem, and Router would be the first step.

2) Wait for a few minutes after unplugging your devices like Modem and Router.

3) Then again, plug back your Modem and patiently wait for it to connect fully.

4) now plug in your Router and wait patiently for it to connect again fully.

5) Finally, Plug-In and Launch your SmartCast TV.

If this method did not give you a solution, then try the following method to fix SmartCast TV not available.

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Reboot your DHCP Setting

You tried all the solutions mentioned above they also did not work to fix this error. Then it is the right solution to change your DHCP setting as Different IP Addresses will be assigned to different devices, possibly fixing the solution.

1) As usual, turn off your Vizio SmartCast TV.

2) On your Computer, navigate to your browser and type your Router’s URL.

3) Login by giving your username and password.

4) Go to your Router settings, and under Advanced or Network settings, search for DHCP Setting.

5) Make sure it is enabled. In case it is disabled by mistake, enable it back. But if it is already enabled, disable it, and enable it again.

6) Click the “Save” button and shut the Settings page.

7) Turn on your SmartCast TV again.

Reset SmartCast TV

The only resort left to fix this SmartCast TV not available issue is resetting your SmartCast TV. Before opting for this option, you should be cautious as it will erase Settings, apps, and offline content. So think twice before opting for this solution.

1) You can reset your Vizio SmartCast TV from the menu’s option or using the buttons.

2) Press the “Menu” button and click the System to reset your SmartCast TV.

3) Select “Reset TV & Factory Settings” under the Reset and Admin option.

4) If you want to reset SmartCast TV using buttons, keep pressing the Input and Volume Down for at least 5 seconds until a prompt bar appears on your screen.

5) Again, Press your input button for 5 seconds until your screen turns off automatically.

6) Turn on your SmartCast TV and follow the reset procedure.

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Wrapping Up

Let us know which of the following above mentioned methods worked for you in fixing SmartCast TV not available issue. If you know other alternatives, share them with us in the comments.

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